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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Social Progressivism on TV: It's a Small (Minded) World After All...

Because the last two postings have been somewhat long, today's will be more on the side of brevity

On Netflix, they recently added a 'comedy' starring and executive produced by Drew Barrymore called "The Santa Clarita Diet".

The specific plot to the 10 episode show isn't important to this posting so you can watch and decide for yourself if its your cup of tea.

However from a PC social-cultural hard-sell standpoint we want to let you know what we saw and you can judge whether it is a big turn off, a mild shrug or you feel wonderful about it..
Within literally the first 3 minutes, 30 seconds of the first episode we the audience are introduced to Barrymore and actor Timothy Olyphant playing a married couple who has a teen daughter that is obviously lesbian in looks, attire and boyish mannerism (and the actress is probably gay in real life) even though at least in the pilot show, nothing is mentioned on it.

When the family leave the house in the morning to start their day and get into their cars, the audience is introduced to two other couples who are neighbors on the cul-de-sac, and both of course multi-cultural..

One couple who live next door to the left is a Hispanic male with his Causasian wife and the other couple who live on the right is a black man with his Asian wife as she's pushing a stroller carrying their mixed-race baby (yuk!)
About 30 seconds later you see the hubby in a parked car putting marijuana in a small pipe and smoking it for absolutely no reason to advance the plot because um..  well, if that's not something Cool we All do in our normal day to day, what is, right?!

Now Barrymore and Olyphant play real estate agents so by the 6th minute of the 27 minute show, Drew's character is showing a home to Another bi-racial couple (black woman, white male) and no one demonstrated any oddness with this..

A little later on in the show, the husband goes into a pharmacy where he receives assistance from an Asian girl and 2/3rds into the show, when Barrymore goes to a bar to hang out with her female friends, the multi-cultural dichotomy consists of 2 Asians, 1 Hispanic and the Caucasian woman from earlier...
By this point we turned off the show and gave it 1-star on Netflix' ratings

This is the norm on TV and film folks..

The reality is the vast majority of people of a given race or ethnicity do NOT socialize outside of their group when on their private time and not obligated to

Certainly people will shoot the shit to pass time with others at school or work but the true norm is the vast majority of people marry those who share their same cultural and religious values, do not invite people of different backgrounds to their homes for any reason, and are quite content doing so
Only in television is this PC social engineered world of total garbage Big Brother pushed n' pushed n' pushed upon society until everyone is suffocated n' choked by it, and then ultimately succumbs to the big tolerance indoctrination; the demonstrated zombie-like 'so-what' shrug.

The entertainment industry has always looked upon the masses as essentially idiots with minds of Play-doh for them to mold and shape to conform with their world view and whatever products or ideas they wish to push

Commercials are the most overt, obvious example..

TV and film- not so much..  Remember these actors, directors, writers and producers are professionals at the highest levels of their craft..  They are masters at subtle and overt persuasion.
Entertainment is supposed to be just that..  Entertaining..  A welcome distraction from the stresses, tensions and exhaustions of everyday reality..

 But unfortunately you really have to be both dutifully aware and vigilant of what you and especially the impressionable minded are watching

Nothing is accidental..  Not a single actor choice to play a given role nor decision that a character makes nor a single line of dialogue or the strategic product placements in the foreground and background
And if you watch and constantly feel your values, ethics and morals are not being represented, then that's because:

1) You are socially Conservative and not looked upon by Hollywood with any respect, thus..

2) You are Correct that they see you as inconsequential

We don't know if Trump as President can alter this poison in any way and turn back the clock to when people were depicted on TV and film accurately based on social reality..

But we sure hope so..