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Friday, February 17, 2017

Blog and Ye' Shall Receive..

So yesterday we wrote how important it was for Trump to stop being so damned nice n' polite to his enemies in the media and the non-loyal opposition party and magically within 30 minutes of posting, Trump did just that..

Wonder if he reads A&G?    grins~

So nice for Trump to be himself again, the guy that millions of Americans fell for and bonded with during the campaign, and really go hard at these rotten people and entities
And of course what made it even more special was because Trump isn't just some guy anymore but the President, at least to his face, they all had to take it and show respect..

Imagine how hard it must be for snobby snotty-snot liberals in the press pool who think he's a creton to have to stand up in unison when Trump comes into the room..

But they do it because they possess no backbone and their career means more than pride
It was such a long press conference, it would just take too long to go into all the particulars and hopefully you have seen excepts at the very minimum though if one has an hour or so to spare, it really is a good YouTube viewing from open to close

Now to expect anything to change for the postitive in this contentious relationship would be naive; it will undoubtedly get worse as truly rotten people double down once more on the previous doubling down of seeking to destroy a good man

Thank God that Trump is so tough and fights back at every turn..  Just shows how many wimps we've had in the White House over the last 40-some years..
When Reagan was President, the liberal media said he was teflon because nothing they threw at him to try to discredit would stick..

We think Trump deserves the crown because he genuinely doesn't care what anyone says about him..

Some people may think he reacted as he did today because he was bothered

It is the opposite..  Trump simply holds the CNN's and NY Times of the nation with such deserved disdain that it seemed he just felt like toying with them like a bored cat to a wounded mouse
How it must feel to be completely utterly powerless?

Actually if one is conservative leaning, he/she should know since that was our political position for the past 8 years.. complete utter powerlessness..

Trump has been President for 28 days and the Democrats really have no victories at all..

They have delayed Cabinet confirmations but have yet to defeat one by vote on the Senate floor and with General Flynn, Trump asked him to resign based on him misleading the FBI so that had nothing to do with the enemy side...
They have yet to defeat any piece of legislation in Congress, or deter Trump's agenda in any way..

The uber left 9th Circuit Court did not stop the needed vetting from becoming reality.. It only delayed  reality by a week or so as Trump said in that press conference he was going to write a new executive action next week to keep Muslims out

So after a month, the left have not won a single thing or deterred the President in any way..

A good start..
We'll end with something that we were thinking while watching Trump once again skewer that truly rancid Hillary; something few people really ever bother asking a Democrat face to face..

They they seemed to all have loved Hillary so much..

They cried and screamed and became emotionally unhinged basket cases and la breaking protest-zealous deviants when she lost..  

So why didn't they show her the same love in 2008?
Why did they allow that mulatto lil monkey to 'steal' what was Then supposed to be her original anointment as Queen Bee? (2016 was the payback anointment for being a good foot soldier for Obama)

We kept hearing on the campaign trail vs Trump that she had all this knowledge and leadership experience and qualifications..

Well in 2008, a 2 term Senator from NY State who served two term as First Lady lost to a bi-racial bastard who never even ran a lemonade stand and who only served 18 months in the Senate before deciding to run
Her fellow Democrats snuffed her out even before she could get to the general election.. All to give a complete colored idiot the position as Democrat nominee for the position of most powerful person in free world

And don't you ever think for a second that his skin color did not win him that nomination or election..  White guilt toward negros always supersedes 'glass ceiling' for women

If you ever come across one of those Hillary-loving whiners, ask him/her that one?

Just causally ask, 'Why did your Democrat party betray her in 2008?'

So anyways in closing, it was just wonderful to see Trump back in take-charge mode and certainly makes the weekend more enjoyable because of it..