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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rotten Movies To Pass Time on a Snowy Day

It's Wednesday, we're back and yes that blizzard was as bad as the weather people predicted..

Don't know which is worse.. getting 20" of snow like what was reported in many parts of New York or getting 6" of very wet, heavy snow, the kind that when you shovel feels like you're lifting cinder blocks which is what we got..

We'll its done so we move on
So while recuperating from the exhausting, back breaking shoveling and frigid cold on Tuesday, yours truly decided to rent a few movies to relax the mind as the body was going oww-oww...

First up was 'Allied', the Brad Pitt film set in 1942 where he plays a Canadian spy who falls for a French spy during WWII..

Won't give away details or key plot points because this is not that kind of blog, but I did find it highly curious and extremely troubling that there are 2-3 scenes in the movie where an openly lesbian character who is Pitt's sister is kissing and holding her lover possessively even though she has Absolutely Nothing to do with the story or plot!!
It is not the homosexuality that was bothersome as the fact that the movie treated life in 1942 as if it was 2017 and everyone shared the same mindsets as 75 years ago but with period costumes

There's absolutely no way in hell someone gay could be outwardly affectionate at both a wedding and later on at a party surrounded by dozens of people, most wearing military uniforms who of course didn't appear the slightest bit offended or revolted..

And if straight people in 1942 supposedly looked at open homosexuality with the same tolerance and acceptance as today, then why was homosexuality during WWII a court-martial worthy offense and on one including homosexuals back thenwould even remotely think of the words 'gay' and 'marriage' in the same sentence?

Absolutely Hate historical revisionism in films..
The next film watched did something else quite similar - it was called 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' which was created by JK Rowling the multi-zillionaire who wrote 500 Harry Potter books and now we guess in need of more money, created this series, looking like there will be another 500 sequels just ready to be turned into film

As said before, we won't go into detail with the plot but the film is supposed to take place in 1920's or 1930's New York 

While obviously it is fantasy-fiction since no one really has powers with a wave of a wand, it still is quite a stretch to make a black woman the leader of an international organization of magic, or whatever it was supposed to be
In 1920's- 1930's America a black had pretty much no power over anyone or anything unless it was over other blacks, and if a black tried to demonstrate authority over whites back then, well..  let's just say it would be pretty bad for that person

So that film got stopped pretty soon after that discovery..

Just no fucking idea why the entertainment industry has to continually distort history, even for whimsical or satirical purposes
Everything from the oddly popular Broadway musical 'Hamilton' which had an original casting call saying "no whites need apply" to movies depicting Shakespeare plays where blacks are cast in non-Othello roles that are supposed to take place during the 15th or 16th century

Just maddening how these disgusting liberals get away with it..

And yet notice they never make a historical BS film where say the Confederacy wins the Civil War or the British win the Revolutionary War..    Too taboo?
The last film of this trifecta of tripe I tried to watch was a very silly comedy with James Franco and Bryan Cranston called "Why Him?"  where a avante-garde rich guy in love with a girl tries very hard to impress her normal family

Now I enjoy raunchy, crude and infantile humor with no intellectual redeeming value like the next person..

But something about watching a long scene where 'Dad' is on a toilet seat in a bathroom without toilet paper,  constant references to 'bukkaki' (if you don't know what it is, look it up) and seeing the girl's 15yr old brother do tons of alcohol shots during a party and getting wasted with no repercussions or anyone caring just bothered me a lot and had to stop that film as well..
So much complete garbage out there.. 

Each film and TV program seemingly an absolute endless saturation of social agenda driven messages to blend with all the product placements ("Why Him?" has a ton of that - Ex: There's a scene where the son gushes for 2 minutes about a specific famous hotel chain that is so out of place, you know they paid the studio to have it written into the script)

And it does not seem to matter what political party is in the White House or controls Congress or has a dominant footprint in the Supreme Court..   

The left keeps producing non-stop PC social engineering garbage, and they do it both overt and subtle

Never any fair representation of someone with social-Conservative beliefs, ethics and values, and we're not even talking about how religious Judeo-Christians are portrayed..  Lordy!
What other option is there really if one seeks straight-forward non-agenda driven escapist entertainment? 

Watch faith and morality based G-rated films made on a shoestring budget starting 4th tier actors?  Even that has messages and agendas even if one may agree with some or all of them..

It really makes one appreciate the films of yore; of pure escapism and mindless fun

Who would have thought the shit Hollywood makes today would wax nostalgic about Police Academy and Porky's?!