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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Loony Left

Yesterday a 4th tier nobody-nothing pseudo-celebrity named Kathy Griffin, held in her hand what was supposed to be a bloody, decapitated head of the President in order to make some kind of political 'statement'

We're sure she felt rather brave and smug doing it

Then once even liberals turned on her for crossing the line, she like so many zealous loons like her showed herself for the frightened little coward she (and they) are, and apologized..
Some might shrug it off because she's semi-famous and thus harmless but remember Lincoln was killed by an actor

Think of the hatred that has to go through the mind of a person to even conjure up such an action; the lunacy and derangement to believe that everyday people, even those who don't like Trump would fete her and celebrate such an action

The woman needs serious psychological help and medication
Problem is there are many, many out there like her and when you get beyond all the psychobabble, there are two culprits for all the irrational and dangerous Trump hate permeating in so many disturbed minds..

The first culprit was/is the Democrat party apparatus which germinated with the Hillary 2016 campaign...

When you have a genuinely rotten, deviant, rancid woman as the representative of your party running for President based on nothing more than the argument that it was her turn, the operatives have to focus on instilling fear and hatred of whoever the opposition is
It could have been any Republican nominee...

It happened to be Trump.

So they tried every dirty trick in the book to portray Trump as dangerous, unsound, unfit, racist, misogynist, xenophobic, anti-gay, anti-Semitic, and every other 'anti' one can dream up

To many, all their bullshit was transparent which is why Trump defeated the witch soundly

Problem is a lot of her most rabid dog supporters believed every word the despicable woman said about Trump which is why there was so much hysterics and lamentations across the blue states
And nearly 7 months since the election, these emotionally retarded snowflakes still see Trump more for how he was described during the campaign than the real person inhabiting the White House

This connects to culprit #2..  The shit mainstream media

Thanks to Wikileaks, everyone got to learn first hand how many members of the media worked directly with the Clinton campaign and the DNC to bend over backwards to help them win including providing debate questions to her through 'black buffalo' Donna Brazile (Hillary called her that)
Then when Trump called the media to Trump Tower while President-Elect then bawled them out as basically lying pieces of garbage, their delicate sensibilities couldn't handle the truth

So they double down then double again the Trump attacks which only serve to excite a certain disturbed group of Trump haters who want him gone by Christmas

In fact, before Trump left for his overseas trip, ultra left news media like the Washington Post, NY Times, CNN and MSNBC were ratcheting up the 'impeachment' drum beat so loud and incessant based on nothing but anonymous sources that the average American imbecile must have thought Trump would be impeached and removed within a week
However will these mentally sick Trump-hate fuckers cope once they truly realize he is Not going to be impeached or removed from office and at the very least will get a full 4yr term while the Democrats continue to fail to stop the President in any meaningful way??

Only so many coffee makers that asshole celebs like Tom Hanks can give the Press Corps..

Only so many meaningless vents that extremely wealthy celebrities can spew about Trump at award shows while they directly benefit when he ultimately passes his tax cuts..

Only so many unfunny SNL skits and late night monologues one can express before it just feels so futile for them..
The Democrat Party is in war with itself..

The normal vs the fringe; the sane vs the loons

Right now it seems the irrational Trump haters have taken over their party and if this continues to be the case, expect Republicans to win midterms then Trump to win a 2nd term..

And however will those Losers cope?

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Double Standards & How Media Makes a Winner Look Like He's Losing

Sure feels like we've been gone forever..

That's what happens when you have a long holiday weekend.. All the staffers and writers just flee for the nearest beach, lake or watering hole..

But we're back so onward we go..
Remember how much of a stink those pathetic piece of garbage liberals made a couple weeks back when President Trump met with former Secretary of State Kissinger to get his views on world affairs?

And remember how overall the narrative by those Loser Democrats in Washington and media is that Trump is secretly working behind the scenes to forge a relationship with those evil Ruskies?

