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Monday, March 20, 2017

Trump: A Critical but Fair Two-Month Report Card..

Today marks two full months since Trump was inaugurated and since we gave him grades after two weeks and one month, we might as well do it for 60 days in office..

As we've stated often, we support Trump and have since he announced he was running for President back in 2015 but that does not mean we are suck-ups either..   

Where we feel there's warranted criticism, we will express it with of course the difference between us here at A&G and say the Crap News Network (CNN) is that we aren't doing it with sadistic glee and a desire to see him fail

Quite the opposite.. 
If we had to think of one word to describe Trump's Presidency thus far, it would be this:


It is just all over the place, with no clear contingency strategies when things do not go as planned, and he is just too easily distracted by people and things that really have little to no importance

The best example of this is the executive orders he has signed trying to block people from certain countries until a more efficient vetting procedure is in place
Let's give the benefit of the doubt that being a political novice, he did not expect the 9th Circuit Court in Washington State to block his first directive..   So what happened immediately afterward?

Well because the Supreme Court is 4-4 until his nominee is confirmed, it meant he could not take his appeal there because a tied vote would mean the 9th Court's decision was upheld..

So realizing there was no friendly court available to overturn the decision, Trump withdrew the first order and a couple weeks letter signed what he called a watered down version..
The question then becomes, "Why now?!"

Why not wait until late spring or early summer when his appointee gets confirmed, Then put the order into effect, knowing that any Circuit Court that appealed, he ultimately would get a victory by having it overturned 5-4?

It is called lining up your ducks in a row..

In the first year of law school you're taught never ask a question of a witness to which you do not already know the answer..  Never let yourself be blindsided or unprepared to where you can not follow up and re-direct questioning
This Presidency so far is just not thought out..  It is impulsive decision making from someone used to simply getting his way as CEO of a corporation

And it is really too much too soon.. a 4 year agenda of campaign promises packed into the first 100 days.

Then let's look at the diplomatic situation involving North Korea
Trump's Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson stated last Friday that basically diplomatic strategies were at an end and everything was on the table including the option of a preliminary strike

Seriously?  On North Korea?   

A preliminary strike on a nation run by a dictator who unlike Saddam or Ghaddafi actually Has nuclear weapons?  

Why say it openly and so cavalier?   Hasn't any consideration been given 2 or 3 steps ahead as to what their reaction might be to a strike or how it would effect the world?
Everything has consequences especially at that level and words have meaning..  Unless eventually shown otherwise, the perception just seems to be that he's making decisions without any forward thinking

It reminds us of a military General just itching for a fight so he sends masses of troops to meet the enemy so he can get this big overwhelming victory while not taking the time to focus on the logistics of how to get troops from A to B or how they are to be fed or supplied or given proper munitions or what happens next if the enemy doesn't fight exactly as planned..

Kind of like the potential for a political version of Napoleon in Russia

All that matters is the moment and when the slightest deviation occurs, that General is not prepared or capable to make adjustments
We hope Trump proves us wrong  because none of our criticisms are made with happiness but right now that's what we're sensing because this is how it is appearing..

We also can not stand how much race, gender and ethnicity pandering Trump is doing..  It is both disgusting and pathetic..

Can't think of any other President whether Dem or Rep who has gone out of his way to kiss the asses of so many groups of people that hate him..
The other day yours truly was driving home and the car in front had some bumper stickers.. One was the LGBT rainbow flag and the other was a sticker that said 'Love Trumps Hate'

Think he or she will ever change their view of the Donald?    So why bother??

Besides, lets be honest.. it was white working men that overwhelmingly supported Trump more than any other group and got him into office

Think Trump will ever honor them openly?
The last big criticism of Trump we have thus far is quite frankly, he bitches too much on things..

We don't mind venting..  We just hate bitching..

So what's the difference?

When you complain about things you can not control or are out of your hands, like bad weather, a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, why it costs so much to buy a home, etc.. that is venting
When you complain about things in life you Can control in some way like the price of movie tickets (you can always rent a movie at home instead)  or nothing ever good on the car radio (you could listen to CDs or just plug in your iPad), that is bitching..

And when it comes to things like the news media and SNL, Trump as the most powerful man in the free world Does have the power to make life hell for these entities if so choosing

He just chooses to play victim and gain sympathy points among a lot of his base..
There are ways a President can punish media without necessarily going the Lincoln route of shutting down their offices and arresting publishers and writers

He can prevent them access when giving news conferences and daily press briefings..  

He can deny them access to travel on Air Force One when he goes places to deliver speeches or meet with leaders..  

He can direct everyone working under him to not publicly grant any interviews or respond to any questions (and fire anyone who talks to unfriendly media off the record)
Trump also if he wanted could direct Congress to adopt legislation that breaks up media monopolies so that there were limits on how many TV or radio stations a corporation may own (something that was in place until scumbag Bill Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act allowing this media behemoths to exist

He could also severe arm-twist NBC and parent company Comcast to either take SNL off the air or at least push considerable pressure upon them to change the tone of the skits so not so vicious and hateful

As said before, Trump just chooses to bitch
So because of all this, we are forced to give Trump a borderline grade of B- to C+ for his first two months in office..

He's done many great things thus far but there is a lot of room for improvement because right now things just feel very disorganized and lacking any cohesion or the sense things are thought out in regard to strategy or contingency..  

And if Trump thought the rejection of his second vetting order by the same 9th Circuit Court (this time in Hawaii) was unfair and unexpected, just wait until all the appeals over his overhaul of Obamacare
Those pieces of garbage on the left have enough made-up fake things to go after Trump (Russia & Putin for one) without him giving the enemy any additional ammunition..

We hope by the next report card period, we can give Trump a much higher grade..

It's still early but perception can quickly become reality