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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Some Just Can't Adjust to a Man after a Boy

~ Imagining Lady Liberty using her torch to beat Obama upside his head..

It is kind of amazing and a bit nauseating that we are having to write about the same topics in early March as we did all throughout the 2016 election and post-Trump victory through inauguration..

Namely how liberals are by and large a disgusting, cretinous bunch of immature bitches and bastards who are always politically and socially on the wrong side but never have the maturity to admit it, but instead double-down upon their wrongness..

Month after month.. Day after day it is incessant..
These parasitic people with their protests, demonstrations, yard signs, tweet venting and all the rottenness in the media and among the Democrat party who honestly believe if they keep up non-stop pressure, they can destroy Trump and we're guessing force him to abdicate, or have a stroke, or something..

It is ironic in a way..  Didn't that black boy Obama campaign in 2008 on 'Change'?   Wasn't that his slogan..  his mantra...

Well he didn't deliver on his promises because Obama was nothing more than a piece of feces liar more interested in pleasing and appeasing the powers that make up the System while playing divide and conquer when it came to race issues..
So from a boy, we have a man in office who will change things..

And goodness how the powerless are freaked!

Getting beyond the name calling, it is important to understand how a liberal thinks in social, moral and political terms.  Mind you, this does not apply to all liberals but for a good number, it is accurate..
Liberals believe in life --  Well except if that life is growing inside a mother..

Then it can be flushed out of her like a bowel movement the very instant she decides she is tired of carrying it and taxpayers (even those morally against abortion) must pay for it

Liberals also believe that black lives matter and homosexuals and Muslims and criminal illegal aliens..

All lives matter except Caucasians, especially those who are not full of self-hate and those in red state America who are active in their Christian faith
Liberals only believe in one law..  Secular law.  

Natural law i.e. religious teachings, God, the 10 Commandments, the Bible, etc is bullshit to them and responsible for all wars

Liberals however make one exception.. They believe Muslim Sharia law is to be completely tolerated,  respected and practiced openly in our society to the point government can not tell a Muslim who is 800 years behind the times in his/her beliefs, that they are wrong..

They are the only ones who are allowed to beat their women for no reason and treat them like 2nd class citizens, and seek to kill homosexuals and Jews, and never be criticized for it
Liberals believe in open borders so Mexicans & Central Americans can come into our nation at their pleasure to start a new life while milking the system dry and contributing little to nothing back

Liberals also look at the U.S. as too powerful, too dominant, too overreaching and needs to be severely kept in line by a higher power, namely the United Nations.

In other words, to liberals the USA is evil, rotten since inception and needs to be punished every way imaginable for its historical 'crimes' against humanity.

To many liberals, America is no better than Nazi Germany and they would love to destroy this nation from within if they were allowed.
They also believe deeply in one-world globalism where everyone comes together in this Utopian la-la world where no nation is bigger or better or stronger than another, all resources and wealth shared, a common currency, and global taxes on everything

Of course had Obama said he was not interested in being President of the world, but only the US, all these worthless liberal fuckers would have passionately cheered

But since Trump said it, then its xenophobia and racism

It really is amazing how much of what liberals believe is absolute contradictory bullshit
They do not believe a fetus in a mother's womb is life and yet are passionately against the death penalty for monster killers..

Remember, to be on death penalty, you have to commit murder and an additional felony so these aren't nice people we're talking about..

They also have no problem with the law which says when someone kills a pregnant woman, it counts as TWO deaths, not one..
For many, many years liberals were on the side of getting along with the Russians and not doing anything to antagonize them for fear it could lead to nuclear war

Now liberals are blood-thirsty monsters actively seeking confrontation with Putin and doing everything possible to sabotage a working relationship between he and Trump..

During the 2016 campaign, the champion of the ultra left, Bernie Sanders kept saying how the US was getting decimated by our trade deals especially NAFTA and as a result, American jobs, especially those union protected took a heavy toll

Trump says the exact same thing and their response to the President is basically 'F-U!'
When W Bush was in office, liberals were vehemently against the Iraq War, especially the on-going occupation and the incredible cost in money and lives..

When Obama came into power in 2008 and kept the war going, then those same doves turned into hawks and defended every escalation

See the pattern?
Liberals are really delusional, zealous people and willing to hurt and/or destroy anyone or anything to make their pretend world a reality.

We've said this a million times by now and probably another million more before we're done..

The greatest danger to this nation is not Iran or ISIS

It comes from within, they live and work among us and they vote Democrat.

Trump needs to crack down hard on them..  How?  Admittedly we don't have the answer without starting all out civil war but we do know business as usual may lead us to that anyway..