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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

State of Union Recap or 'Villains Wear White'

President Trump had his first State of the Union last night which we thought went quite well, and judging by most fair-minded media feedback, we're not alone in that sentiment..

He was refined.. poised.. clear in message and yet still the Trump we all love..

Trump was truly Presidential
What struck us most during the speech wasn't anything Trump said or didn't say because his themes and worldview have been pretty consistent from the time he first entered the President race back in 2015

What we marveled most at was the lack of positive reaction by the Democrats in attendance, some dressed all in white as if they were saints (Ha!) or with silly ribbons and buttons which meant nothing to no one..

We could understand they not wanting to react positively to Trump mentioning his desire for a wall with Mexico or repeal of Obamacare..

But they by and large did not even want to stand up and applaud things Trump said which are supposed to be universally embraced..
Things like the need for clean water and air, better schools, creating new jobs, getting people out of poverty, improving the inner cities especially in regard to public safety and education, and the need to get harden criminals and drug members off the streets

They just sat there stone faced

Trump early in the speech mentions a task force created last week in cooperation with Canada to help promote entrepreneurship for women including better access to capital so they may achieve their dreams

That fucking disingenuous bitch Elizabeth Warren was shown immediately afterwards giving a feint insincere clap as she chatted with someone next to her and shook her head
Later Trump mentioned the need to eradicate ISIS off the face of the earth

Some bastard Democrats sat stoically at that one too..

When Trump mentioned the establishment of a task force called VOICE which would serve as an agency to respond to US citizens who were victims of violence against criminal illegal alien pieces of shit living among us, they voiced objection

Then a couple minutes later had the sheer Audacity and Gall to stand up with the rest of the Congress to honor the next of kin of victims of such needless loss of life

Basically - 'We feel your pain but didn't want (not still don't want) to do anything to prevent it or other Americans from one day experiencing it..  The rights of foreign born non-citizens matter more than you..'
There is a part of us that want to call last night's State of the Union a real game changer in terms of public perception and increased support for Trump

But we're hesitant to fully express that since most Americans get their news from these deeply dishonest and deviant media outlets, and all one had to do was flip the channels after to see how they covered the speech by focusing on negatives even if they had the scrape the bottom of the desperation barrel to sludge something up..

Trump is 100% correct on the economy..

The so-called recovery of the last 8 years only benefited specific segments of the population likeWall Street, professional athletes and the entertainment industry

Everyone else pretty much has been left out in the cold
Go to to see the numbers for yourself..    Just click the link and really look..

The US population currently is 324.6 million and only 152.2 million in the workforce..

Back in 2000, the population was just over 281 million and yet nearly 155.4 million were in the workforce making it a population increase over 16+ years of nearly 37 million people and yet a workforce decline of 3.2 million citizens!

Back in 2000, 74.9 million were not in the labor force..  Today its over 94 million..  That is a jump of about 19 million
Back in 2000, according to that website, 17.2 million worked in manufacturing..  Today the number is 12.2 million, a drop of 5 million, many of which provided a good living to people who did not necessarily need the racket of a college degree to support themselves and their families..

A new home back in 2000 averaged around $162,000... Today it is nearly $311,000 and yet median income has only increased by about $1,200!

On and on..  

And those fucking Democrat Obama loving parasites refused to even stand up and applaud Trump stating he wanted to get people truly working again??!
One last statistic before we go..

Back in 1913, the US government spent what amounted to $6.69 as a dollar to citizen ratio and $345.69 as a dollar to New US citizen ratio..

Today the government spends $2,531 as dollar to citizen and a whopping $361,432 as dollar to New citizen..
So the nation is truly a mess and while Obama didn't cause a lot of it, he sure contributed his fair share to the problem

And now Trump has to clean up the mess of that monkey and the rest of that rotten political party which caused a lot if it..

So probably best they didn't stand up and clap.. Made it easier for Americans to see that in Washington, villains wear white..