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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Happy March 17th Day...

'Aye, Top o' da mornin to ye!'

Sorry but that's all the Irish we know..  Well that and 'Nobody better lay a' finger on me Lucky Charms!'

So today is St Patrick's Day (or tomorrow if you're reading this before midnight), a holiday specifically meant to honor the Catholic saint Patrick introducing Christianity to the shores of Eire and yet millions upon millions of non-Irish and non-Catholic Americans participate in the celebration..

Maybe its the green beer
You don't see too many Americans getting excited and dressing up for Bastille Day, Anzac Day or Purim

So yes its gotta be the green beer

We have a long history as a nation of celebrating holidays incorrectly; something we've written about before among the 2,130 previous postings over the last 7.5 years

Take Valentine's day as an example..
A Christian holy priest (St. Valentine) was executed on Feb 14, 270 AD because he defied then-Roman emperor Claudius by performing marriages so he was arrested, beaten to death then had his head cut off

How romantic..

We wouldn't mind the holiday if the name was changed to something more accurate like 'Hallmark Day' or 'Spending $$ To Get Sex Day'

And of course we celebrate the death of US soldiers every May with BBQ's, trips to the beach and lots n' lots of auto racing on TV

You get the point..
~ Aye... Total class she is..  Anyone get her number?

We read somewhere that some non-Irish and non-Christians celebrate St Paddy's Day because it symbolizes celebrating all immigrants to our shores, and another article said we celebrate it because we're a happy people who look for any reason to have a party..

We still say its the green beer

Americans really Should be celebrating Columbus Day as the non-official holiday of immigrants  to this beautiful land because if it was not for his discovery of the New World, none of the lives we so much enjoy here would be happening right now

And a Europe with no USA existing to stop the evil Nazis from winning WWII would be a truly sickening experience to live in, assuming you were left alive to do so
So once again, give all the politically correct people you know a good hard slap to the cheek every time they vent academic nonsense about how terrible Columbus was

But maybe the comment on the desire for Americans to celebrate anything without rhyme or reason has validity..

We treat the Super Bowl as more important than Christmas and millions upon millions of people are super-excited about watching the current annual NCAA basketball tournament, a competition where 18-21 year olds play their hearts out for free while the schools they represent reap millions of dollars off their labors
~ Fat Chinese guys love St Patrick's Day Too...

We as a nation would probably be more passionately celebrating the Chinese or Jewish New Years as well if not for the fact both groups really have no interest in outsiders partaking

Add to that the whole Yom Kippur fasting for 24 hours while in fear that God might not let you live another year is not much of an upper, is it?   Can't really make That a green beer and green jello shots event..

Most people haven't a clue about St Patricks Day, much less Irish history, and that goes for people of Irish descent

Here's a good way to test the theory..    Today instead of wearing green, wear lots of orange..
This is a reference originally to a famous military engagement called the Battle of the Boyne which took place on July 1, 1690 where Dutch Prince William of Orange (eventually King William of England) soundly defeated the deposed King James II, ensuring continued Protestant dominance and fierce control over the island for many centuries after..

If no one makes any comment or mention of it and claim to be of Irish ancestry, then you know they know nothing of their past and the only thing Irish about them is their last name

If someone Irish looks at you, wants to confront you and start a fist-fight, then congratulate them on being knowledgeable of their history and proud of their background

Then run as fast as you can...