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Friday, March 31, 2017

The Republican Battle: Establishment v Everyday Folk

We at A&G do not pretend to be experts when it comes to Obamacare or what were the specifics in President Trump's attempt to repeal and replace last week which was pulled from a Congressional vote at last moment due to lack of Rep. support

We do know that it was best example of enemies within his own party openly sabotaging a man they've hated since Trump first threw his political hat into the ring

A group of political Judases calling themselves the 'Freedom Caucus'

Fuckhead Caucus is more like it
These are these same Koch Brothers controlled whores who deep down in the pit of their blackened souls would have preferred Trump lose to wretched Hillary because all they really care about is money and power and control...

To them it would have been more advantageous to spend the next 4 to 8 years bitching about Democrat policies under Hilly then have someone in power who would as its leader (Trump) essentially reshape the Republican party in his image for decades to come

In other words they are just as much of the 'swamp' as the sewage which are the Democrats
You see to these rats, they want Trump gone as much in one term or sooner as the Dems do because Establishment Republicans do not want real change..

They never wanted any kind of change

Establishment Republicans want their personal wealth - their investments and stock dividends to keep growing, and their tax rates to keep falling, and be good shoe-shine boys to corporations, banks and every other Wall Street power player who will give them lots of donations so they can serve unlimited terms in office

A small generalization yes but truthful nonetheless
The Fuckhead Caucus (that's how we shall refer to them) didn't think Trump went far enough in rescinding Obamacare

They wanted people with pre-existing conditions and adult children under 25 still covered under their parents' plan kicked off too..

These are the same parasites who desperately want to cut 'entitlements' to the bone because well..  its not like a wealthy Establishment Republican ever receives benefit and will probably do all they can to sabotage Trump's budget bill as well

They really make the party look awful
Because you see there's really 2 kinds of Republicans..

The Establishment ones we keep talking about i.e. fiscal conservatives that only care about getting richer and richer, and any war that helps them make more money and power, is a good one

Then there's the everyday Republican who works hard, pays their taxes, saves for a rainy day as best he/she can and has certain morals, values, principles and sense of right and wrong that quite bluntly most Establishment Republicans and most Democrats just do not possess
Everyday Republicans by and large believe in Individualism, depending as little as possible on government to solve their problems and want them to stop interfering in their small business

They believe in always trying.. to work hard to succeed then picking themselves up when they fail and go about try-try-trying again

Everyday Republicans believe in capitalism but that excessive greed is not 'good', one's personal God should not be money and you can't take it with you and thus possess a far different set of priorities as to what matters in life
We could go on but you get the point

Guess which side we're on?

Establishment Republicans tried to do everything possible to destroy Trump

Everyday Republicans succeeded in getting Trump elected.
And now those same bastards who tried so hard to derail Trump are seeking with the same determination as those parasitic Democrats to stop a good man in office from doing good for us

Whether it be through writing letters and emails to your local Congresspeople to just voting these pieces of crap out in GOP primary elections in two years, its once again going to be up to Everyday Republicans to save Trump, the party and the nation from a group of political puppets that truly fit the moniker of 'deplorables'