So let's hope in our time machine and go back to December 31, 2014 and take a look at the following article from Bloomberg entitled 'Inside Obama's Secret Outreach to Russia' which followed with the following:
"The U.S. has been working behind the scenes for months to forge a new working relationship with Russia, even enlisting Henry Kissinger."

But.. But..  We thought Kissinger was an anathema to Democrats and that the Obama/Hillary policy was to go after Russia at every opportunity to ensure there never was any kind of working relationship..

That was the narrative the closet-dyke cunt was pushing back in 2016
From the 12/31/14 article:

"President Barack Obama's administration has been working behind the scenes for months to forge a new working relationship with Russia...  Obama made a decision to continue to look for ways to work with Russia on a host of bilateral and international issues while also offering Putin a way out of the stalemate over the crisis in Ukraine...

Leading the charge has been Secretary of State John Kerry. This fall, Kerry even proposed going to Moscow and meeting with Putin directly...
In a separate attempt at outreach, the White House turned to an old friend of Putin’s for help. 

The White House called on former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to discuss having him call Putin directly, according to two officials. It’s unclear whether Kissinger actually made the call. 

The White House and Kissinger both refused to comment for this column."

Why let truth and honesty get in the way of a Trump-hate fueled witch hunt to get him ultimately impeached and removed or so hated by everyone, he loses in 2020
If you only read mainstream media, you would think Trump has been a complete failure and incompetent fuck-up, that the Republicans are breaking ranks with him and are doomed in the midterms and next general election

Now the reality..

Since Trump's inauguration, there have been 3 special Congressional elections held around the country with massive amounts of money pouring in from those super-wealthy liberal pieces of shit who pretend to care about working people and the poor

All 3 elections, the Republican candidate won including a guy in Montana who body slammed a reporter (Good for him!!) and another election to be held in late June in Georgia

Victory - Trump..
Trump got Obamacare overturned in the House and succeeded in getting a conservative Supreme Court justice approved in the Senate while yet to have any bill he's pushed for be overturned or where he's had to veto

Victory - Trump..

He has successfully defunded Planned Parenthood and will not allow any US taxpayer funds to any entity domestic or abroad that funds aborting children

Trump also kept his word to overturn the law passed by LBJ where religious institutions like churches and synagogues could not talk politics for fear of their tax-free status being revoked..
He's also cracking down hard on illegal immigrants who do not belong here and should not be allowed to stay and although its a slow process, incremental steps are being made to get the ball moving with building the much-needed wall

And not only did Trump keep us out of the Trans Pacific Partnership and force Canada & Mexico to renegotiate NAFTA but it is widely expected he will reject the  job-killing Paris Climate Agreement which that black piece of shit Obama wanted

Win.. Win.. Win..  Win..
Think about it like this..

If Trump was failing badly as President, would the media and all the legions of ignorant bitches and bastards calling themselves liberal be so completely bonkers-nutty to get him out of office?

The only area where Trump is not yet victorious is his Executive Order vetting and keeping out Muslim filth from 7 nations but both the lower court and appellate court decision have been made by liberal activist judges basing their decision not on Constitutional law but Trump's campaign speeches

We assume he will appeal to the Supreme Court and there it should win 5-4 giving him another reason to middle-finger his political opponents

The most important thing he needs to do now is stop the leakers in the intelligence branch and within his own branch as well as somehow punish the mainstream media very hard..

How he does both, we don't know..

We just know he better do both Soon!

John McCain may think Russia is more dangerous than ISIS but America's true Enemy of the State is Democrats

Thursday, May 25, 2017

When Will the Western World Experience their 'Pearl Harbor' Moment?

~ How many Western people here and abroad have died at the hands of Islam since 9/11 and we still can not bring ourselves as a society or civilization to declare war on them?

Yesterday we posed a bunch of questions for you the reader to privately ponder and answer regarding what seems to be this never-ending barrage of Islamic extremist terror upon innocents

So today we ask one more question:

How does Western society go about combating it?
Obviously we believe in military force but we're not talking about an army of a nation wearing bright colored uniforms with flashy brevets and chevrons whom you can easily target as they march in perfectly aligned columns like in the days of yore..

