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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Road Runner & Coyote Show...

Here's Wednesday's posting a little early..

When yours truly was young and Saturday morning cartoons still existed, I used to watch all the Warner Brothers characters like Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Sylvester & Tweedy, etc..

And while most of those specific cartoons are a blur to me today, one specific cartoon which did stick in my mind all these years involved Road Runner and the Coyote because it was so different from all the others involving endless chases resulting in comic-violent calamity

In this one cartoon, it depicted what if the Coyote was successful in his pursuit and actually captured & ate the Road Runner..
So here you are seeing Coyote happy for a little bit as he rubs his full tummy (the actual eating of Road Runner wasn't shown) and then its very long periods of  nothingness; the Coyote sitting in the desert in total stagnation and him ultimately bored to tears..

Then it depicted a scenario where Coyote just stopped pursuing the Road Runner and occupied his time with other things..

Here the Road Runner becomes irritated and bored because there's no reason to run if no one is going to give chase

And the point of this long intro is that it made me think of Republicans and Democrats..
Neither party really wants to destroy the other even though for the betterment of the nation, it would be best if Democrats in Congress were completely powerless and impotent, especially the cabal of crap who represent the Congressional Black Caucus

Each side tends to need each other for their own nefarious purposes

How can the political game of stalemate and accomplishing nothing continue to be treated by those if there's no competitors to play against

And if there's no opposition party, whoever can they blame when policy fails and/or the nation suffers as a result of decisions made
What would Trump do if he didn't have those asshole obstructionist Democrats along with a lying, deceitful press corp. to blame for any failures

And how in the world could those rotten Democrats galvanize their base for donations and get them excited for 2018 midterm elections if they didn't have that 'fascist-racist' Trump as their fear-mongering pinata

Obama got absolutely nothing done that was positive for the nation and instead of blaming himself for being nothing more than a black fuck-up undeserving of even being President, he just blamed Republicans for blocking everything..
To be fair, if magically all 535 members of Congress were members of the GOP, there'd still be divisions, in-fighting and the political blame game would continue with both sides needing each other to keep the ruse up just as much as the current state of things

The pro Trump faction and the pro-Koch Brothers faction with cadaver John McCain and his merry band of bastards meddling about and stirring trouble

That's why it is so hard to really take anything they say or do seriously
Those ethically bankrupt Democrat Senators plan on doing everything humanly possible to block Neil Gorsuch from becoming the next Supreme Court justice and yet a few years back when he sought appointment to the US District Court, the Senate which was Democrat majority at the time voted unanimous in support of the man

Did the man suddenly grow horns?
When the latest debates over raising the debt ceiling take place, Democrat scum plan to scream bloody murder over raising it and do all they can to block it from happening yet when Obama was in power, they always advocated it be raised while Republicans said 'no'

In fact, when Bush Jr was President and the debt ceiling needed to be raised in 2007 we believe, that goddamn black toothpick Obama spoke passionately against it and even voted against doing so!

Then when he became President in 2008 thanks to an epidemic of white-guilt that infested the minds of independent and moderate-conservative voters, he ultimately pushed for it to be raised on 3 occasion during his 8 years which we all suffered through
It's all a big game really..

More precise, it is all one super long and tiring Road Runner & Coyote cartoon...

Personally if it was up to us, coyote Trump would capture, rip and tear that Democrat 'Road Runner' into a million little pieces then move on to actually fixing this nation in ways that will truly benefit everyday people
But he chooses not to..

He 'chases' just enough to give appearances while never so sincerely that his enemy is cornered..

Or who knows.. Maybe he is the Road Runner

He needs them and they need him and we all suffer for it