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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This Day in History: Honoring Washington's Birthday

We were looking at historical events which occurred today, February 22nd and a couple things struck us..

First, that this has not been a kind day to Jewish people..

On February 22nd, 1349, they were expelled from Zurich, Switzerland, in 1775 they were expelled from Warsaw, Poland and in 1941 the evil Nazis started rounding them up in Amsterdam, Holland.

Add to that a bomb attack in Jerusalem by Muslim Arabs in 1948 that killed 50 (Arab Muslims.. Terrorists?  Noo...!) and it would be understandable if any Jewish person did not wish to celebrate today..
Secondly, today is the official birthday of the Republican Party - its first ever National meeting was in Pittsburgh in 1856.  The party was formally called the Whigs but continual political defeat along with fractures in that party over slavery caused it to dissolve in 1852.

Over the last 161 years, there have been 19 Republican Presidents counting Trump..  In the same span, there have been 12 Democrats though to be fair, FDR did serve for 4 terms with of course Truman becoming President in 1945 to finish the 4th term when FDR died..

But of course the most important event that Americans should care about is today is Washington's birthday..
He used to have a official 'day' to himself but because political correctness felt the need to put Martin Luther King Jr on the same level of respect as someone Actually great and who did Far more for the nation than that other..

Well, the guy with dreams who provoked violence and confrontation in the South to get his way got his 'day' to be a government holiday while Washington, one of if not The most Important Americans ever, was shoved in with a bunch of others ranked from good to garbage in what we call 'Presidents' Day'
Wonder what Washington would think of the nation today beyond amazement at the technological advancements and the physical size and scope of the country..

Honestly we can't see Washington being all that happy..

Maybe its a 1700's thing but we just see him being more sickened then pleased..

Washington always believed America should worry about itself and not concern itself with the affairs of other nations when it did not directly pertain to us..

So we don't think he'd be all that keen seeing that the President is now regarded as the most powerful man in the free world and worrying about the rots of the peoples of the globe..
Obviously the black situation would make him disgusted and we can bet the moment he found out gay pretend-marriage was valid in the eyes of the law, Washington would probably instantly throw up..

Not sure what Washington's feelings were on illegal immigration but we can't imagine he would be happy to welcome violent, hate filled people from backwards civilizations that believe in a cult-faith that is 800 years behind the times

And we can't imagine he being too pleased that his beloved home Mt Vernon was now a tourist attraction where tour guides distort and alter its history in their presentations as to be politically correct and sensitive to descendants of slaves
Also wonder how Washington would feel knowing the nation that caused the deaths of thousands of troops that served under him was now our closest political ally

Maybe he'd take some comfort that the US is the Superior in the 'Special' relationship

Bet he'd also be amazed that France, once among the greatest nations in the world is now pretty much 2nd tier, at least militarily
Life, perceptions and attitudes sure change over time don't they..

Popular views of the day that the vast majority believed suddenly becomes 'incorrect' or 'racist' later in time..  Allies become enemies..  Enemies become friends..

Just think.. A couple hundred years from now, people could look at the period we live in today and think 'Amazing how much of complete Worthless Idiots those Democrats were - no wonder the Party collapsed and dissolved!' as Trump is possibly looked upon in the future as among the greatest Presidents ever

Maybe in two centuries blacks will officially take over the world and subjugate 'whitey' just like the Caucasian race-guilters and the militant BLM garbage dream..

Or maybe 2217 will be like it was in 1807..  Who knows..
It's all a pendulum really..  That's what history is..

The technology, clothing and hairstyles change but not much else..

We would like to think that even though Washington would look at 2017 America and the modern political/social mindsets of at least 50% of the nation with complete revulsion (psst, they're called liberals), that he still would not regret the sacrifices he made as General then President to ensure we had a nation which would flourish and grow...
So we honor George Washington on his birthday..

He was a man far Superior and Important to this nation Dr King or any other Black History figure shoved down our throats during this month ever was or could be..

A man deserving once more of his own special government observed holiday

Hopefully in the future, the situation among the two will be properly rectified.