A military response in itself is just not enough

Now the prevailing sentiment among many European nations and Democrats here at home is that of preaching, love, tolerance, acceptance, and glorifying Islam in a most propagandistic positive light while shaming or branding racist or xenophobic who challenge this narrative

So how has 'Hate has no home here' been working out?
Others believe the only way to truly protect one's community or nation from the Muslim threat is to simply expel them.  And if that's no feasible, have the government create some sort of database to track their movements, etc..

It would take a seismic attack or a lot of continual hitting of soft targets for any government to have the guts to go to that extreme so for right now, those options are just fiction

We honestly do not see any genuine way that Western society can effectively combat the scourge because in the minds of the terrorist organizations like ISIS the fight is not against meddling in Middle East affairs or any specific government or anything economic or political

The fight is against Western society itself
We have become a very homogenized planet over the last 100 years..   The vast majority of people around the globe dress like Westerners, watch our movies and TV shows and listen to our music..

There's Pizza Huts in Saudi Arabia and KFC in Kuwait and from Indonesia to Iran, they wear blue jeans, watch dubbed versions of The Simpsons on TV and drink Coke or Pepsi..

This is what the terrorists are against; the continual infiltration of Western consumerism, capitalism and social-cultural beliefs injected in a nonstop barrage into their world

We're not defending it..  Just explaining it..
We could give a lot of specific examples but at its root, you have people living in the 21st century still living through the prism of the 11th century..

Their holy book is Literal..   Word for word..   No nuance..   No interpretation..

No room for any Muslim altering the Quran to adapt to their modern life;  To them, you adapt your life to the Quran or you deserve to lose it
To many Westerners, there really isn't a strong deep belief in God; with few exceptions the 'God' which the 21st century man and woman respects most is government; They bow down to the alter of secularism

Most Westerners have more respect in obeying traffic laws then the Ten Commandments..

Extremists deeply hate secularism; the laws of man mean nothing when they come in conflict with the laws of their Prophet
So how do you go about fighting That?    With hashtag tweets about love and insipid yard signs?

Or is the way to pacify them is by going overboard glorifying their beliefs; by saying Sharia Law is valid and realistic in the 21st century or blaming all women who don't wear head coverings and concealing clothes for any sexual attacks and rapes perpetrated on them?

America in the 1930's was an extremely confused nation..  It was overly tolerant and excessively embracing of fascism, totalitarianism and Nazism in many quarters and simply did not want to get involved in fighting evil on other shores

It took Pearl Harbor and the slap in the face shock of it for Americans to wake the fuck up..
9/11 should have been that event in terms of dealing aggressively with Muslims

But thanks to that asshole George Bush and others repeating the lying mantra that 'Islam is Peace', telling everyone to go back to business as usual and the government going out of its way to protect Islamic communities from revenge attacks, the American people were declawed, made impotent and ultimately complacent

So if 3,000 dead couldn't trigger America and the West to unleash hell upon the Islamic world, why should anyone expect it when 25 or so died in Manchester?
And if God forbid an attack by Islamic animals occurred on US soil killing 20,000 people would that really change anything?

Call us cynical, but we still would expect the same cast of characters to cry out that most Muslims are good, decent people and to not blame all for actions of a select few or one and we need to be even more tolerant and understanding..

And really disgusting that we would need an act of severe barbarity 5x as bad as 9/11 to even hope people would stop accepting the as-is and unite as a society to go after them; to alienate and ostracize this cult-faith
 We all know what is going to happen...   nothing..

Americans are going to forget the Manchester attack by the weekend if not already, just like they forgot the Paris attacks or Orlando or San Bernandino and focus on picnics, beach BBQs and NASCAR

Maybe it will take Britons another week; everyone will go back to normal and those liberal fuckers here and abroad who preach tolerance and acceptance will keep winning

We may never 'forget' 9/11 but it no longer angers us into any call of action for revenge and retribution..   It should but it doesn't..
You can not compromise, negotiate or accept n' embrace those who hate every single thing about your existence and want you wiped off the Earth

It took the Jews of the 1930s and 40's a very long time to get this through their heads and by the time they came around to this reality, the Nazis killed off 2/3 of their total European population

The Muslims are worse..  They don't wear easily identifiable uniforms and their target is everyone who do not look at the world and believe Exactly like them

When will the Western world experience their 'Pearl Harbor' moment?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Terror, Tragedy and Questions, Questions..

