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Monday, February 6, 2017

Our Greatest Threat Comes from Within

This posting is a little long but everything expressed just had to be said..

I'm probably alone in this sentiment but I hate the Super Bowl..

I admit I've always hated it, mainly because of the over hype and the nonstop barrage of commercials meant to sell us shit we don't need often with money we don't have and at $5 million per 30 second spot..

But this year in particular.. Ugh!
I didn't even watch this year so as of this posting, I've no clue who won or lost or the score or anything about the game.

I hope the Patriots won simply because QB Tom Brady, Head Coach Bill Belichek and owner Robert Craft are all staunch Trump supporters which of course makes them hated by the fuck sports media..

Did they?  You all know better than I at this moment..
I've also no idea if that mentally ill PTSD suffering, Hillary zealot Lady Gaga (she stated in December she suffers with it which is funny since I don't recall her serving in the military) disparaged Trump or celebrated Muslims as great people (which they're not) or made any political stance..

I assumed she would make some asshole-like statement and so the anticipation of being irritated beforehand was enough to ruin the excitement of the 'Big Game' for me

Ironic this morning when I read the local paper that some asshole liberal piece of garbage writes in the sports section an article entitled "Don't let Donald Trump ruin the Super Bowl" because actually it was ruined by feces like that columnist
Maybe in some way you the reader can identify or feel a shared experience with what I'm about to say..

But speaking just for myself it is amazing how much of my life has had to be altered by those putrid spoiled liberal parasites who honestly believe Trump is some kind of fascist monster and inject their venom into all aspects of day to day life.

I used to watch late night talk shows before bed..  Since the election heated up this past summer, not anymore..  

Used to watch network news and read mainstream newspapers..  Nope, not anymore
I used to love SNL since I was little and admittedly this is going a few decades back.   Its political satire never bothered me all that much..

 Now its putrid poison with a cast n' crew of deeply hate-filled, bitter immature people; a cabal of militant blacks, white guilters and America haters so desperate to push their agenda, they now often break the 'fourth wall' to propagandize to viewers how to think.

I will never forgive them for treating Trump's victory as a wake with the lesbian dyke who played Hillary singing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah' in front of a black background to dead silence from the audience
I used to be able to read entertainment or sports news and know it was safe from politics..

Now every worthless celeb anti-Trump tweet is worthy of a 500 word article and at least where I am both the newspaper and sports talk radio inject anti-Trump zingers wherever possible

And of course who can forget all those militant niggers injecting their BLM bullshit upon the masses every week during the NFL season and also currently in the NBA

If you take BLM, and remove the 'L', that's what they are..  BM
BTW, do you want to know where the origin of those disgusting sensationalist headlines came from?

Porn.   Yes.. Porn..

Websites that use video clip headers like "Best BJ ever" and "Most Amazing 3some Ever" influenced then were co-opted by these shit pseudo-journalist Millennial 20-somethings who work cheaply for news sites

That is why you now you see  headers everywhere including YouTube like "Best tweet response to Trump ever", "Most Amazing Trump slam", and so on..
I also used to love reading magazines from a wide variety of topics..

Now nothing is politically safe outside of interior decorating and cooking, and even home decor mags treat two men living together as husband and husband as a completely normal n' beautiful thing

As for cooking mags?  Well..  I don't bake cookies..
I used to enjoy watching TV and going to the movies...  That over time been ruined as well

Everything on TV and film is so PC socially engineered to promote the interracial family and multi-cultural homogeny that it doesn't even feel like entertainment anymore..

Instead its all racial-ethnic-sexual orientation bean counting and one big cultural Big Brother hard-sell of values and mindsets that most people truly don't believe or accept but are afraid to express openly
I thought a Trump victory would alleviate a lot of the tensions I and the rest of the A&G staff felt about society and the nation at large during the President Oreo cookie years but the last few months have just exacerbated them

Trump keep tweeting, sometimes in incoherent rambles on this and that, and doesn't seem to fully understand yet the power of the Presidency.

If I was President and SNL mocked me in the manner they mocked him, instead of tweeting a complaint I would be on the phone with the President of NBC or parent company Comcast and give them unbridled HELL; every subtle and overt threat needed to make them take control of that shitty show and tell those pricks to take things down a few notches
If I was pissed off that one incompetent piece of crap Circuit Court judge after another was stopping my executive order on vetting Muslim filth, instead of tweeting on it, I would make damn sure that a strategy was put in place to fight this and all other stoppages to my order with lightning fast response.

If I didn't like the unfairness of the press, instead of complaining to people in tweets, I would make sure no one in my administration did an interview on or off record with any entity I put on my 'do not talk to' list and anyone who didn't comply would be instantly fired.

I'd also instruct my Press Secretary to never take a question from those entities and put them all in the back row of the Briefing Room..
I can't speak for you the reader but personally, I am Sick n Tired of being beaten down by the constant infusion of anti-Trump bile from every turn..  There is no safe zone anymore.. No peace.

And if they won't give us at A&G peace, we won't give them any..

It is as if these fuckers think if they can keep up the good fight for another few weeks, he'll resign from disgust or someone will magically step in, remove Trump and put their beloved mulatto back into the Oval Office

Such delusion!

Then again, some of those vermin wanted Trump impeached Before he was even inaugurated!!
Last I checked, Trump still has 1,444 days left and that's even if he loses re-election.

Feels like such a deeply rotten world sometimes..

All caused by militant Democrats

I couldn't look forward to the Super Bowl..  I can't watch the Oscars because that will be a barrage of hate which makes the Golden Globes look like a tea party..

Liberals have a way of contaminating everything fun, joyous and/or beautiful about this country..
When they're unhappy they yap yap yap like wound up, piss-holding poodles and our side never does much of anything to really fight the good fight to shut them up and financially punish them

I've heard Bill O'Reilly among others say we need a strong vibrant Democrat party to go with the Republicans because supposedly that is what makes our nation strong..

Ehh, No..  Not really..

That only works when both parties love America and respect one another
The Democrats used to be loyal opposition.. Now the 'loyal' fell into the toilet along with civility, respect for conservative opinion and respect for the rule of law

It is important we all do our part to fight the fight and make them howl in anger and lament in tense fury as much as possible; to make their lives as politically miserable and sickening as they're trying to do to us..

We may be silent but we're still the Majority..

Never let those you know on the other side forget it..