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Monday, March 13, 2017

Women and Sharia Law

Before we begin, it seems a major snowstorm is heading through our patch of the 100 Acre Woods so depending on the severity, we may or may not be posting Tuesday or Wednesday..

Hopefully its just snow but one never knows so if we can post, we will..

Onto today's topic..
We mentioned Friday how despicable the women who orchestrated "A Day Without Women" were because it really had little to nothing to do with the celebrating the accomplishments of women as much as it was another far-left orchestrated middle-fingering to Trump and anyone Conservative

A picture of a big fluffy cat yawning would go here..

These putrid pro Hillary-zealot women, mostly deeply fugly militant females who could never get a man to give them a second-look much less touch them love pretending like there's no greater oppressor of their freedoms than America
Not once did any of these rancid creatures mention how Islam treats women so horribly, much less have the guts to openly say the truth.. Islam is a shit cult-faith that is from the dark ages

Let's look at Sharia Law a moment when it comes the (lack of) rights of women and how Muslim men are allowed to treat them and then as you read this, ask yourself what the Hell do American and Western European women really have to complain about..

Sharia law encourages domestic violence against women, when a husband suspects nushuz (disobedience, disloyalty, rebellion, ill conduct) in his wife.  Sharia has also  been criticized for ignoring women's rights in domestic abuse cases
One of the verses of the Quran relating to permissibility of domestic violence is Surah 4:34 which reads:

"Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband's] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance - [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand."
Sharia is the basis for personal status laws in most Islamic majority nations. These personal status laws determine rights of women in matters of marriage, divorce and child custody.

In legal proceedings under sharia law, a woman’s testimony is worth half of a man’s before a court.

Sharia also puts limits and restrictions on women's involvement in politics, the clothing she chooses to wear, and are not allowed to get access to bank loans or credit cards.  In some Islamic nations, women must sit in the back of buses and if they disobey in any way, can be fined or lashed with a whip.
Sharia also allows for child marriages and this is still permissible in 2017 in some nations like Iran, Lebanon and Bahrain

Religious courts permit girls less than 18 years old to marry. As of 2011, child marriages are common in a few Middle Eastern countries, accounting for 1 in 6 all marriages in Egypt and 1 in 3 marriages in Yemen.

UNICEF and other studies state that the top five nations in the world with highest observed child marriage rates – Niger (75%), Chad (72%), Mali (71%), Bangladesh (64%), Guinea (63%) – are Islamic-majority countries where the personal laws for Muslims are sharia-based.
While rape is considered a crime in all Muslim countries, but sharia courts in Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia in some cases allow a rapist to escape punishment by marrying his victim, while in other cases the victim who complains is often prosecuted with the crime of Zina (adultery).

Sharia grants women the right to inherit property from other family members, and these rights are detailed in the Quran but a woman's inheritance is unequal and less than a man's, and dependent on many factors.  For instance, a daughter's inheritance is usually half that of her brother's.

Sharia also supports and condones polygamy..
Sharia recognizes the basic inequality between master and women slave, between free women and slave women, between Believers and non-Believers, as well as their unequal rights.

Sharia authorized the institution of slavery, using the words abd (slave) and the phrase ma malakat aymanukum ("that which your right hand owns") to refer to women slaves, seized as captives of war.

Under Islamic law, Muslim men could have sexual relations with female captives and slaves.

Guess that means women serving in the US armed forces who ever get captured by Muslims in wartime better expect to get raped a lot since Muslims are allowed to do this without any punishment on earth or in heaven based on the 'holy' words of their god
Lesbian women under Sharia experience the same amount of violence and discrimination as inflicted upon homosexual men..

So let's summarize...

Under Sharia, women can be slapped, beaten or worse for doing actions that in Western society are not even misdemeanor worthy, have half the legal and property rights of men, condone marriage & intercourse with underage girls, defends slavery and rape and condones violence upon gays

And these disgusting liberal cunts who organized 'A Day Without Women' somehow ignored all this while having the audacity to declare or infer Trump and his supporters were misogynists, racists and homophobes!
This is just another example of why we say American liberals are more of a threat to our nation than ISIS ever will be..

These people are corrosive and actively seek to destroy everything good about our nation from within while so distorted in their beliefs, they really think they are doing good by trying to tear down our foundations while purposely ignoring the rots elsewhere

We support Trump but don't honestly believe he has the motivation or desire to put these people down and really Crush them like they need to..  

Lincoln had the guts.. So did Woodrow Wilson..

Trump?  Ehh..  And do it just goes on and on..