Whenever there is a senseless tragedy like what happened the other night in Manchester, UK what usually happens is everyone wishes to give opinions and answers to explain or rationalize

But instead we're just going to ask some questions..

Take your time and answer each one..  No one is going to know your responses..

It is important in moments like this that instead of being dictated to as to how to think, feel and believe, you as individuals make up your own minds which ultimately is A&G's reason for existing..
Prior to the other night, when do you recall was the last time someone of the Islamic faith committed an act of terror that killed innocent men, women and children?

When was the last time do you recall the perpetrator of such a violent act was to be a Christian?

Or someone Jewish?  Or Hindu?  Or Scientologist?

Or even Atheist?
When was the last time someone of genuine Western European descent and heritage committed an act of terror against innocents like what happened at the concert?

Do you feel in any way the West is at fault?

What do you think the terrorists ultimate goals are?

Do you believe Western society should concede and conform to those goals in order to ensure there be peace?
Do you feel in any way the violence toward Western European and American people is deserved?

Do you feel Western people are historically evil?

Do you feel Arabic Muslim people are historically evil?

Do you feel we are not tolerant enough of the Muslim faith and culture?

Or are we as a society Too tolerant?
Do you feel our general attitude of tolerance and inclusion toward Muslims emboldens them to want to hurt others?

Or do you think things would be worse off if we did not as a society bend over backward to accommodate them?

Do you still hold a very positive view of Islamic people?

If so, had thousands of innocent people died the other night, would you still be determined to embrace Muslims as good people?
Is Islam a religion of peace?    Or is it a religion of hate?

Do you feel safe going to a concert, sporting event or outdoor activity where lots of people converge after this event?

Lastly and we mean this very honestly, who do you see as the greatest danger to the overall peace, safety and stability of the United States and its people-- Terrorists, President Trump or Democrats?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Debt Waters Keep A-Risin'

Today we're going to talk about national debt since no one really ever focuses on it anymore..  Hope we don't scare off all the math haters out there..

Out of boredom, yours truly watched some YouTube videos regarding President Reagan's first year in office and in particular his very first press conference on January 29, 1981

Before Reagan took mundane and stupid questions from the reporters, he read a prepared statement that said among other things he was submitting a request to Congress to raise the debt ceiling...

To $985 billion
In his statement he apologized for doing so but felt it was necessary to control inflation among other reasons given

$985 billion used to be a ton of money..  Now its chicken feed

For instance, the national debt in 2015 was $18.151 Trillion and at the same point in 2016, it was $19.573 Trillion, an increase in 365 days of $1.422 Trillion   (* Today it is at $19.9 Trillion or thereabouts)

In other words, the increased differential in debt between '15 and 16' was of a far greater number than the entirety of the debt when Reagan took office
It is just so impossible to get that kind of debt under any semblance of control when Presidents refuse to raise taxes and cut spending

Reagan's goal of stimulating the economy was massive tax cuts, especially to the wealthy and corporations, with middle class thrown a small financial 'bone'..

When Reagan left office in 1989, the national debt was $2.857 Trillion, meaning an increase of $1.872 Trillion compared to when he first raised the ceiling

Most will say it was due to expanding military spending and engaging in a nuclear arms race, and yes that contributed
But the bigger picture is he cut revenue while dramatically increased spending and any person who runs the household checkbook knows that's a recipe for disaster

When Bush Sr was in office, he tried the same thing - cutting taxes while expanding military spending to accommodate Desert Storm

Ultimately he was forced to go against his 'Read my lips - no new taxes' pledge when he realized the national debt had grown by $1.2 Trillion in only 3 years due to once again, lack of a tax stream revenue to match increased government spending

