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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Quiz: Black Demographic Representation vs TV/Film Depiction

If an extra-terrestrial being from another galaxy came down to Earth and tried to learn everything about us as people based solely on what it observed on television, the alien would think those with dark skin and light skin were statistically equal in terms of population proportion and academic contribution to society

Are they?  

Quickie answer.. Of course not.
But if all you knew is what you watched on TV and film you would think we live in a 50-50 world..

While it may seem like blacks dominate and control everything and people still have to be afraid to say or do anything that may offend them, the reality is they are a statistical minority both here and most other non-African nations around the world

So let's have some 'fun' and do some trivia to see where blacks really stand both here and abroad in terms of demographic break down..

So to try to avoid you seeing the answers immediately, each Q and choices will be followed by a pic of a bluebird, then the answer
We'll start with an easy one..

There are over 324 million people living in the US.. what percentage of Americans are black?

A)  14%

B)  19%

C)  25%

D)  36%

Answer...  A -- Only 14%  which is 1 in 7
Next..  Blacks are Constantly over-represented on British TV shows and film even worse than in America but in reality what percentage of those living Great Britain are such?

A)  4%

B)  10%

C)  16%

D)  24%
Answer...  A -- Only 4% and yet Every single program on BBC has to have at least one or two blacks in the cast as if their representation in society was greater..  France does the exact same thing with over-representation of the dark race in their programming even though only 3.5% of their population is French born
Next Q..  Canada does the same thing as the US and UK.. over-represent blacks on their programming so one thinks they're everywhere..  In reality, what percentage of Canada's population is black?

A)  3%

B)   6%

C)  12%

D)  14%
Answer...  A -- Canada has a higher population of people from Southeast Asia and China than it does blacks.. In fact the total population of blacks in that country is just under 1 million out of 32.8m people
Now let's move from macro to micro, and focus on US states a little bit...

To start, what percentage of the population of Pennsylvania are black?

A)  5%

B)  10%

C)  15%

D)  35%
Answer...  B  --  Only 1 in 10 people who live in that state are black which is below the national average..
Now the follow up Q -- Philadelphia is the largest city in the state.. What percentage of that city do you think is black?

A)  15%

B)  30%

C)  45%

D)  60%
Answer...  C --  45% ..  Guess that explains why Philly and Pittsburgh do not represent the political ideologies of the rest of that state where every county outside of those two metropolitan areas ended up supporting Trump.
Next... Let's move to the ultra-left state of California, home of many baskets of despicables including Hollywood.. What percentage of their state population do you think is black?

A)  6%

B)  16%

C)  21%

D)  28%
Answer...  A -- Only 6% of the state of 37.2 million is black yet California is one of the biggest white-guilt political panderers to them..
Now lets move from state demographics to sports..

What percentage of blacks do you think currently play in the NFL?

A)  40%

B)  55%

C)  65%

D)  80%
Answer..  C -- A whopping 2/3 of all NFL players are black with the average life of an NFL career being only 2.66 years.
Next, what percentage of blacks play in the NBA?

A)  55%

B)  73%

C)  80%

D)  84%
Answer..  B -- A vile 73% which explains why the league continually panders to them and makes an exaggeratedly big deal over Black History Month which starts today
Now lets finish up by moving from athletics to academics..

What percentage of doctors in the US are blacks?

A)  5%

B)  10%

C)  12%

D  15%
Answer..  A --  While 7 out of every 10 NBA roster spots are held by someone black, only 5% of all practicing physicians are of their color
Next.. What percentage of blacks in America hold a master's degree?

A)  3%

B)  5%

C)  6%

D)  8%
Answer.. A..  Pathetic really, and only 1% of all Doctorates are held by blacks so think about that every time you see a black on TV or film who is a judge, brain surgeon or nuclear physicist..
We could go on but it would belabor the point..

Blacks are treated and allowed to act like they are statistically equal members of society deserving of full representation in TV and film but the facts speak different..

As a population, they are 1 in 7, and in terms of academic, learned fields, their percentage at best is 1 in 20 and yet liberals keep creating PC social engineering fiction for the masses to swallow..

Much easier to pretend to be educated then to do the real-world work necessary to become it

At least you now have some statistical truth to counter the crap.