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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Synopsis of Exactly WHY the Media and Trump Hate Each Other

As we all know, President Trump and the media deeply despise one another and it will continue as long as he's in office which hopefully will be another 7 years, 11 months..

So that means we all better get used to it..

The question really is 'Why' and we'll try to answer each side as brief and concise as possible so you come out of today's posting understanding clearly where the hate comes from
We start with the President..  Why does he hate the media?

Simply put, they tried everything humanly possible to sabotage his 2016 Presidential election bid, going way beyond objectively critical reporting to choosing to make it their mission to destroy him..

Of course it failed but that was the goal..
It started right at the first GOP candidates' debate which Fox News hosted -- that vile, despicable faux-feminist Megyn Kelly wanted to knock Trump out with one extremely inappropriate question about his views on women

Trump who unlike most politicians is not a coward, basically gave her a verbal punching right to the face and the relationship between the President and media has only soured further..
All the specific particulars during the election do not bear repeating.. You all know what they were..

So that one is easy to understand..

You would loathe and despise any person or entity that spent over 18 months non-stop trying to destroy you and prevent you from obtaining a life goal you were pursuing, so Trump's reactions make perfect sense
But now the focus becomes why does the media hate Trump?

There really is not one reason that is more than any other.. its just a collection of different factors which have been exasperated by the fact Trump the New Yorker does not take shit from people which is been a key to the growth of his business empire

So let's delve a bit..
1)  The media are elitists..  Left.. Right..  It does not matter..   They are all arrogant, snooty, used to controlling things and will not tolerate anyone in the Presidency doing things his way, especially someone they do not respect.

To the media, Presidents may come and go.. They stay..  They're the gatekeeper

They collectively see Trump as a clown.. a carnival barker..  a TV pitchman which is even lower than that of an actor..

Think of Washington DC like an extremely elitist old-money Country Club where all that matters is your pedigree..   Wealth and individual success does not generate respect in this club..

That's how the media establishment like the political establishment see Trump and nothing outside of a major war won or 9/11 x 100 will ever allow Trump to garner any respect or fondness from any of them
2)  He beat the anointed one..  The heir apparent..

Trump beat The Bitch..

Everyone expected Hillary to win..  Even us at A&G and dreaded every moment of the probability of it..

Its been the worst kept political secret that of course never came to be..   When Hillary decided to originally run for NY Senator, we all knew it wasn't to serve others..  It was to spring board the eventual Presidential run
She lost in 2008 but did so to a black man, so it was perfectly OK to them because as we stated before, pandering to colored people 'trumps' breaking glass ceilings for women

But then its 2016..  And now their beloved Queen to be was being challenged by this man, Trump they saw as classless, uncouth, foul-mouthed and just an utter offense to every delicate, dainty sensibility the media possessed..

Since Hillary couldn't seem to defeat him on her own, they'd have to double down then double some more to work to ensure this Neanderthal did not win
3)  Trump is  against every political and social value & belief the media possesses..

Globalism.. Open Borders..  The UN being Supreme power with nation rights gone.. Extreme tolerance for that cult-faith Islam..  A nation where those who work pay for those including welfare and healthcare..  A nation where anyone Caucasian who isn't filled with race-guilt is evil and to be shut up and shit on..

And then add to it, Trump openly attacking their precious chocolate-skinned President as a 'disaster', a Cocoa Krispie monkey who many in the media probably love even more than their own spouses or children and stating he would systematically dismantle Obama's legacy...

You can see from that context how this war against Trump is so personal
4)  To make it even More personal, upon winning Trump calls the major network news heads and senior reporters to Trump Tower and basically tells them directly to their faces they're worthless liars and total garbage..

He even directed his attacks personally at CNN head Jeff Zucker at one point in the meeting..

We don't know too many people who can take such truth-based negativity directed square at them with a smile and a Jesus-like forgiveness, and the media have more fragile egos than even Congresspeople

And at every opportunity, Trump himself doubles down to attack them when they come after him with fake news, non news and purposeful holding back of information that is positive because it goes against their narrative that he's a fake and a failure.
So if you didn't understand already, this contentiousness on both sides is extremely personal and a big reason why no one in our lifetimes has ever seen anything sustained like this..

The media deeply hated Nixon even before Watergate but he pretty much played the polite game, was civil and non-antagonistic and the media responded in kind to a point..

Now the last question that needs to ask is why do networks like CNN and newspapers like NY Times keep up the attacks when it has to hurt their business model?
For instance, during the week of February 13, when looking at ratings of programming between the 7 day 8-11PM time slot, CNN was the 10th ranked cable network with an average of 1 million households watching for at least 15 minutes during the prime time hours...

Fox News was #1 with on average nearly 2.2 million viewers during the same time period

Now as for the Times, even though they refuse to admit their numbers are dwindling, truth is that back in 2013, 1.8 million people subscribed to the Times in some form-- print, digital, etc..

Today it is around 1.2 million..
Blame it on their horribly left-leaning biased coverage or the continued death of the newspaper or anything else you want but that's a loss of 600,000 readers in print and online in just 4 years..

So how do these entities survive financially?

Niche news has niche audiences that are more than happy to devote time and resources to entities that tell them their worldview is right even though it is of course not..

Also advertisers today are extremely scared to offend anyone, and while Conservatives usually do not make a stink when companies or TV/print ads are blatantly offensive such as promoting bi-racial families and homosexual & transgender relations as normal), putrid Liberals do..
That's why shit companies like Kellogg's will pull all their advertising from conservative website Breitbart for instance while still heavily buying TV time and print ads with liberal anti-Trump trash outlets

We said this yesterday.. Say it again today..

Ultimately Trump is going to have to choose to either deal with the parasitic left-leaning media like Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson did or to allow them to run amok like LBJ and Nixon did..

And if Trump does nothing but to stay on present course of tweeting and press conference venting, and think that's the solution, he is looking at one messy Disaster, to use one of his favorite words