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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"I Have A Dream" - A&G Version

Trump has not been in office a full month and the rottenness and irrational nuttiness by his  haters has been just non-stop,  relentless and seems to pop up in every crack and crevice that used to be safe from political talk

Just yesterday we click on a sports website to read a preview of the upcoming MLB season and the idiot writing it just Has to make an anti-Trump jibe in the first sentence..

No call for it.. no provocation..  Just felt like it..

Just one needless zing after another..  Yet mock that piece of shit Obama even slightly when that Oreo was in power and they acted so offended and aggrieved 
So rather than write on and on and on, we're going to take a page from Martin Luther King Jr. and update his "I Have a Dream" with an updated A&G version..

Some 'dreams' you may agree with.. others not..  

We recommend creating your own 'dream' list to express your anger and frustrations on this and any other topic that bothers you..  Write what you wish-- unlike this public posting no one will see it but you..

So we begin.. 
I have a dream..  That every person who voted Hillary gets a good hard punch right in the nose and no legal or economic retribution befalls those who do it..

I have a dream...  That Trump get angry and very Vindictive in action toward all those who seek to destroy him and his Presidency..  Tweets just aren't enough
I have a dream...  That Trump take a page out of the Abraham Lincoln playbook when it comes to dealing with opposition press i.e shut down those entities by force while jailing the publishers and journalists for long duration without due process..  

Lincoln did this during the Civil War as well as ignoring the Supreme Court every time it ruled he overstepped his Constitutional boundaries as President, and everyone is so generationally brainwashed into loving & deifying him, so why not Trump do the same...
I have a dream... That every person who expresses something vile, disgusting and/or out of bounds in terms of basic decency toward Trump in any forum or format immediately loses their livelihood, struggles to survive and is publicly shamed like shit liberals do to whites who call a spade a spade..

I have a dream... That people around the nation respond to neighbors' "Hate has no home here" yard signs (which are obvious middle-fingers to Trump supporters) by defacing them with 'Trump 2016' political stickers; if the signs are replaced, more stickers are placed
I have a dream...  That every person who goes on Twitter or Facebook and threatens the life of someone famous or in public eye who defends Trump or demonstrates support for the President get beaten with a stick of bamboo 10x in the rear and 10x across the chest for each offense

I have a dream... That any athlete or coach/manager of a Championship team who purposely chooses to boycott coming to the White House when the team is invited simply because of Trump and goes out of their way to make a statement on it, be suspended without pay for the upcoming season for 14 days...
I have a dream..  That this society Stop pandering to blacks at every turn!  

That affirmative action in education, employment, housing and lending Stop.. That people Stop pretending they represent 50-70% of our population when they are only 14%... 

That the entertainment industry Stop giving them representation in every movie and TV program and commercial when it does not specifically call for it and that people Stop acting afraid of them!
I have a dream...  That red state Trump-voting America stop giving their money to the entertainment industry altogether where they overtly demonstrate deep hatred and despisal toward Everything in 'flyover country 'and think they are sad, pathetic creatures to be mocked

If you want to watch or listen to something, check out your local library.. it is free and they don't make a penny off of it

Deprive these evil entities of your money.. Organize..  Boycott

I have a dream...  That everyday people who are sick of the unfair treatment of Trump (even if disagreeing with his policies) just fight back and really go Hard after the people and entities that feel so emboldened to keep up the attack.. 

By kindness, cruel words or other means...  Whatever it takes to shut these people up, Do it..
Lastly... I have a dream...

That one day we and the nation at large can go back to focusing on what really matters and not this endless cavalcade of crap by mentally sick, deviant people paid off by George Soros whose ultimate goal is to provoke civil war...

There are threats to this nation far greater than ISIS..  They live among us and call themselves liberals