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Friday, June 30, 2017

Dissent at the NY Times..

It's the Friday before the 4th of July 'weekend' which everyone seems to want to start celebrating on June 30th so we'll keep it relatively short

Amid all the hostility and venom in the media toward Trump, the one question that never is really looked at is Why?

Sure the media by and large are disgustingly liberal to the core and yes Trump irritates and sickens them on a personal level that makes objectivity impossible
But let's get beyond that

Why is the media doing a hard-left tilt?

The answer is simple..  It is financially dying, especially newspapers so the new business model is to appeal to niche audiences that tend to subscribe or watch religiously and whenever possible, sensationalize to attract new eyeballs

Let's look at the NY Times situation for a moment..
Exhausted and demoralized after repeated buyouts and cutbacks in the newsroom, it seems the downtrodden journalists at the Times have finally had enough.

In a pair of letters delivered to their executive editor and managing editor respectively, it was expected that yesterday Times editorial staff would leave the newsroom as a demonstration of solidarity as management threatens jobs

Why are jobs being threatened?  Loss of revenue because people aren't going to pay money to read hateful, biased crap and by extension aren't looking at the ads.

The uproar at the times is centered around the repeated pay cuts and cutbacks, which have left the newsroom feeling “demoralized.”

One letter was sent by the organization's copy editors, who are facing dramatic staffing cuts, while the second letter was sent by reporters in an expression of solidarity with the editing staff.

Both letters detailed frustrations with the repeated rounds of buyouts, and the lack of transparency surrounding management’s decision making.

Funny how no one at the Times seem to be up in arms over the decision to be 24/7 anti-Trump
Morale seems to be so low at the NYT that its reporters and editors said they actually feel more respected by readers than by management. The letters referenced an internal report in which the copy editors were compared to dogs urinating on fire hydrants.

As stated a couple paragraphs earlier, the rebellion comes at a time when advertising revenues for print – formerly a powerhouse of the media industry that has been precipitously eroded by the rise of free news on the internet – continue to shrink, and gains in digital advertising are failing to make up the difference.

In the first quarter, print ads declined by 18% while digital ad revenue increased by nearly 19% and accounted for more than 38% of the company’s total ad revenue.
The Times used to be a newspaper that people on all sides of the political ideological spectrum could read, subscribe to and trust; a place where the only opinions were expressed in the op-ed section

Now the paper of record is the toilet paper of record..   Wish we came up with that one but admittedly its not an original one liner, yet still very true.

The mainstream media with very few exceptions are killing themselves with this horrible anti-Conservative bias and abandonment of all journalistic integrity in exchange of the ultimate dream goal of a Trump takedown
They never understood what the 2016 election and Trump victory was all about, and many are going to financially suffer just so they can keep appealing to a small but lunatic leftist fringe.

Oh well..   Have a good weekend folks~

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wish Political Media was like Sports Media

We like so many others have written and pointed out the absolutely disgusting anti-Trump bias in the mainstream media to such an extent, it would be absolutely tiring by now if they didn't continue to do it nonstop

For instance the Crap News Network (CNN) the other day had a panel discussion to talk about Trump's successful temporary ban of Muslims in light of the unanimous 9-0 Supreme Court ruling which basically middle fingered the liberal lower courts

So there were three people on the panel - two humans and Elmo..

Yes..  the muppet.
And the interviewer was asking Elmo the Sesame Street hand puppet his thoughts on the Trump travel ban and 'he' responded he no like it (Elmo speaks in terrible broken English like most foreigners)

Are you serious!

What was the goal of this?  To convince adults that Trump is bad?  Of course not - it is to try to poison children's minds in the same propaganda style that many middle east countries' children programming poisons their future terrorists that Jewish people are evil

Ironic since Jewish people like Christians are creative, industrious, successful people throughout history and Muslims are perpetual bottom feeders
So you have pretty much the entirety of mainstream TV and print media absolutely desperate to tear our President to pieces and you know many of these fuckers are secretly wishing and praying for more than impeachment if you get our drift

Now let's compare this to the sports media

We are located in a city with some of the worst sports teams imaginable..  Four professional sports franchises that are basically varying degrees of Loser
We can not speak for other cities and how their sports is covered but here it works like this:  If the team is very good, the local media and sports talk radio will nitpick on every single inconsequential thing and be bitter bastards til' the end unless the season ends in a championship

When the team is terrible, the media back off and give a total free pass much in the way they did when that prick Obama was in the White House

Doesn't matter how bad the record or how terrible the play on the field, court or ice..  The players and coaches get a free pass and are given the opportunity to cover their asses with endless cliches
If the cause of a miserable, pathetic team having a dreadful season is ownership not spending money to acquire talent, etc. the local media here also gives a free pass.

