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Friday, February 3, 2017

Trump's Two-Week Report Card Grade

Time certainly flies doesn't it..

Today is technically day 15 of Trump's Presidency with at least another 1,446 to go, and hopefully if it turns out to be 8 years, another 2,907 days left..

Tell that stat to all your Democrat lovers, family and/or friends
Last we graded Trump which was after 4 days we believe, he received a grade by us of an A- which is not super-excellent but nonetheless a pretty gaudy mark..

So have we altered our grade?  Will it now be A or A+?  Or did we lower it to B?

Honestly, based on everything he's done so far in office, we give him a solid A which is an improvement from A- but not quite A+
There's so much we're very pleased about, there isn't enough time to list it all..

We love the Supreme Court nominee, agree 100% with the stance he is taking with Mexico, and fully support the decision to temporarily halt Muslim immigration for a period of 90 to 120 days until the vetting process can be updated..

We are admittedly disappointed that the list of banned nations does not include Saudi Arabia since every person involved and/or responsible for 9/11 was Saudi Arabian, so there's valid cause to add them to the list
Ultimately we assume the Saudis were not barred for political-economic or other strategic reasons and have to assume or hope Trump knows what he's doing..

 It will look Terrible if another tragedy ever befell our great nation and it turned out the perpetrators were once more from that culturally backward nation.

So this was a big reason we couldn't give Trump an A+..

But back to the positives...
We think its great that Trump is taking a hard-line approach to sanctuary states and cities, and threatened to intervene in Chicago if they don't make a sincere effort to cut down on their murder rate, the Vast Majority being black on black killing.

Probably the best thing Trump has done thus far outside of continually keeping his word by fulfilling his campaign promises, is send political Democrats and their despicable base of hardcore political-correct zealots into a complete mental breakdown

He is employing the basic military strategy of divide and conquer brilliantly..
Let's take the current Supreme Court nominee selection Neil Gorsuch as a good example:

A few years ago he was approved unanimously by the Senate to be a US Circuit Court judge..  Yesterday, those soulless Democrats refused to meet and talk with him just like children would, and seems intent to filibuster so to placate their political base of rabid, mindless hate dogs..

So what's the outcome of all this going to be?

Well unless there is truly something terrible in Gorsuch's closet, he will absolutely-positively get approved eventually so don't even fret that one..
 The real Q's are:  How long will it ultimately take for confirmation, and will the Dems ultimately spite their nose to save their face?   We will explain..

It used to be for all Federal judges on all levels, the minority party could be obstructionists and use filibuster from letting the vote on a nominee hit the Senate floor  (you need 60 votes to break a filibuster whereas only 50 votes are needed to confirm since VP breaks ties)

Then a few years ago former Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D) used the 'nuclear option' to forever prevent that tactic to be used on lower court nominees so Obama could get his selections approved quicker, thus forcing a straight up-down vote to get to 50 Senators approving..
Filibuster still remains in effect for Supreme Court nominees but a precedent was established..  If the Dems keep fucking around with stall and delay tactics, the same 'nuclear option' will be used on them and since every Republican thus far has expressed support, Gorsuch would be a shoo-in

The fallout for those bastard Democrats would be that if/when that rotten liberal woman, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg announces her retirement or dies (she is currently 83yrs old), then Trump can get someone even more conservative and the Dems would be powerless and completely impotent to stop it..
Trump has put the enemy party in a bind -- Do they go to war and take a Custer-like stand to stop a nominee who is heavily respected, admired in all corners, will get approved anyway, and end up where Dems in the Senate lose the only power they retain...

Or do they let this nominee pass with minimal resistance, retain their filibuster for future nominees but appear to their base as spineless cowards against Trump, a man they so deeply irrationally hate?

That's divide and conquer, folks..

So much has been done in such a short period of time with so much more left to do..
If Trump keeps this up, he could ultimately be both the most despised person in modern US political history, especially since its white-guilt PC liberals who tend to write the history narratives and yet Trump could also end up being the Greatest President since FDR..

All we can say is Thank God the election turned out as it did and we hope in a couple more weeks if Trump stays as he is, that grade will change that A to A+..

Enjoy your weekend..