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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Why We Exist & What The Globalist End-Game is

For today's posting, we start with two simple questions:

1) Why does A&G exist?

2) Why after nearly 6.5 years and 2100+ postings without taking in advertiser revenue or asking a single penny from readers, do so many continue to follow us with readership continually growing in spite of the fact we do not self-promote in any way outside of the confines of our blog?
There are millions of political blogs out there we're sure..

To answer the second question first, we believe is starts with the fact that A&G is Extremely blunt; we pull no punches especially on issues/topics that people think about but just aren't able to communicate outwardly in this oppressive n' suppressive PC society

We're also extremely honest - for instance we have never once pretended to hide the fact we've been Trump supporters since he first through his political hat into the ring in 2015..

That said, if we disagree with him, we won't hesitate to criticize as intense as need be as warranted
When it comes to political parties, we really do hate both since with few exceptions, they equally look at populism as a dirty word, and everyday people as dirt, especially everyday white people.

This mindset is not something new.  The Federalist Party of John Adams' day looked upon the common man as ignorant trash unable to know what was ultimately best for them.

Our first Treasury Secretary, that parasite Alexander Hamilton represented the mindset that still pervades most of government today

“The people are turbulent and changing,” (Hamilton once) declared. “They seldom judge or determine right.” They must be ruled by “landholders, merchants and men of the learned professions,” whose experience and wisdom “travel beyond the circle” of their neighbors.
So never assume because we embrace Trump that we embrace Republicans..

Yes they are superior to Democrats on social issues because  so many liberals are morally bankrupt and yes it seems everyone from Chuck Schumer to Elizabeth Warren are power hungry, evil and despicable to the core..

But ultimately deciding which is the better Party that is like debating which is better to contract - gonorrhea or syphilis

So whether we make you happy, mad, excited or pissed, at least you are thinking which is ultimately why to answer the first question, we do what we do...
Very few sites including mainstream news seek to engage people and provoke people to be more understanding if not involved in the world they live in..

The simplest and clearest analogy we can use is that the world we all live in is really no different than the concept of the film 'The Matrix'..

There is an actual System in place..
It is not a man or 'the man' as much as it was constructed a long time ago where very few are in complete total power and control while every so often there's little tinkering at the top to adapt to whatever minuscule changes occur generation to generation..

A lot of it has to do with global finance, and that comment is not in any way an anti-Semitic reference since all bankers of all colors, creeds, backgrounds and beliefs ultimately make money their God

And from the global finance comes the need for globalization and one-world; a place where all the people around the globe look at their nation of origin as merely states, while the UN is the ruling body, like Florida or Utah look at Washington DC and our President & Congress.
If those who control the System have their way, and they've sure progressed quite a lot over the last 28 years, we would all ultimately have one global currency, much like how the nations of continental Europe who are part of the EU gave up their currencies to accept the Euro

And from that, a global VAT (value-added tax) and global passport with open borders where anyone could travel anywhere and not have to be vetted to determine if they constitute a danger, much like someone travelling from one US state into another..

That's why so many leftist globalist filth are passionately anti-wall in Mexico as just one of many reasons they despise and fear the America-First movement..

A global New World Order means global law which would trump Federal laws, global medical coverage standards, the wealth of every prosperous nation going to the poorest with the UN distributing much like how our government gives Federal funding to all the states..
Environmental standards, how education is taught, ending wage disparities so American workers are paid as low as Vietnamese and Haitian people.. Everything centralized globally..

No one nation's history, culture or traditions having any more specialness than another, and everyone ultimately become a genetic melting pot of 50 shades of brown.

We'd ultimately be like Star Trek but without the teleporters and colorful aliens from distant worlds. (Remember the USS Enterprise is United Star Ship, not United States Ship..)
A&G originally came into existence back in September 2010 to warn people about the dangers of Obama and the Federal Reserve, and how everyone was left out of the so-called 'recovery' except the 1%; topics the media did not wish to cover since they were equal whores to Obama and corporations.

We had hoped that a Trump victory could mean we could take a breather and start focusing less dangerous concerns than the Obama years but its abundantly clear by the reaction to the election by those fuck snowflakes and zealous left loons, the fight might be even more furious now than ever before

 Like us, love us or loathe us, A&G is not going anywhere anytime soon
Over the coming four years, we're not going to be interested in whether some tax cut is passed or whether a trade deal with some other country is good or bad

We're going to be focused on bigger issues and the continuing war in this nation between Trump and liberals that we can honestly see getting pretty violent by this summer if they keep up the intensity and treat every interaction with the President as WWIII

Ultimately the millions who supported Trump are going to have to stop being so passive and get into the fray..  with boycotts, protests, yelling and screaming in liberals' faces and employing the same intimidation tactics as they've been using the past few decades..
You don't think our PC police state just happened out the blue?

No, it happened in a void..

Let's just hope President Trump possesses the streak of revenge and vindictiveness needed to put down those people on the other side..  Otherwise, we're looking at a very brutal 4-8 years for our nation.

Life continues and we continue...