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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Respectful Disagreement on Trump's Tax Plan & 'Here Comes the Robots'

It probably seems lately we've been a bit critical on Trump, a man we actively and openly supported throughout his Presidential campaign and still currently support and want to see succeed

But we stated when he was Inaugurated and re-state now that this is not a Trump butt-kissing propaganda blog

When we disagree with something or feel some disappointment or frustration with a policy or stance, we will express it but unlike mainstream media, our goal is not to destroy the man but rather to see Trump be great
We are very happy overall he's President but when see him constantly pandering to this group and that group, especially when he should be focusing his energies on defeating domestic enemies that seek to destroy him, its frustrating..

In addition, if we had to use political labels to describe our positions on issues of importance that affect millions of everyday people, we would categorize ourselves as socially conservative but economically moderate

So because Trump is very much big business and pro-corporation, and we are the opposite, we're sure that there will be times we express disagreement with his economic policy
We did so the other day when addressing the conundrum of how do you lower the deficit and get spending under control when the policy in play is to lower taxes on corporations, the wealthy and middle class (what we call throwing an appeasement bone) while dramatically increasing Defense spending?

Trump believes strongly in trickle down economics which was Reagan's economic policy..

We believe in the opposite.. a trickle UP where corporations and Wall Street benefit when the standard of living improves for everyday people First
Trump believes that by dramatically lowering taxes for corporations while keeping jobs in the US (that part we fully support), it will ultimately help Americans' standard of living rise

Problem is that corporations are heartless, faceless profit-first, community-second entities who's Sole fiduciary is to benefit its shareholders, no one else including its workforce

And we believe the collective billions these corporations will save in taxes will not go to hiring more workers or increasing salaries of those currently employed but instead go into shareholders' pockets or double down investing in robotics, drones and other automated means to increase production while eliminating jobs
For example, Domino's Pizza will be begin experimenting with pizza delivery automation by using six wheeled self-driving robots that will take food orders to people's doorsteps in Germany and Netherlands

If successful and profitable, expect it ultimately here in the US and one day its bye-bye pizza delivery jobs..
We've also read of fast food restaurants experimenting with full automation when ordering..

You simply walk to a kiosk, select your order, and specific preferences of what you might want on or excluded from your burger, then put the credit card in or apple pay with phone and presto..

No more need for people to take your order meaning less opportunities for teenagers, the elderly, the uneducated and the mentally handicapped to find work
The National Bureau of Economic Research yesterday released a report showing that between 1990 and 2007, when one or more industrial robots were introduced into the workforce, it led to the elimination of 6.2 jobs within a local area where people commute for work.

Wages dropped between 0.25 percent and 0.50 percent per 1,000 employees when one or more robots came into the picture

In addition, within the years studied, robots were responsible for the loss of up to 670,000 manufacturing jobs, a number that could rise as more companies are expected to turn to industrial robots in the coming years
And as stated before, lower corporate taxes means more money for them to invest and experiment with expanding this technology

So if you see us critical of President Trump in the future, remember that unlike 99.9% of the media and those in the political blogosphere who want to eviscerate him personally, our disagreements are not based on hate, anger or a desire to see him fail

Instead it is open disagreement of particular policy and there's nothing wrong with any supporter of Trump to wish he go about things different on certain things
We hope his economic policies bring massive success to the nation including lots n' lots of good paying jobs where many benefit and as a country we're stronger for it

But like everything else in life, nothing ever seems to benefit the little guy (or gal) unless big business benefits first..

And more so..