So we move to the Clinton years..
Admittedly he did a good job containing the national debt as it only rose $1.4 Trillion in a span of 8 years.. ($4.4T in 1993; $5.8T in 2001)

Of course it helps when you raise taxes and receive full economic benefit of the bubble which only began to deflate during the very tail end of his Administration

So now Bush Jr becomes President and thanks mostly in part to fighting the War on Terror, the national debt just skyrockets by $6 Trillion over a span of 8 years

To be fair, you have to assume 9/11 would have occurred during a President Gore's watch and that he would have engaged the enemy as Bush had..
We like to assume Gore would not have invaded Iraq but honestly who knows if Saddam would have done something to ultimately provoke a military regime change or not

So anyways you have dramatic spending increases and yet Bush gets tax cuts passed which were supposed to be temporary but which Obama made permanent

We all know Obama was a horrific President who allowed the Fed to spend upwards of a Trillion a year to bolster the stock market along with other wasteful spending and more tax reductions

In 2009, the debt was $11.9 Trillion and when he left office four months ago, it was at $19.573, an increase of nearly $8 Trillion
And Lord help us, the President wants to fix the economy by...  Yep..  lowering taxes and expand spending on the military, based on the Reagan trickle-down model


Very few people care anymore on national debt..  It feels so abstract; so out there

The argument basically is 'well, we've survived for the last few decades at high debt and nothing has happened to us so why should it start now'
This belief is allowed to exist because no one ever talks about the debt/GDP ratio which in simple terms means what we spend to maintain good standing in repaying the debt vs the entirety of what the nation does in terms of the domestic economy and trade

When Reagan took office, the percentage was at 31%

In 2016, Obama's last year in office, the percentage was at 105%..

Yes, 105%..
This means we spent more than the entirety of what the nation could produce as an economy

In fact, the debt/GDP ratio has been over 100% since 2013

The whole economic model we've been living under since the 1970s when Nixon took the US off the gold standard is just unsustainable

At this moment, the government spends $600 billion more than it takes in through all revenue streams
Our biggest fear is what could take Trump down isn't the bullshit media with their fake news and axes to grind, but a true economic crash; one that was not allowed to happen in 2008 so that we'd all be through it and sincerely recovered by now

We're honestly not sure he truly gets it because among other things the wealthy and corporations need to be paying far more in taxes, not less

Besides most corporations supported Hillary so why should they get rewarded
Everyone is very complacent on this debt load -- Idiot liberals in particular only get passionate about protecting their social progressive rights to be immoral and unethical deviants

But this heavy debt load is not ever going to decrease.. It will only expand, especially as interest rates increase (the last time our national debt decreased vs the previous year was during the Eisenhower years; 1957 v 1956 to be specific)

When the bough breaks, the stock market plunges and people are wholly unprepared, we hope Trump and his team of Goldman Sachs appointees has a plan to stabilize everything

We like Trump but we're just not confident on this..

Monday, May 22, 2017

Gotta' Keep Up the Fight..

When it comes to free speech and expression, liberals have become the new fascists

Surely you must know this by now..

Say something they don't like at a Commencement Address at a College/University or just simply have a person with conservative beliefs deliver a speech and they'll boo or outright walkout as some Loser students did this weekend to VP Pence's Address at Notre Dame

Or at some radical places like Berkeley, they'll resort to violence and if need be, burn down their institution before an Ann Coulter type gets to speak
And if you ever leave a negative comment about an article written by an idiot liberal or which celebrates something those pieces of refuse do, the hate just pours out of them

For fun and giggles, yours truly decided to experiment by leaving some negative comments about Saturday Night Live and what a putrid show it was on a couple sites

I wasn't trolling.  Everything I wrote was sincere but I did it to see what kind of response I'd get

Goodness the hate I received..    Made me laugh I admit
The funniest was this Hispanic guy calling me a "Republi-Cunt"..  I responded back for him to wait until he was deported back to his home land before writing to me

They can dish it but sure can't take it..

