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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Statistics Don't Lie.. Only Democrats Who Spin Them..

Today is one of those posts where we throw a lot of numbers at you and if you're not into math or statistics, then a lot of this will just be a mental gloss-over and none of it will seep in

So we ask you read this post a little slower than the others so you can digest the numbers we will be providing and it will help you to clearly understand where the nation is at right at this very moment without all the fake-news spin
In yesterday's post we gave some cold hard statistical facts comparing 2000 to the present in terms of population growth, job loss particularly in manufacturing, large increases in home valuations and minuscule growth of annual wages..

All the info was care of a very good website called

They also provide comparisons between years so we thought we'd point out where we are today early morning March 2nd, 2017 vs where the nation was statistically on March 2nd 2009, one month into the Oreo cookie's Presidency..
On this day in 2009 the national debt was $9.84 Trillion

Today as of this posting, it is at $19.98 Trillion

That dark skinned nothing of a man that all the liberals just love to death caused the national debt to increase by a little over $10 Trillion dollars in 8 calendar years!

Now when 'Mr Cool' started in the White House, Federal spending in 2009 was $2.8 Trillion while all the taxes the government took in added up to $2.5 Trillion, meaning we spent $300 billion more than we took in

At this moment, the Federal spending figure is at $3.9 Trillion and we're collecting $1.6 Trillion in taxes meaning we're spending now $2.3 Trillion More than the tax revenue coming in!

That's why as much as we like & support Trump, the idea of dramatically cutting taxes on corporations and middle class while dramatically increasing military spending in this economic climate is just nuts..
The US debt per citizen 8 years ago this moment was $32,422 and the US debt per taxpayer was $91,347

Today at this moment it is $61,557 per citizen and $166,751 per taxpayer

79.5 million people were not in the labor force 8 years ago..

Today the number is 94.3 million

Not sure how those rotten liberals can call Obama a jobs creator when 14.8 million more people now vs then are without a job
37.7 million people lived in poverty on this day 8 years ago when that phony brown monkey took office..  Today the number is 42.6 million

Under Obama and the failed Democrat party, 4.9 million more people are living in poverty than less a decade ago

In addition food stamp recipients have increased from 29 million to 42.6 million (that's a jump of 13.6 million, many of them being illegal immigrants who entered our open borders over the last 8 years)
Now here's something interesting which we keep pointing out in our postings but otherwise never gets mentioned

Ever wonder why US politicians and the Treasury is so insistent that we never default on our debts?

It has nothing to do with pride or honor..

It is because the #1 holder of US debt is the US itself..  More specifically, the Federal Reserve
Let's look at the national debt at this moment which as we said earlier is at $19.98 Trillion..

So, how much of it do you think it held by foreign nations who loaned us money over the years?

Answer:  $5.9 Trillion and of that, 25% of China meaning when you hear everyone blaming China, they hold only $2 Trillion or thereabouts of our nearly $20T debt

Subtract the $5.9T from the $19.98T and that means US interests are holding onto $14.08 Trillion of our debt.. And counting..

So now you know why ultimately the debt ceiling is always raised in spite of all the tough talk by some in Washington of 'line in the sand' and all that good stuff..
One last stat before we go..

You hear a lot about our national debt which keeps climbing. but there is also our total debt as a nation which includes what it called 'entitlements', pensions, personal debt, student loans, mortgages, individual credit card debt, etc..

Back on this date in 2009, it was $50 Trillion

Today our total outstanding debt is $67 Trillion

So we are a debtor nation with a debtor citizenry and a debtor mindset
Last night's speech by Trump was wonderful but now comes the difficult part and its not just dealing with evil Democrats saboteurs and heartless establishment Republicans who would love to gut Social Security and Medicare if they could

The hard part is making all the number work within the reality of the economic situation this nation is in which frankly is much worse than even Trump is letting on..