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Friday, February 10, 2017

The 'Winning' By Losing Political Party

It feels like its been three months since Trump was sworn in but really it's only been 3 weeks and Trump has already gotten more done and advanced the nation further than Obama in 3 years..

The opposition party, instructed by their extreme liberal base of foaming, rabid yap-dogs seems to want to treat every move Trump makes like it will tear down the country if allowed, and treats every obstruction like a victory

So let's analyse what the Democrats have accomplished so far in 21 days..
Every single nominee Trump has put forth to fill his Cabinet has either been approved or will shortly..

Every single appointee where Congress has legal oversight to approve has done so or will shortly..

Every executive order and action has pretty much been carried out, or in the case of the vetting of Muslim terrorist trash will pass legal muster even if the Supreme Court has to ultimately rule

In addition, barring some skeletons in the current Supreme Court nominee's closet, he will be approved as well with the only drama being how much will Dems try to delay confirmation and will it cost them the power to ever filibustering anything again..
Now when it comes to being an opposition party of spiteful obstruction and gutter politics, well they win all the gold medals

When they can't use procedure tactics to stall or filibuster, they resort to calling people racists like that deplorable cunt Sen Elizabeth Warren did to Sen Sessions of Alabama who was recently confirmed as Attorney General.

She speaks very soft and slow like an elderly librarian but she, like so many in her party is a deviant snake positioning herself for a 2020 Presidential run
The other night before ultimate confirmation of Sessions she decided she would call him a racist and disparage his character and integrity on the Senate floor

But she doesn't do this in her own words based on her own experiences or dealings with Sessions..

Nope..  She seeks out the words of Coretta Scott King, wife of MLK written 31 years ago when she was angry at something Sessions did or did not do

Slander, even when speaking in slow, soft monotonous tones and reading the words of others is still slander and Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader was 100% correct to use Senate rules to shut her up dead in her tracks

Remember this is the same woman who lied about her ethnic background claiming she had American Indian blood line (this is why Trump kept referring to her as "Pocahontas") and who profited off the 2000's housing crisis by flipping houses with her brother which forced property values to artificially inflate then criticized the mortgage industry as if it was 100% their fault for the collapse..
So like a petulant child upset at being put in her place, Warren tweets her anger at being scolded which motivates the left-leaning loons to do everything from make it a gender issue to actually donating money to the bitch (some people have way too much disposable income)

Even worthless piece of vomit, prune-faced Hillary had to get into the act with a tweet of support

Note to Hillary and all the other fugly women who love and adore her:  Yes there Will be a female President one day.. Absolutely correct..  But she will be Conservative and embrace pro-life values.

 Now swallow That!
So if that's what these truly Rotten people of that despicable party call 'victory', they are going to be on the outside politically, completely powerless, toothless and clawless for a very long time..

So expect more protests.. More bitching and complaining..

And yes, expect more violence from the left..

Toward property.. Toward officers of the law..  Toward anyone they see as a threat or cause of their complete Utopian bullshit PC multicultural social progressive dreamworld crashing down
As individuals, Democrats are just like anyone else...  They work, buy things, watch TV, pay their taxes..

As a collective, they become possessed; they become mindless, base animals full of hate for anyone who does not look at the world through their prism..

And with a drop of power they become bullies, intimidators and thugs

Gotta know thy enemy folks - our greatest threat is from within