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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

America's Global Public Enemy #1

Remember the 2016 election and how deeply rotten and despicable the Democrats were toward Trump?  

Of course you do.. it was only a few months ago and many of their mentally disturbed minions still can not accept that their candidate, that vile, detestable Hillary is not their President.

So many of the bottom feeders and sludge of our society continue to protest and seek to destroy private property..   

Why not?  That's what George Soros is paying them to do..  
Salaried protesters and anarchists..  

And if any of the scum get arrested for committing or inciting violence, we bet they get a bonus stipend for job well done..

But here's the part no one really talked about or focused on...

Remember all those establishment piece of shit Republicans who acted as rotten as any Democrat during the primaries..   
You know, scum like Paul Ryan, Mark Rubio, Jeb Bush and the most deplorable scum of the GOP - guys like John Kasich, Lindsay Graham and that rancid cadaver John McCain..

Remember how absolutely horrible they were to Trump and some of them like shitheads Graham and McCain still at present?

Well isn't it a funny coincidence that these bastards took money from George Soros too!
Soros Fund Management, a former hedge fund that serves now as an investment management firm, was founded by that disgusting Hungarian in 1969. 

It has risen to become one of the most profitable hedge funds in the industry where in 2016, employees of the firm were Heavily involved in backing political candidates giving millions upon millions to groups that were supporting loser Hillary for the presidency.

Thanks to the Center for Responsive Politics it was revealed recently that employees of the Soros firm—now run by his son Robert Soros—pumped tens of thousands of dollars into the campaigns of top anti-Trump Republicans over the course of 2016.
To be exact: $2500 to McCain, $2700 to Bush, Rubio & Kasich, $3500 to Graham and $10,800 to Ryan along with $2600 to John Boehner and a half dozen other Republicans

Now these amounts may seem pretty small potatoes especially compared to the $22,400 that fund gave to the old bitch Clinton but think of it this way..  

It only takes a $20 bill to get a host to seat you quickly at a swanky restaurant or the bouncer to let you into a very exclusive nightclub...

So how much influence do you think a few thousand dollars gets you when there's much more of it to come later on they just behave and destroy Trump?  They failed of course but still got to keep the money..
In total, executives with the Soros-founded company pushed $36,800 into the pockets of GOP candidates just this past cycle. That does not include Super PACs or campaign committees, which saw tens of thousands of dollars more. 

While these numbers for Republicans pale in comparison to the millions upon millions poured into Democratic groups, causes, and candidates, it is significant that Soros executives were making a play inside the GOP. 

Perhaps even more significant is the type of Republican they aim to prop up..

All these establishment GOP anti Trump pieces of crap are pro-amnesty, pro-globalist, pro-open borders on trade and believe in one-world... 
All the terrible policies started by idiot Bush 41 then continued on for 28 years through slimy Clinton, incompetent Bush 43 and 'boy' Obama which have made people like Soros filthy rich while Americans have only survived total collapse due to the explosion of credit cards starting in the late 1980s

So remember this every time any of those Republican Judases work to undermine the Trump administration

As we said before, that Hungarian self-hating Jew (his father was deeply anti-Semitic and changed the family name from Schwartz to Soros because it was a palindrome and would fit in better with Christians) is also financing all the appeals to Trump's executive order on vetting Muslims with evil intent 

And all the Losers on the left act like this need to keep Muslim trash from entering our country is something completely new to US history..
The first President to seek to ban foreigners from entering the nation was John Adams through passage of the Alien Friends Act of 1798 which allowed Adams the power to imprison and deport non-citizens who were deemed dangerous or who were from a hostile nation (the Alien Enemy Act of 1798)

These Acts along with the Naturalization Act and Sedition Act relating to limits on freedom of speech when criticizing political leaders became known as the Alien & Sedition Acts..

When Thomas Jefferson came into power in 1800, he repealed three of the acts but the Alien Enemies Act remained in effect..
It was revised and codified for use in World War I when then President Woodrow Wilson expanded powers through the Immigration Act of 1918 to give himself the power not only to bar any group of people whether by nationality, race or ethnicity deemed a threat to national security from entering..

It also allowed the government through the Alien Exclusion Act to deport Anarchists and any other rabble rousers not US born to their original nation of origin

The Alien Enemies Act was used by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to imprison Japanese, German, and Italian aliens during World War II. 
Following war's end, the Act was used by President Harry S. Truman to continue to imprison, then deport, aliens of the formerly hostile nations.

In 1948 the Supreme Court determined that presidential powers under the acts continued after cessation of hostilities until there was a peace treaty with the hostile nation. 

The revised Alien Enemies Act remains in effect today, bolstered by the 1952 law empowering the President to temporary bar any individual or group or nationality as he deems necessary..

Carter used it in 1979 to keep Iranians out and kick out 15,000 of that worthless nationality, and in 2011, Obama prevented Iraqis from entering for a period of 6mths..
That's why it is such absolute bullshit that these pipsqueak leftist Circuit Court judges keep over-extending their judicial boundaries by issuing stays (freezes) on Trump's order just to try to make a President they hate look bad

The media keeps harping on the fact the latest judge to meddle was a Bush appointee but since W was really a moderate conservative at best and Washington State is very extreme left, that factoid really means nothing.
We wrote yesterday the greatest threat to this beautiful nation is from within.. They're called Democrats and in many ways, more dangerous than ISIS

But we must add pretty much the rank n file of establishment GOP

Our special forces took out Osama bin Laden a few years back and wiped him off the planet..

Perhaps the President needs to consider doing the same covert action to our current #1 global enemy of peace, freedom and economic prosperity... George Soros