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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Is Trump too Nice Where it Matters Most?

Last time we graded Trump in office which was 2 weeks ago we graded him an A which was a boost from the initial grade we gave him the first week of A-

His current grade?

Well we'll get to that in a little bit..  Let's just say he might need a 'tutor' or two in how to deal with cutthroat savages and traitors inside the intelligence community

Never thought we'd use these words to describe the President...

Passive & Nice..  Just too darn much of both..
There are real enemies at the 'gates' and in the media and cyberspace and his strategy of mostly ignoring with occasional harmless tweet is not helping him at all

Maybe Trump believes if he acts Presidential, speaks softly, panders to every demographic and does press conferences every day with a different foreign leader, people who disdain his existence will suddenly come around

Sorry but it will honestly take a 9/11 calamity for that to happen because we all saw the transformation of Bush 43 from being perceived as idiot goofball to a 90% approval rating because of the terror attack
Everything Bush did subsequently diluted his support immensely but because two towers fell, the Pentagon hit and 3200+ lives were lost, he went in the eyes of most detractors from someone who stole the election from Gore to their President.

Sorry to say but That is the only chance Trump has of winning over his enemies and its just not worth the death and destruction for some sour-soul nobody-nothings to begrudglingly come around for 14 days or so..

The big problem we see with Trump besides the fact he says 'Afr Am' way way too much when over 90% of those people can't stand him, is he seems completely scatterbrained at times with nothing thought out a couple steps ahead..

For instance, take the Muslim vetting faux-drama..
Let's give benefit of doubt at say there were strategic reasons Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were not included on the list of nations to be temporary banned citizens entering the US

This was not something one does while a President does not even have his Attorney General appointed first

The ducks need to be lined in a row first..  
You get Sessions confirmed then you make sure the Justice Department have attorneys who are not hostile to you and will sincerely litigate all appeals

Lastly and most importantly, you wait until your Supreme Court nominee is confirmed!

Because Trump did none of this, he ended up seeing his executive action suspended then lose in Appellate Court and because the Supreme Court is 4-4 where a tie does not overturn a lower court,  the Administration was forced to re-file in a lower court and the whole thing is just in legal limbo
Then there's the Flynn thing..

We at A&G want a good working relationship between the US and Russia and we believe the sanctions should at the very least be modified if not lifted entirely..

But you do not have dialogue with another nation on something like that as if you are an approved and sworn-in Cabinet member until you are actually approved and sworn in!

The reason is because when you put political bias aside, it smacks of the same garbage that rancid Hillary did with her Foundation and pay to play i.e. making deals and promises under the assumption that person will have power
Overall it just seems that Trump trying to do too much, too soon in too many areas as if he doesn't believe he will last the term in office so trying to do 4 or 8 years of business in 12 months..

Don't get us wrong.. we like the aggressive approach but it also should be connected in some way so it makes sense to people and not seem so nutty..

For instance putting aside the vetting issue is in limbo right now, if Trump really felt it was needed now vs in springtime or summer, then other orders should have been signed connected to safety, war on terror, confronting Iran, dealing with Muslims, etc so there'd be a clear narrative

Instead, it all seems so willy-nilly sometimes and not thought out..
Maybe that's how Trump's brain operates or maybe its a poisonous, traitorous media wanting to do everything to get him overthrown

Because understand this.. The media is going after Trump like there's 7 days left in an election when there's still over 1300 days before the next Presidential election and over 1400 days at minimum til' he leaves office..

Trump is no longer 'candidate'.. He needs to really understand this and take control of things
There's a moment in the film 'Nixon' directed by Oliver Stone where he's talking to some Vietnam protesters on the steps of Lincoln Memorial in what was supposed to be the middle of his first term in office

The movie conveys Nixon as feeling overwhelmed by the war, the rotten press, insecurities, etc. and then he talks to the protesters about trying to stop the war

By the end of the conversation, Nixon returns to his limo and realizes that he's been handling the Presidency all wrong; that it is a tiger and if you don't grab it harshly by the tail, it will devour whoever is sitting in that Oval Office

And whether the scene is true or historical reality, from a narrative perspective, it shows the distinction of when Nixon grew from boy to man Presidentially-speaking
We know Trump hasn't even been in office 30 days but there are real enemies out there, most domestic and US born who would love to see him taken out in a coup or worse if need be..  

The hate is that deep

And so the learning curve to become a 'man' is extremely short

Trump better start getting even with the press beyond not taking their questions at press conferences or he will find himself in a most hellish situation over the next four years..
When confronted by a bully, you have to give them a punch to the face very quickly or it just becomes too difficult later on..

The liberals, especially in the media see him as such so that's what they are trying to do..  lots n' lots of punches 

Our report card grade for Trump after 4 weeks..  borderline B to B-

Trump better start punching back and the hits better be hard because in this toxic climate, fixing the economy and putting people back to work isn't going to be good enough..