I don't know..  Just made me snicker at the time and energy it took absolute strangers to need to personally curse out someone they never met just because their mental sickness and retardation about their warped political beliefs still had not calmed 6 months after an election

So I did the only thing possible in that circumstance...

I doubled down on the Democrat hate
I accurately called them Losers and addressed other topics how SNL hired token black women years ago because the black actors resented dressing as women (of course Caucasian actors have done so since Shakespeare without complaining) and addressed PC cowardice and how they lacked any true individuality

And then whewwie, the bile just came back in droves

Admittedly it got boring very quickly because calling me a 'bitch' and to fuck myself lacks originality and just does not make for a very interesting read

So I stopped reading the comments, but the experiment just reaffirmed everything we here at A&G have written about liberals
They are very emotionally weak, frail, conformist people who are just unable to think for themselves

They are also bitter, power-hungry people who for the most part hate America and its history, feel guilt and shame in their background (liberal whites) and want to revise and blot out the past while creating a fantasy 'Utopic' world where the US like Caucasians are put in a secondary status

Quite sad really

To be clear, we are not 'White Pride' by any means because it is absolutely silly to feel any sort of pride or self-respect for things that have nothing to do with Individual accomplishment or achievement
Want to be proud that whites created this nation including our Constitution?  OK.. we understand that..   But much more satisfying wouldn't it be to focus on your Personal victories and successes throughout your life, then being part of a grouping?

That's why any kind of racial or ethnic pride or shame is idiotic

No one goes around saying 'I'm a right hander and I am proud!' or needs to set aside a 'heritage' month so they can celebrate having red hair and lots of freckles

Yet make it about race, sexual orientation or religion and they so many desperately need it..   Sad.
Generally speaking people of the political left are greatly unhinged..

Now to the Conservative media, this is cause for a giggle or snicker then they move on to covering other sensational fluff

We see it as far more serious because in many, there is deep violence in their hearts and all they seek is a catalyst spark

They can't personally get atTrump directly so they go after the next best thing - you and I
There is no other reason for douche bag liberals to keep their 'Hate has..' signs on their lawn 6 months after the election..  There's no other reason shit shows like SNL and late night TV continually go for the kill

Used to be the goal was to be political but not alienate because people of all backgrounds watch and spend money buying the products advertised

Guess suddenly Republicans aren't worthy to court even though as people of a political party, we have a much higher median income and greater disposable cash flow to buy big ticket items than Democrats
Notice it's OK to offend Trump and the Silent Majority..   

Notice weeks after saying basically that our President orally pleases Putin, that dog cum swallower Stephen Colbert has never been punished - never suspended or fined or even made to apologize

Had he said it about the black boy President we had before Trump, Colbert would be fired then probably have hung himself knowing he'd never work again in the entertainment industry

We recently read that Jimmy Fallon refuses to do bitter Trump-hate jokes not because he's a Rep, but because its not his nature to be that vicious and Trump supporters watch his show too..

Good for him
So we know its deeply frustrating but you can get these bastards back with comments and do it in a G rated way (and if you don't want garbage sent directly to your personal email, Twitter or Facebook, just create 'dummy' accounts)

1)  Directly tell liberals all their values and beliefs are wrong

2)  Taunt them that no matter what they say or do, Trump still has at least 44 months left.. 
3)  Mention you can't wait for that wall to start being built

4)  Whenever an article is overtly-PC, mention that 'Afr Ams' are really blacks, gay marriage is 'pretend', etc..

You get the point..  
Some would say its childish and immature to sink to their level which of course would be a rather snobby-snotty thing to express, so just ignore them

There is a cultural civil war going on and it is to be fought on all levels from high to low brow

The liberals are full-in..    Conservatives overall seem oblivious
And because Trump is not going after the visual and print media in particular as he needs to because there's so much chaos around him, and outlets like Fox News only really care about profit, it is up to every individual with conservative belief to fight in all venues comfortable to them for their right to be heard

Because believe us, if the left had their way, we would all be like small children to strict parents..

Seen and not heard.