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Friday, March 24, 2017

A True Understanding of the Hypocritical Left

This post might be a little repetitive especially for those who check in and read us loyally but sometimes it is necessary to really drive important points home

We wanted to take a little time to break down the absolute hypocrisy which are pretty much all liberals, especially in how they treat conservatives and really anyone who does not share their zealous Utopian view of how America should be
They say they want a society that is 'tolerance' toward others yet have none for anyone who thinks their beliefs are wrong

They say they want everyone to 'coexist' and love one another yet feel no love in their heart for those who don't like the direction society is headed and if they had their way, would politically disenfranchise them

They also say they are vehemently against bullying unless of course they are the ones doing it toward someone on the political right or someone of faith
They say through their silly yard signs that 'hate has no home' in their domicile yet deeply Hate and despise Trump with an irrational fury, along with all those who voted for and currently support him

They demand all the protections of the 1st Amendment when they scream how Trump is a Nazi and a fascist dictator during their George Soros-funded protests yet want to censor any and all speech they deem 'hate' based on their limited definition of the word

On and on..
Truth is these people on the left are insincere, disingenuous phonies worthy of a good spitting on the face

Tolerance and the notion of coexistence means you do it for All people, not picking and choosing some vs others..

It means you accept blacks and whites and gays and straight and every other group, and one is not made to be superior or given more power than another

It means you Also accept those who do Not accept blacks and whites and gays, etc..  You treat them with the same respect and dignity as anyone else and tolerate their different points of view as long as they do not cross the line into threats/intimidation, violence or anything infringing upon another's pursuit of happiness
But we don't have honest dialogue anymore on race, gender, sexual orientation or anything else what we all deal with in society day to day

Who knows.. maybe we never have

Not only do we not talk to each other when there's differences, we don't even talk through each other..

We just don't talk...   We don't talk to each other on Anything..
This is because it takes two to tango in a conversation of real depth where those of differing backgrounds and points of view want to make inroads

It means compromises and mutual acknowledgement of being wrong

In this society, when it comes to blacks and white, only whites are wrong and blacks never admit all the areas where they've contributed to the deteriorated state of race relations
Homosexuals never admit or acknowledge their sexual proclivities may be even vile, disgusting and/or immoral to others; there's no desire to try to bridge the divide so straight people can actually stand or understand them instead of this phony-empty PC 'not my concern what two consenting adults do' refrain we all say..

Same with people of different ethnicities and religions who will never admit to the so-called 'WASP' that anything they do has a direct causation to others possibly not liking them

No group is perfect and every group has faults and things about them generally speaking with absolutely irritate the other..

But to use a very crude cliche, liberals seem to think their shit don't stink and that they are morally superior.. Hardly..
Truth is historically speaking, Democrats are the party of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, anti-Semitism and anti-Immigrants..

It was a Democrat President (James Buchanan) who did absolutely nothing to stop South Carolina and other southern states from seceding and mobilizing an army in the months of 1861 before Lincoln took office

It was the Democrat Party who sold their political souls by agreeing to allow the Republican Presidential nominee in 1876 to win the election as part of a grand compromise to end Reconstruction so they could roll back all the rights blacks had been given since war's end
It was a Democrat President (FDR) that turned back the steamship St Louis carrying hundreds of Jewish people of all ages seeking to flee the Nazis, essentially sending them to their ultimate deaths and the same person who put Japanese people in internment camps during WWII

And as actor Robert Duvall once stated when asked how he could be an actor and yet a Republican, "All the atrocities against blacks in the South were committed by Democratic sheriffs."
These liberal Democrat pieces of crap have no moral high ground to stand on..

They have quite a rotten history actually..

So its important to know thy enemy and when comes to liberals and their hypocritical views and actions, they are really completely full of it..