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Friday, February 24, 2017

How Mexico (along with Germany) Pushed the US into World War I

On April 6, 1917, it will mark the 100th Anniversary of America's entrance in World War I

And though it took about another year to fully mobilize and our actual fighting was six months, nonetheless over 116,000 (637 a day) Americans died 'over there' to quote the famous song of the period..

But if you want to know exactly Why we entered Europe's war, the anniversary of that event which put everything into motion was today February 24th.
The sinking of the USS Lusitania the previous year by the Germans in which US civilians were among the casualties and the need for US bankers to recoup their loans to the Allies which could only be done if Germany lost, were factors in our involvement

But it was the Zimmerman Telegraph that cinched it.
The Zimmerman Telegram (or Zimmerman Note or Zimmerman Cable) was a secret diplomatic communication issued from the German Foreign Office in January 1917 that proposed a military alliance between Germany and Mexico in the event of the United States' entering World War I against Germany.

Specifically,  Germany pledged to ensure the return of New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona to Mexico if Mexico declares war on the United States.
The proposal was intercepted and decoded by British intelligence  and given to the U.S. ambassador  to Britain on February 24 which is the first time anyone in the US knew of this.

Revelation of the contents enraged American public opinion, especially after the German Foreign Secretary Arthur Zimmerman publicly admitted the telegram was genuine on March 3rd and helped generate massive support for the United States declaration of war on Germany in April.
Can you imagine how are nation would look today if we had lost the war and those brown bean-eaters acquired back all that territory?

Trump would still need to build a wall to keep the the job stealers and freeloaders out but it would have to go from Arkansas to Oklahoma to Nevada to California..

Talk about a massive border wall!
So this event along with a policy put in place by the Germans on February 1st, 1917 that they would begin unrestricted submarine warfare against all ships in the Atlantic bearing the American flag, both passenger and merchant ships (they sunk two ships in February) got the ball started on motivating the public to support war

Germany had long sought to incite a war between Mexico and the U.S., which would have tied down American forces and slowed the export of American arms to the Allies and the Kraut-heads had engaged in a pattern of actively arming, funding and advising the Mexicans.
There was the 1914 Ypiranga Incident where the SS Ypiranga, a German steamer commissioned to transport arms and munitions to the Mexican federal government under Victoriano Huerta was denied entry into Mexican port as part of a larger US controlled embargo on the country as punishment for Huerta's violence towards Mexican citizens during a civil war that was taking place there back then.

President Woodrow Wilson then ordered the military invasion of Veracruz later that year.

War was prevented thanks to the Niagara Falls peace conference but the occupation of that city was a decisive factor in Mexican neutrality in World War I.
In 1915 the German Naval Intelligence officer Franz von Rintelen had attempted to incite a war between Mexico and the United States giving Huerta $12 million for that purpose.

The German saboteur Lothar Witzke — responsible for the March 1917 munitions explosion at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard in the Bay Area (6 American civilians dead, 31 wounded) and possibly responsible for the July 1916 Black Tom explosion in New Jersey (the blast caused damage to the Statue of Liberty and ripples could be felt as far south as Philadelphia) — was based in Mexico City
Then there was the August 27, 1918 Battle of Ambos Nogales faught between Mexican forces and elements of the US 35th Infantry Regiment, who were reinforced by the Buffalo Soldiers (black soldiers) of the 10th Cavalry.

While a very small handful of soldiers died, as a result of this battle, the US and Mexico agreed to divide the two border communities with a chain-link border fence, the first of many permanent incarnations of the U.S.–Mexico border wall between the two countries.
So you can see how for a very long time, the Mexican government have been absolute pests to the US and unlike how the shit-liberal media wishes to spin things,  the relationship was not all peaches n' cream until that 'terrible' Trump came along..

There's still a lot of genuinely stupid Mexican and Mexican-American radicals who honestly believe there will come a day all the land the Mexicans humiliatingly gave away as a result of the 1846-48 Mexican War (now US states) will be returned to their sovereignty..

Aye Carumba!  Lo que un pueblo estúpido...

Mexico may be our neighbor to the south but it is certainly no ally and its never been our friend..