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Thursday, March 16, 2017

"That's Democracy For You!"

We like listening to President Trump speak..

Whether it be through speeches, interviews or through Twitter which is a short-form way of 'speaking'..

 It is actually a great way to bypass the biased, intentionally anti-Trump distorted news and especially all the talking meat sticks who appear on cable news to give their meaningless two-cents

Just go on YouTube and keyword 'Trump' and 'speech'..  
There's really only one thing we ever consistently object to when Trump delivers his messages on policy agenda or seeking to build optimism among everyday folk that all the mistakes and foul-ups of the Oreo cookie will finally be fixed..

Trump always says 'Make America Great' and 'America First'

Though it does not possess the same brevity, we much prefer his slogan be 'Making things better for Americans who voted for me First!'
Yes we know one can not outright say that but its how we feel

Trump says he is going to create lots n' lots of new jobs..

So why should unemployed jerks who continually keep 'Hate has no Home here' signs on their lawn 5 months after the election benefit in any way from Trump's jobs recovery?

Trump also says he is going to fix Obamacare.. 

So why should leftist zealots who work for George Soros as professional protesters and agitators be provided healthcare that is more affordable and provides better coverage?
Trump says he wants to keep Americans safe from radical Islamic terrorists (as if there is any other kind?)...

So should all those who still say Never Trump, hate his guts, and wish him ill be safe and protected too?

Trump also stated he would cut taxes on corporations and middle class (we all know the wealthy individual will benefit too)

So why should the parasitic entertainment industry and all those self-absorbed, elitist multi-millionaire actors, producers, singers, along with the corporate media filled top to bottom with liberal scum get to financially benefit from the tax policies of a President they continually mock, degrade and disparage in the most repulsive ways??!!
Just doesn't seem fair does it..

It sort of reminds us in a roundabout way of our favorite political quote which also is our favorite Simpsons quote from an episode in the early 1990's spoken by C Montgomery Burns to his assistant Smithers after a visit to the Simpsons' home cost him the election for state Governor:

"This anonymous clan of slack-jawed troglodytes has cost me the election, and yet if I were to have them killed, I would be the one who goes to jail!  That's democracy for you!..."
Of course the schmuck liberal writers of the show made the simpleton Simpsons the ones in the right in that and every other political-themed episode while Burns is the baddie

Burns (villain) is a billionaire Republican who runs a nuclear power plant providing energy to all the citizens of Springfield while Homer Simpson (hero) is a sloppy-fat, donut eating loser with an IQ around 80 who never watches news and votes Democrat.

Would you expect anything less from television?
Truth is that's how all elections go..

People who are more learned, accomplished and successful then the masses run for public office and the ignorant rabble (they're usually called Democrats) seek to tear those people down and try to destroy their dignity and humanity to validate their failed beliefs and values

And then when a 9/11 or a Katrina occurs those same verminous left-leaning losers look to that leader with doe-eyes and cry 'Please Help us!'
Trump will continue making America better and safer and stronger and all those who hate & vilify him will benefit every begrudging, non-acknowledging step of the way..

Then they will vote for whatever piece of crap the Democrats put out as their nominee in 2020

Yep..  That's democracy for you..