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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Monday's Post: Saturday Night Live and A Sunday Daydream

~ Would have been funnier if 'Death' was coming for Alec Baldwin instead

Sunday afternoon, I daydreamed that every person associated or connected with Saturday Night Live from producer Lorne Michaels down to the cast, writing staff, crew and guest host were attacked by a large swarm of poisonous angry wasps..

They were all stung so badly that not only did the show not go on the following week but really, never again...
It is both funny and disgusting how I found out about this week's episode..

A very talented singer named Al Jarreau had passed away over the weekend and since I sorta liked him, I went on a website to read his obituary..

Now to the right of the article on the website I visited, was link after link referencing Saturday night's disgusting anti-Trump fest..  One vicious, mean spirited mocking skit after another..

Think the one headline made reference to the fact there were 6 sketches and by the end even that fuck show was acknowledging a bit of Trump fatigue  (Huh.. Really now.. )
Now here's the thing..

President Trump spent the weekend in Florida with the Prime Minister of Japan and probably had a lovely time playing golf, relaxing, strengthening ties between the two nations..  I bet Trump did not spend one second of his late night watching SNL

And yet here they were..  attack upon attack upon attack as if he was..

Really made no sense..
The President isn't watching, Conservatives aren't watching which is over 50% of the nation..  Even fair minded Democrats who respect the office of the Presidency and believe Trump should be solely criticized on issues are turned off..

So who the hell does?

It is mostly teens which statistically represent the stupidest and most impressionable people in the nation when it comes to politics

And not just young people but the homely, fugly ones without a social life who can not get dates and/or are excluded from party invites on a Saturday night
These people are indoctrinated by their teachers, friends, media and shit shows like SNL to believe PC globalist social progressivism is 'Cool', that whites are oppressors and Trump is the 2nd coming of every terrible person in history rolled into one

So in other words, SNL survives because its cheap to make compared to other TV shows and has a niche audience.. The same little snowflake fuckheads that watch the Daily Show, Bill Maher on HBO and think rebellion is smoking, drinking, doing pot and getting some tattoos
Here's another thing that is 'funny' about that shit show..

They push the concepts of coexistence, diversity and tolerance and yet have zero tolerance for different political opinions, believe in censorship by never hiring writers with conservative points of view and create a TV environment that breeds an 'us v them' mentality..

Also isn't ironic how that shit show keeps on criticizing Trump for keeping Muslim scum out of our country with his vetting (which currently is stalled in legal morass) and yet SNL has never had a cast member of Muslim faith..  Ever!
They had one Iranian-American female actress who was Christian but never have hired someone of the belief system they pretend to defend and are so scared to mock

The show never has had a cast member of Asian descent.. neither Far East or Indian heritage.. or American Indian either...   Or someone with a disability

Guess SNL doesn't find people of those backgrounds to be funny or few to none have made a stink over the fact the show's been on the air for 40+ years and still they're excluded from representation in the cast..

In fact in four-plus decades, the show has only had two open gay/lesbian people, 4 black women and maybe 2-3 people who were openly conservative at the time (Dennis Miller was very liberal until after 9/11 then changed completely in his views)

Not too liberal-minded and tolerant a show is it?
As we have written many times before, the only reason that shit show cast a black actress a few years ago was because the black male cast members were tired of dressing in drag, and along with the black host Kerry Washington did skit after skit embarrassing Lorne Michaels over it

So they hired a token black actress then two token black female writers including this one ugly militant black dog named Leslie Jones who now is in sketches and is probably directly responsible for every anti Trump and anti-white person sketch on the show
Still waiting for that political diversity...   It used to be there..

Back during the 1990s, it would make fun of Bill Clinton's propensity for wanting to have sex with anyone and everyone other than his rancid cunt of a wife who was portrayed honestly back then i.e. a cold, frigid, politically calculating bitch

It also had the courage to make fun of blacks back then
I remember one sketch in particular.. it was set in an office and some black co-workers were discussing among themselves how important MLK Day was..

So the white co-workers overheard and feeling very nervous that they'd be perceived as insensitive ended up giving their black coworkers their lunches and money..

The sketch ended with the blacks talking to each other out of earshot of the whites, laughing at how their coworkers reacted, comparing what was in the lunch bags then deciding to spend MLK-Day seeing a basketball game with the money that was given to them

Imagine SNL or any show today depicting blacks as lying connivers..
People will argue 'So what?.. It's just a TV show.. Turn it off if it bothers you..'

Um.. Right..  Sure..   That will stop them..

I personally have not 'seen' an episode of SNL in over a full year but I sure know about it every time it attacks Trump, thanks to a 'media' chock full of pretend journalist idiots who  hate Trump as much as the scum on that shit show..

Then as we've said ad nauseum, they write 500 to 1000 word articles on what they saw on TV then a million-billion websites from entertainment to news to sports to obituaries use that as links to attract viewers to their sites or YouTube pages..
Try going on and not seeing any reference to SNL the day after.

Or YouTube.. Or  Or Entertainment Weekly.. Or Huffington.. Or Breitbart.. Or NY Times.. or Washington Post..  or even conservative Washington Times..  Or USA Today..

Even Meet the Press and Fox News Sunday will mention skits in closing and show excerpts..

They don't do this with 'Blue Bloods', 'Modern Family' or 'The Goldbergs'

So the more hate that shit show spews, the more people talk on it..  Is that the idea?
And here's one final 'funny' irony..

If those pricks on SNL hate Trump with such a deep passion, why was he invited to host last year?

Why didn't any of those parasites who work on the show boycott in protest like former cast member Nora Dunn did back in 1986 when Andrew 'Dice' Clay hosted?

Not very Principled are these douches, huh?   Easier to make a statement among like-minded mutts after 'big, bad' Trump is gone..
They were good boys n' girls and like all immature, rotten emotional children, they waited until the week after Trump hosted to mock him..

Yes sooo brave!

We honestly wish there was a way we could get the show cancelled..  

Certainly if Trump as President is the most powerful person in the free world, he should be able to..  You'd think...
So for now we go back to daydreaming about a vicious swarm of wasps with toxic stingers causing as much suffering as possible on everyone associated with that show

Also wishing as much terribleness befall them professionally and personally as the Gods of fate deem..

We accept criticism, teasing, satire and even mocking of Trump..

We don't accept vicious cruelty again n' again n' again simply to make the parasitic left feel good...