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Thursday, February 23, 2017

'Hacksaw Ridge'.. More like Hackjob..

Even though we have no intention of watching this Sunday night's Oscars telecast (mostly because we're not going to sit through 3.5 hours of Trump-hate by privileged, wealthy people pretending they are everyday folk) we still decided last night to rent a film that is nominated..

So we sat through 'Hacksaw Ridge' which is supposed to be a true story about a conscious objector who still decided to enlist and serve during WWII as a medic while refusing to kill the enemy..

The person in the film did exist but we have seen enough movies to know that 'true' and 'accurate' are not one and the same..  Often for entertainment purposes, characters are composites of many people and events are condensed for time, because the flow of a film matters more than honesty.
But that aside..

We know it got many positive reviews and a lot of people liked it but really it was a brutal sit-through and not because of violence and gore which one sees often during the battle scenes..

It really felt more like movie of week material and why is over 95% of the cast Australian if its a film about American soldiers?

Guess director and professional Jew-hater Mel Gibson was going for um.. realism, yes?  Well that or trying to save a couple bucks by shooting the film about US heroism Down Under..
The film just lacked polish and without giving away anything to someone who plans on seeing the film later, he main character objects to killing (fine) but he can't even touch a rifle during basic training???

The guy bases his belief on not killing on Bible scripture which is alright but where does it read in either Old or New Testament "Thall shalt not shoot at paper targets?"

So it ends up being just another anti-war film which frankly we're sick of.

That is not to say we want to see a pro-killing film made by Hollywood but we're genuinely sick and tired of anti-war messages being injected during good or necessary wars
You hear people all the time wish for peace and no more violence and killing, especially during Christmas..

Well here's how you get that end-result..

When another nation invades yours, you simply do nothing..  No Army.. No Navy.. No Marines or Air Force...

Just let it happen like Czechoslovakia did prior to WWII..  Just let the enemy peacefully in so they can take over and dominate without a shot fired
And if on the battlefield someone points a gun at you, well just do nothing --  take the bullet..

When enough troops on your side fall to the ground with open eyes to match the open bullet wounds, then the killing will cease because there will be no one left to kill..

So that's how you get peace on earth and no war..

Just let the aggressor do as they wish and take it peaceably with the hope that God will intervene like he did back in the days of Moses
Is war terrible?  Absolutely..  But is it also necessary?   Yes it is...

It should be the last resort but a justified pursuit nonetheless..

Imagine if the US military of the 1940s were as passive as the objector treated like some G-D hero in this film..

Not a doubt in our minds that if America did not do what we did back in WWII the entire world would be suffocated by an Axis of true Evil as the globe would be subjugated by either the Nazis, Fascist Italians or the Japs..  
Imagine if US soldiers during the Civil War took a pacifist view of war and refused to fight.. We'd have two nations today..  Personally it would be fine by us but we know a lot of people would be sickened by the thought..

Imagine if those who went up against the British during the Revolutionary War were cowards?

We'd all be eating fish n' chips using our bad teeth to chomp upon as we watch endless non-NFL 'football'

Talk about depressing!
So we spit on people like the guy in that film..

Yes he saved others' lives and won medals for it, but you don't take such rigid principles like that into war just like if you believe strongly in waiting until marriage to have sex, you don't actively seek to work in a brothel or a porn shoot.

Just absolutely sick n' tired of these bullshit anti-war films..

The utter preachiness!  Gawd..
And its not just war films.

The entire entertainment community seems to look down upon the rest of America (even the smug liberals) as nothing more than fucking morons & imbeciles with heads full of bread dough to be shaped and molded to their worldview

It is Hollywood's job to entertain.. That's it..

Tell their little stories.. Make us laugh or cry or gasp and leave the thinking and postulating about how we each see the world to our own devices..

But they can't..  Especially at Oscar time..
The films that get the awards are the ones no one wishes to see and the films everyone watches again n' again are ignored as idiocy for the masses

Meanwhile the mantra of Hollywood now into Sunday and beyond which all are to blindly accept is as follows:

'War is Bad.. Globalism is Good.. Islam is Peace.. Blacks are Victims..  Conservative whites are the Devil.. Trump is Shit'

OK Hollywood..  Got it..    Now shoo dirty fly, shoo..