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Monday, March 27, 2017

Sincere Longing For A Return of Trump the 'Bastard'

In today's posting we're going to keep it simple and sweet..

When we voted for President Trump this past November we wanted certain things of him and little of it had to do with actual policy

We did not care one way or another about health care because as stated last week, as long as one person who earns a living is obligated to get insurance whether he/she wishes so to pay for someone else, that is socialism-communism

So as long as that aspect remains, any and all other adjustments mean nothing to us
We also did not care about lowering taxes because while it sounds great to pay less, currently the nation spends $591 million more annually than it brings in

So lowering taxes while not lowering spending in kind means greater deficit and that means less $$ to states and local governments who need Federal money to survive..

And we absolutely are against the lowering of corporate taxes because most of those profits will not go to job creation but rather to shareholders.    Plus many corporations today are social-progressive liberal and use their influence to try to mold public policy in that direction
We also didn't care about building a wall..

We're all for keeping illegal immigrants from entering the nation but there's so many illegals still here that also need to be forcibly removed and we're not just speaking of the criminal element

Businesses that are caught using undocumented workers need either harsher penalties imposed or to be forcibly shut down so to discourage others

And we sure as shit did not want a race-panderer as President because we already have had that for decades and all that black ass kissing and ball-licking has not improved race relations one bit

In fact the opposite..  It just emboldened the enemy
So why did we vote for Trump and actively support him over 18 months?

Before we begin to answer that, we hope you the reader ask yourself the same question (assuming you did vote Trump) and then privately assess in an honest way if he's done or seems like he will do what you seek of him

For us, the first thing we wanted out of Trump was for him to be the exact same person as President who strongly and aggressively put down that vile bitch Megyn Kelly during the first GOP candidate debate back in early 2016

An aggressive bastard (we say that in a very positive way)
We got a small glimpse of the Trump we love during that famous press conference dressing down of the press a month ago

But now that he's essentially the most powerful man in the free world, we want to see That specific Trump go after the media, take down SNL and all the entities we've discussed here ad nauseum with sincere Fury, doing everything legally to make those mindless animals come to heel

So all that we've written about often so let's move beyond it..
We also want Trump to crush the Koch Brothers funded establishment wing of the Republican Party.. Garbage like that cadaver John McCain and his butt-buddy Sen Lindsay Graham of SC.. who spew more hate about Trump in interviews than they ever did with that colored bastard who preceded him

Maybe this can not truly happen until mid-terms when he's out on the campaign trail but if Trump does not start getting some political victories under his belt soon, even his most vocal congressional supporters will not seek his endorsement in 2018

And if Trump thinks he can't get anything done now, just wait until those soulless pieces of shit Democrats take back the House and/or Senate
This specific Donald Trump whom we see speak every day in speeches and meet n' greet sessions on CSPAN and online is not the person we excitedly supported all throughout that long, grueling election

We wanted a fighter.  An attack dog..

We wanted a sharp-toothed, acid-tongued, cruel as necessary, vicious, dangerous pitbull who would really fight to 'drain the swamp' and even More importantly, take whatever steps necessary to completely alter this PC social-progressive direction the society continues to be navigating

Once again.. We wanted the same bastard candidate who continually put down Hillary as the rancid corrupt cunt she was/is to be the Same person as President!
If yours truly was President, I would do everything humanly possible to fight political correctness and social liberalism starting with the Supreme Court challenging of the legal validity of gay marriage seeking to forever overturn it and force them back into partnerships

And once and for all decide if we were to be a nation that was pro-life or pro-killing of fetuses, and do so once I got my Supreme Court choice approved to ensure I would get my 5-4 court victories
I as President would also work with Congress to completely dismantle the Telecommunications Act signed by Bill Clinton which allows a few mega-corporations to own dozens of TV channels and hundreds, if not thousands of radio stations across the nation

At the very least, I would make the possibility of such a law passing be so possible that I would get these corporate owners to put their own foots on their news agencies to report my Presidency fairly, and in the case of Comcast which owns NBC among other networks, force them to cancel SNL or at least push its old-fart producer Lorne Michaels into retirement
As a spite move I'd even get personally involved with what looks to ultimately be another writer's strike in Hollywood except I would side with the producers and crush the writers' union (and any other Hollywood union if opportunity presented) like Reagan dealt with the air-traffic controllers when they went on strike in 1981

I would also push for a law that pulls all Federal funding (grants, student loans, endowments, etc) to any public or private college or university that discriminated against people with conservative points of view including hiring of Professors, guest lecturers, etc

On the K-12 level, I'd work hard to do away with specialized history..  There's no 'black' history or women's history or any other group history..  There is Our history as one nation.. one people..  Period
Most importantly I would set up a major Battle Royale with the Treaury to at least start the process of the eventual dismantling of the Federal Reserve which is nothing more than a parasite; a cancer upon our nation killing its host ('we the people') slowly by being the ultimate puppet master pulling our strings to an ultimate globalized One-World where national identity means nothing

We did not vote for Trump so he could be a typical business-as-usual President or panderer of every race, gender, ethnicity, background and sexual identity (He actually wasted his precious time last Friday celebrating Greek culture for fuck sake!)
With all respect and reference meant, we voted for Trump to be a mean, rotten, aggressive bastard who would treat his enemies (which are also the enemies of the nation) in the manner they deserved

To paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt who once said 'Speak softly and carry a big stick',  Trump needs to 'Tweet viciously and swing that big stick savagely'

If he doesn't start fighting back, begin to really put a serious hurting to his (and the nation's) domestic enemies and once again become the Trump that millions upon millions passionately voted, his Presidency in terms of it mattering will pretty much be over by the summer

Stop being Mr Nice Guy, President Trump and once again be a Bastard..