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Friday, March 3, 2017

Significance of an A-Hole A-Lister Buying An Espresso Machine

It's funny.. the liberal-shit news media..

If you are a supporter of Trump, it really doesn't take much to get one feeling from calm and content to sick to their stomach, violently angry or both..

And it can be the most innocent-seeming, innocuous throw away news item
For instance liberal-idiot actor Tom Hanks gave the White House Press Corps a new espresso machine yesterday and that was treated as 'news'

OK.. 'so what?' you say..

Included in the gift was a note which basically said for them to keep fighting for truth and justice, etc.. then he emphasizes at the end "especially Truth"

Maybe to other Trump supporters, its no big deal but it really set us off because we always look to the bigger picture..

This multi-millionaire liberal prick actor who is one of the most politically outspoken Democrats in Hollywood, that morally bankrupt cesspool of broken dreams, damaged souls and destroyed lives thought he was very clever-clever by doing a subtle dig at Trump

He should have sent over a big bucket of fecal waste to the White House Press Corps instead since they're pretty much all verminous filth
Those people who cover the President sure as shit didn't feel like being truthful during the eight years that nigger was in the White House or coming clean in their behind the scenes direct involvement in evil Hillary's campaign to be elected..

Why does Hanks think bastards will be bastions of Truth now?

But it is these little digs and dings by liberal assholes like Hanks which Trump himself does not see or is aware about but the rest of his supporters are forced to, which is the upsetting part..
So many times we've felt tempted to out-shout liberals to their face or put Trump stickers on those bullshit 'Hate has no home here' signs or just outright stomp on them with forced foot..

And yes, we've felt like close-fisting a few pathetic snowflakes who richly deserved it

But ultimately we like pretty much all Trump supporters are not petty, small, pathetic people like those on the left are

Thus ultimately we just peacefully stomaching it all
However, this nation is getting precariously close to a time when quietly passively tolerating the other side as they still vent out their Trump hate and try to destroy the man, is passing and to use physics term, equal reaction will be needed to respond to their actions of irrationality.

Trump genuinely does not care what the other side says or does..

That's nice..  Presidents seem to have that luxury..

They're insulated from 99% of what goes on in the day to day world we all live in, and the pure unadulterated crap we as Trump supporters have to experience
So ultimately it is going to have to be up to us as individuals and as a group to confront and combat this scourge; to out-yell them.. out-yard sign them (maybe a sign that says 'My side won.. Take the Pain!').. out-protest and out-boycott any famous person, news agency or corporate entity that crosses the line

Trump Should be getting even..  But he won't

He will bitch and complain on Twitter and this speech and that press conference and it will be less and less feared by anyone..

Trump will make himself into a paper-clawed whiner if he's not careful..
We said this before... Will say it again..

Trump needs to be fiery, aggressive and Extremely Vindictive when it comes to the media and the hard core leftists especially in the entertainment industry who possess particularly among the young and ignorant, a dangerous level of power and influence

If yours truly was President, I would state publicly that my administration would not go after people who break copyright law concerning the copying and distribution of movies, TV and music until the industry basically shuts the hell up and stops trashing my Presidency..
Would it have an impact?

You bet your tush-tush it would..

According to a recent study by the MPAA in late 2016, the movie industry globally lost $6.1 billion due to piracy.   The music industry continually loses hundreds of millions annually..

That is the entertainment industry's Achilles heel..  Hit them in the wallet..

I also would sabotage any and all deals involving foreign purchasing of US based entertainment corporations..
A President with the guts and courage to hit them There in the pocketbook would effectively quiet the people in film business and stop smug anuses like Tom Hanks and arrogant cunts like Meryl Streep from middle-fingering the President so open and disdainfully.

There's always going to be liberal zealots in that cesspool profession who will spew Trump-hate till their dead, but collectively, that's how you get that industry to toe the line
Historically, the greatest enemies this country ever had to deal with came from within..

Secessionists..  Anarchists..  Communists..

Now it is Democrats..
Liberals are more dangerous a threat to America than ISIS

How can we possibly say this?

ISIS does not live among us as our neighbors, co-workers and teachers of our children..

They don't have continual access to TV, film and music to propagandistically distort our worldview
No member of ISIS to our knowledge works in the White House Press Corp though it often seems as such..

They are not elected members of Congress with the power to delay cabinet appointments, filibuster Court nominees or sabotage Trump's agenda to improve the nation..

Also no member of ISIS could have gotten elected President then serve two terms while systematically dismantling and destroying the nation from within as the little brown monkey did..
We have some very bad people living among us and somehow we who support Trump and love America have to unify, organize and counter-attack the liberal with double the intensity and harshness as they do..

Unfortunately Trump himself is not going to do it..

Hope he proves us wrong..