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Monday, February 20, 2017

Lincoln in 1860s Political Cartoons

~ An 1860s political cartoon..  'The Democratic Platform is for the white man; the Republican Platform is for the negro'.. Imagine a 1860s Democrat teleporting to the present to see his party and platform devolve

Since today is President's Day, we might as well talk about some..  In particular Presidents Trump and Lincoln..

As you all know, Trump as been attacked constantly by a pathetic cabal of emotionally immature, politically ignorant spiritually impotent liberal media filth..

One thing they have loved going after Trump on is that he is undignified and uncooth; an embarrassment to the party of Lincoln as demonstrated by the cartoon examples below

Of course whoever drew the cartoons were grade-A smug asshole liberal pieces of shit (like so many) thus making them among the bottom rung of our society deserving of a good spitting on..

They also are either Deeply ignorant on history, intentionally deceptive or both..

But the truth is this dignified view of Lincoln as elder statesman worthy of immense respect and idolatry was a post-assassination creation; a myth.

The Lincoln who was alive and presiding over the nation during Civil War was quite often vilified and degraded in looks and words at nearly every turn by a media just as Putrid then as it is today

Here are some examples:
 ~  Here is a cartoon from Lincoln's inaugural in March, 1861 where he's depicted in a woman's dress and as an angry, bloodthirsty warrior
~ This cartoon depicts Lincoln has a violent rapist about to swarm in on an innocent young woman

 ~ Here the caption reads "King Abraham before and after issuing the Emancipation Proclamation' and in the sketch, Lincoln is really Satan behind the mask

 ~  Here is another cartoon reacting to the Emancipation Proclamation with Lincoln depicted as a deviant monkey

 ~ The title of this 1864 cartoon is called 'The National Joker' and the President as you can see is wearing a jester outfit while smiling an evil grin

~ Here Columbia (the woman) is demanding 'Mr Lincoln, give me back my 500,000 sons! (the ones needlessly killed to stop the South from seceding)  Lincoln's reply is "Well the fact is -- By the way, it reminds me of a STORY!!!"

~ This caption from Harper's Ferry - April 15, 1864 reads 'From Our Special War Correspondent' and follows with "'All Seems Well with us' - A. Lincoln"..  It is a reference to 'honest Abe' using Martial Law to censor the press and basically writing his own positive spin news articles on the war effort

~ This cartoon depicts Lincoln as a beaten-up imbecile with his left foot trampling upon the US Constitution

~ Here Lincoln is depicted as a sneaky coon hiding up in a tree

~ This 1860s cartoon depicts Lincoln's America... one where free blacks and whites dance together and ultimately have sex and children diluting the blood line forever..  Unfortunately whoever drew this sketch was prophetic..   This may seem harmless in 2017 but back then it was meant as a major slam..

Then on April 15, 1865, Lincoln is killed..

And the media at the time portrays him like this:

And in modern times, like this..
 Honestly, Lincoln would have vomited his guts out at the thought of that lil cocoa krispie monkey Obama being President but myths, fables and tall tales never die especially when there's political points to be made by keeping the illusion alive

But back to Trump..

It just shows how completely worthless and meaningless all the political cartoons, venomous hate spewed on liberal news or the evil tweets by the paranoid..
Most people think Lincoln's the greatest President ever and look how he was mocked..

Guess that's a good omen that Trump could be possibly adored for countless generations as well..  

Wouldn't the rotten-to-the-core fuck-liberals just love that one..
We've said it before.. Will say it often..  The real enemy to this nation is not ISIS or Iran..

The true enemy to this nation lives among us, hates America and wishes Trump serious harm  while placing 'Hate has no home here' signs on their lawn like hypocritical hyenas

They are disingenuous..  They are dangerous.. They are Democrats.