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Monday, February 27, 2017

Trump & the Media - Reaching A Fork in the Road

Let us start today's posting by imagining just for a second a fantasy scenario..

That President Trump, having been thoroughly sick of the purposely lying and intentionally distorting media issues an executive order entitled "Arrest and Imprisonment of Irresponsible Newspaper Reporters and Editors"

And in this Order, Trump believing these press people are hurting the nation and causing aid & comfort to our enemies abroad, directs the military to arrest and imprison such individuals, while holding them without due process as long as the President sees fit..
So how would you feel about that?

Would you still like/love Trump or turn you against him?  If you hate Trump, would you hate him even more?

He'd probably be vilified for all of history, right?
Then again a former President did exactly this among other un-Constitutional and illegal actions during his time in office that crushed the Bill of Rights under his foot and yet all is forgiven; everyone to this day just loves and idolizes the man

Many cities and schools and streets are named after him. there's this big Monument in DC erected in his honor and his ugly face adorns both our paper money and coinage.

Yes.. we're talking of the 'great' Abraham Lincoln.
The executive order to which we referred earlier was dated May 18, 1864.

It was in response to a forged proclamation published in the newspapers the New York World, and the New York Journal of Commerce (both no longer in existence) where supposedly Lincoln called for 400,000 fresh troops, and purposed to raise by an "immediate and peremptory draft," whatever quotas were not furnished on the day specified.
This official Order stated (paragraph breaks and 'bold' text is from us):

"Whereas there has been wickedly and traitorously printed and published this morning in the New York World and New York Journal of Commerce, newspapers printed and published in the city of New York, a false and spurious proclamation purporting to be signed by the President and to be countersigned by the Secretary of State, which publication is of a treasonable nature, designed to give aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States and to the rebels now at war against the Government and their aiders and abettors..
You are therefore hereby commanded forthwith to arrest and imprison in any fort or military prison in your command the editors, proprietors, and publishers of the aforesaid newspapers, and all such persons as, after public notice has been given of the falsehood of said publication, print and publish the same with intent to give aid and comfort to the enemy; and you will hold the persons so arrested in close custody until they can be brought to trial before a military commission for their offense. 

You will also take possession by military force of the printing establishments of the New York World and Journal of Commerce, and hold the same until further orders, and prohibit any further publication therefrom."
Absolutely amazing how little people know about Lincoln other than the simplicity of 'Great Emancipator'

Lincoln stomped on both the 1st and 5th Amendments and he is beloved for eternity; If Trump did this to the even more diabolical media today, people would seek to give the President the Louis XVI treatment..

When it came to winning the war and getting any of his policies through, Lincoln believed that "with public sentiment nothing can fail; without it, nothing can succeed."

So in essence, the means justified the end.
Now let's look at moment at the opposite approach to dealing with the media i.e. the LBJ and Nixon way..

Both Presidents pretty much left the media, which was obviously by the 1960s TV as well as newspapers alone to do as they wanted and in the process worked in a calculating manner to present the Vietnam war in the most negative possible light

Every report gloomy.. Every interview with a grunt soldier was bleak or despondent..  Every day the message was 'Why are we even here?"

And it beat down hard on the spirit of everyday Americans over time to such an extent that the soldiers were for the first time (and hopefully only time) looked upon with repugnance as murderers and baby-killers and came home to no parade of honoring of any kind..
Fortunately starting with President Bush 41's operation of the Gulf War in 1991, the Pentagon took a much more controlled policy as to what access the media could have and what they could report so not aid the enemy

When dealing with a hate-filled media used to being in charge of framing & molding the news to fit their ideologies, eventually Trump is going to have to decide if he wants to be like Lincoln or like LBJ & Nixon

Tweets and press conference vents really are not enough anymore..

In ending this posting, we thought we'd spend a couple sentences on last night's Academy Awards

The blacks sure were happy--  Both supporting awards and Best Picture..

Then again, since they have such a deep inferiority complex as a race, we can imagine many were unhappy they did not sweep all categories..
'Moonlight' won..  A film that has grossed domestically a pathetic $22 million meaning no one wanted to bother to see a film about gay blacks which fits all the criteria of Academy voters - pushes a social issue or cause and no one wants to see it..

And if a film is supposedly good enough to be a Best Picture winner, how does it not win Best Director or Actor..

Or maybe the film really wasn't that good; that 'La La' Land should have won since its Director and leading actress already had..

Or maybe 'La La' just wasn't black enough and wouldn't make up for all those blacks bitching and complaining like spoiled children last year..

Who knows.. Who cares..