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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Obama Wiretapping Trump - Cutting Through the Noise

We didn't want to spend too much time writing on brouhaha over the President rightly accusing Obama of spying on him by wiretapping Trump Tower..

But there's so much garbage out there -- distortion, distraction, spin and other noise in media-land by the liberal-zealot media that we wanted to cut through it all to give some undeniable facts
1)  The Attorney General and Justice Department work to serve the interest of the President..

This is Very important to remember..

The President is never kept in the dark about what the Attorney General does  and if the AG displeases the President, he can ask for the AG's resignation, and if not given then outright fire him..

Think of Nixon who during the Watergate scandal, forced the resignation of his AG Elliot Richardson because he would not fire Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox as ordered.  The Deputy AG also resigned.   Robert Bork who then became acting AG complied with Nixon and fired Cox

This brings us to..
2)  It is an indisputable fact that the Justice Department originally sought a FISA order to get permission to wiretap Trump directly back in the summer of 2016.

Now while thankfully it was denied by a judge, forcing the Justice Department to expand its scope in order to get it approved in October, remember what we said a couple paragraphs ago..

The Justice Department does not do Anything the President does not approve

Obama at the very least was made aware of the AG's intention to try to directly wiretap Trump prior to submitting the request to a judge and gave consent OR Obama directly gave the order and the AG obliged

Either way Obama knew

This leads to..
3)  The excuse may have been to seek to uncover if Russia was meddling in the Presidential Election by financing and/or aiding the Trump campaign with their knowledge but that was not the real goal

The goal back in the summer was to wiretap Trump so Obama and by extension Team Hillary could get all the secret information on campaign strategies, objectives, etc so they could beat him in November

Remember, this is the same feces political party that used Donna Brazile who was working with CNN as a mole to acquire all the debate questions ahead of time so Hillary could be fully prepared

Also, when Obama went on the campaign trail, he wasn't stumping for Hillary as much as he was to preserve his legacy, meaning Obama had a vested interest in Trump's downfall
4)  When information was uncovered a few weeks back that then National Security Advisor Michael Flynn talked to the Russian Ambassador on the phone before he was confirmed by the Senate, how exactly did anyone know of this information?

Answer:  Flynn was being bugged while on the phone at...  Yep, you guessed it..  Trump Tower

And the leaker was an Obama loyalist still at the Justice Department or NSA

Remember Trump's phone calls with world leaders made while at Trump Tower were also leaked to the press..  Someone was still wiretapping Trump even After he won the election and the delegates made the vote official
5)  Even the most bitter Trump hating politician and government official has admitted there are no ties between Trump and Russia when it came to supposedly throwing the election, making this all one giant and intentional distraction so to undermine the Trump presidency.

6)  Lastly, everyone on the left is arguing Trump's claims are unsubstantiated..

Now putting aside the argument we present and even the hunger of the left to want to stomp on Trump's head, let's not forget one simple fact that the media doesn't seem to want to mention

The President through his daily intelligence briefing gets access to top secret information that really none of us are privy to so a case could be made that Trump did not find out Obama wiretapped him from a radio talk show host as the left dismissively states, but through his own sources to which are for his eyes only
Perhaps Trump has seen the two FISA applications for the Justice Department to spy on him..  He would be the only one with the legal right to request it and not get turned down or stalled...

Perhaps there is a anti-Obama mole who still works in the Department as a career politician who basically ratted the black rat out?

No one honestly knows but for those bastards on the left, its just beneficial to them to paint Trump as a mentally unstable Tweet-mad loon, and not as a very intelligent, cunning man

So when you get rid of all the clutter.. the political spin and noise from people on TV needing their 15 seconds of fame, you get the facts..
A then-sitting President who deeply hated Trump decided to seek to use his powers to covertly spy on a candidate 4 months before an election under the guise of national security when the real goal was to get as much strategy info and dirt on Trump to make sure he could never win..

 And a then-sitting Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the black bitch who actually met with Bill Clinton on an airplane for an hour before announcing his wife Hilly was cleared of all wrong doing, either initiated the request to spy directly on Trump and Obama approved her idea or simply she did the President's bidding and followed orders.

What else is there to know?