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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Far Left are the Nazis of 2017 America

~ The Far Left would love to do this to Trump supporters if they could..

We read last night that the Anne Frank Institute was upset that actor Tim Allen compared the treatment of conservatives in Hollywood like it was 1930's Germany, expressing among other things that his comparison was highly inappropriate and offensive

Funny how they weren't offended in the least when every piece of shit political activist liberal actor compared Trump to Hitler repeatedly during the past election..,

'Trump-Hitler.. Trump-Hitler..'     Again and again and again...

Nope the Institute didn't seem bothered a bit..
Truth is that not only is the comparison Allen used very accurate but applies not only to the entertainment community but nation at large

Say something negative about a minority or against something the fringe believes in like gay marriage and you will most likely lose your job or if you have a business, you will be boycotted with the intent to put you into bankruptcy

If you place a pro-Trump sign on your car or home, expect it to be vandalized

Of course if you're a fucking liberal with a 'I'm with Her' pro-Hillary bumper sticker still on your car or an insipid 'Hate has no home here' sign on your lawn, no one will do anything to it
If you express any opinion that goes against social progressivism or political correctness, especially if you are someone who is known in your community, expect to be harrassed, bullied and of course ostracized

We've no doubt if the far left could get away with it, all conservatives would be forced to sew yellow 5 pointed stars with 'GOP' on clothing so they could know who to spit on and beat up on the street

For those who do not know their history, when Hitler came to power in Germany, he did not just immediately put all Jews on trains and ship them to their deaths..  That took place in the 1940s

In the 1930s Jewish people were made both by German law and the greater society around them to be made to feel and treated like 3rd class citizens and sub-human
And because Jewish people did little to nothing to fight it, mostly due to powerlessness and an assumption by many of them that it was temporary and things would calm, instead it got worse and worse until one day they weren't allowed to stay married to non-Jews or keep their jobs and were kicked out of schools then put into ghettos..

Now we are not saying that the fate of conservatives in this country will exactly mirror the fate of the Jews in 1930s Germany but we Are saying that if the far left Could do it, they Absolutelywould

Their hatred of anyone who is not on board with globalism, America-last and ashamed of being white or straight is that deep; to them,  we need to be wiped off the map
Understand we're not talking about moderates or even sane Democrats..  We're talking about George Soros backed far left and even in election defeat, they're more powerful and are more angry to act than you realize

They are used to being coddled by Obama, they want the country their way and have absolutely no tolerance for difference of opinion or desire for coexistence with those of the political right, in spite of their cutesy-cute bumper stickers

We thought when Trump won in November, he would use his power of the Presidency and especially the bully pulpit to go hard after the left and stomp them out with all legal resources at his disposal
We are believing now that instead, Trump wants those left-wing enemies of the State to be as vocal as they wish and deep down loves SNL mocking him because it creates the foil that he can use to rally his base around and blame if/when anything he does ends up not succeeding

Trump really has no clue how dangerous the left is, especially the Soros-backed leftist fringe of paid protesters and agitators who really are violent inside and not content with just anti-Trump marches and speeches
Presidents are really often isolated from the real world and are oblivious of the mood on the proverbial 'street', especially when another Presidential election isn't for 44 months

So Trump's focus is on dealing with rotten congressional Democrats, saboteur traitorous congressional Republicans, greedy self-serving corporate CEOs and world leaders with agendas of their own

So it really us up to us to stand up to outspoken liberals who seek to try to put us down and stifle our opinions, whether it be people we know in our day to day life or the bigger picture i.e. the media, entertainment community, etc..
Whether through galvanizing our own peaceful protests and boycotts to direct face to face confrontation with agitators, we as individuals and collectively must figure how to fight back in meaningful & forceful ways that have real impact

Otherwise we are going to become a 3rd class people in our nation regardless of whether the guy or gal we voted for wins the Presidency

Said it before. Say it now.. Will say it again later..

The greatest threat to this nation is not ISIS or Iran or North Korea..

It is from within.. They are called liberals..
They live and work among us.. They teach i.e. indoctrinate our students and control entertainment and news media by pushing constant propaganda as to how to think and act

In 2017 America, we are looked at similar to how evil Germany of the 1930s viewed the Jews

And if you can not see that, then you are an ostrich.