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Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Panderer in Chief

~ 'We're here.. We're proud n' defiant.. We control things and if you don't like that, you're a racist..'

We saw today that President Trump met with the Congressional Black Caucus today..

No doubt their message was basically 'We're important and exceptional, and you better coddle to us or we will destroy you..'

And Trump probably responded something like 'Yes you are and yes I will' and the dark people smiled and felt even more smug and superior than when the meeting began
What Trump should have said in a professional way is something like, 'Go fuck yourself.. Stop acting like your race is superior.. You have a lot of problems in your community and pretty much they're All your fault.. So stop acting like your lives matter more.. They don't!'

But instead Trump panders to these bastards

He makes a big deal about MLK in one speech and Black History Month in another; he also attends the opening of some black history museum in Washington, and signs some executive order the Only benefits black colleges

And he keeps calling these god-damn people 'Afr-Amer'!

Any group that needs a hyphenated title that promotes where they came from as more important than where they are currently in order to feel good about themselves is as Pathetic as they come
It is absolutely bile-in-the-throat inducing how much Trump continually panders to a group that only represent about 14% of the population and which probably at best maybe 7% voted for him

Maybe the President is confused.. Maybe he thinks he's the leader of an African nation..

Or maybe Trump forgets that the vast majority who voted for him were white..
They were not racist, black hating whites..

They were Caucasians rightly and justly tired of seeing blacks, browns, reds, yellows and every other shade of grey and gay get special preferential treatment by government, especially from Obama

By and large, his voters did not support him because they wanted to see corporations get massive tax cuts or really care where Harley Davidsons and air-conditioners are made

They wanted good paying jobs and wanted to feel that once again they were important, had a voice and good things were coming to them after decades of being made to feel like outcasts in their own country
Blacks did little to nothing to help Trump win..

They didn't vote for him and sure as shit didn't donate to his campaign..

The absolute last thing blacks collectively-speaking deserve in a Trump administration is to be put upon a pedestal

Admittedly we feel less and less optimistic about Trump by the day..
We certainly know the other option, Hillary would have been horrific but it does not alter the gloom we're feeling right now

We don't care if Obamacare is repealed or replaced or revised..

As long as it is mandatory that you buy healthcare even if you do not want it so others can be covered, that is socialism-communism, so every other particular is salad dressing
We don't care if corporations save taxes or our taxes go down a little bit..

We owe $20 trillion dollars and that number will keep going up until it is so high, that establishment Republicans finally have the excuse and political cover to gut medicare, social security, government worker pensions and every other 'entitlement' they don't think everyday folk are entitled to

Or maybe they'll just pass a law where only non-Caucasians keep their benefits and 'whitey' gets kicked off..  Nothing would surprise us in terms of the direction this nation is going in terms of race pandering
And we really don't care about the wall either..

We've had a wall of sorts with Mexico for over 100 years and those dirt people still keep sneaking through and take advantage of every good thing about our nation from education to healthcare while the middle class continually pays the tab

What is instead needed is using the money to increase border patrol by 5 to 10x whatever is currently there be much more physically aggressive toward those captured so to deter future attempts to cross over illegally

On and on and on..
In America, there are basically two kinds of problems for Trump to deal with

One is the kind that is always there decade after decade no matter who is in office..  The economy, fighting crime, the war on drugs, keeping the nation safe from threats abroad, etc

Then there's the problems that if not created over the last 8 years, have certainly been exaserbated by that former President Oreo cookie

The worst of which being that too many people of certain groups feeling too powerful and influential because the left (and right) has emboldened them and filled their head with constant lies that they 'matter' and too many people of other groups are put into secondary status and everything done to make sure they forever stay there
Trump was Not elected to make the lives of black people better..

Sorry but that is just a fact..   93% of them voted for rancid bitch Hillary

Trump was elected to make the lives of All Americans better without focusing on bettering one group more than another

That means no pandering!

But blacks don't like that..   They're used to getting handouts..

They used to beg and humble themselves.. Now they just demand and threaten

Blacks want that preferential treatment and exceptional status

And history has shown they don't value or respect any act of kindness a Conservative does..

Bush Sr selects Clarence Thomas as Supreme Court Justice back in 1989...

"No No.. we want a Real black selected!"
Bush Jr puts Colin Powell and Condi Rice in high positions of power in Cabinet..

"No No.. We don't respect house niggers"

Colin Powell then endorses Obama in 2008..

"That Powell sho' is a great man!"
Shamefully Trump seems to give them far more respect then warranted and like so many other decisions he's made lately, it does not seem to make a bit of sense

Malcolm X's birthday is coming up on May 19th..  Had that rotten man lived, he would be turning 93 on that date..

Wonder if Trump will tweet something to celebrate it so all the militant black pieces of shit will feel good

Or will his pathetic pandering to people who will always hate him finally have some kind of limit?