No investigative journalism of any kind..  No one questions anything.. How much money is being taken in?  How much is being put into the product?  How much goes into ownership's pockets?

The media work in cahoots with the sports team owners to continually perpetuate the con that the future is bright and never-ending rebuilding is a good thing

The GM tells the media everything is on schedule..  OK.. good enough
We've always felt the most intelligent sports fans in the nation are in places like Arizona, Miami and Jacksonville because if a team is terrible, they will turn on them instantly, not bother to show and force change

In our neck of the woods, 25,000 idiot morons attend every home game even though the local baseball team is minor league quality

But its not just the local sports which are so emotionally detached and always take the side of management in everything
There was an incident the other day where a Chicago Cubs pitcher played horribly and allowed the opponent to steal a lot of bases

So the catcher was pissed off about it because it ultimately cost the team a win and instead of the usual cliche-ridden bullshit you hear players spout, the guy spoke honestly and correctly blamed the pitcher publicly

Because the Cubs like all professional franchises are run by men with fragile egos and small penises, the GM decided to release the catcher the very next day as punishment and to scare the hell out of the rest of the clubhouse that basically you shut the fuck up, do as your told and don't make waves publicly
We feel great respect and empathy for that now out of work catcher because he refused to lie to people to cover a teammate who cost them the game.

How did the national sports media respond?  Were they angered and offended like they were when Trump fired James Comey to basically send a similar message?

Nope - They all took the side of management..  'Can't have people popping off and saying what they want', yadda yadda..

Of course the sports-related hypocrisy of it is had the tables been reversed and the star player be the catcher and the pitcher be a journeyman, the GM would have probably fined the catcher a couple hundred dollars and sent the pitcher down to the minors
The greater hypocrisy is whether it be sports or politics, if the pieces of crap who write the stories like you or believe in the cause, they will either detach or write the most biased fluff pieces to defend

And if they hate and despise you, then you better have a Trump-like toughness to you or you're going to be destroyed.

Sports is supposed to be recreation and diversion from everyday life and politics on a day to day level is just supposed to be little pieces of information you share with friends and family for a fleeting moment or so

But its not like that anymore
No one in sports bothers to write how its a socialist-Communist enterprise (revenue sharing, game receipts divided 60/40 between home and away teams, luxury tax punishments for teams who try too hard to win, etc) and how if you're local team is bad, its pretty much because that owner is not trying.

In politics, CNN and the other slime are desperate for ratings

As internal leaked videos show, they knew from the start the whole Russia-Trump thing was crap but the everyday viewer didn't know so they all got played for months as fools

Thank goodness Trump has been 100% victorious in everything he's done thus far (tax reform and repealing Obamacare will take time) or it would really be depressing looking at news
Of course if he was a failure, these verminous creatures would quietly sit back and watch the GOP go after their own even more than they do

It is very difficult to find truth in anything..  Pretty much everything is spoon fed with no honesty or blunt sincerity

We don't ever ask or need our readers to agree with us on anything we present but we promise as we've always done that you will never leave our site and ask yourself 'Hmm, what did they really mean?'

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Where the Next Battle Royale betw, Trump & Dems will Really Be

It has really been an amazing run for President Trump thus far in spite of the villainy of the left particularly in the media

If he were a sports team, he'd be the Golden State Warriors or New England Patriots

The man just keeps winning
As most have heard by now, yesterday the Supreme Court decided they will hear arguments in the appeal of the disgustingly liberal biased 9th Circuit courts which issued stays on the Trump's temporary ban on Muslims of 6 countries wanting to enter

Those bastard liberal judges based their decision on citizen Trump's past words when the constitutional power is granted to the President so you have to judge on his words and actions in office, not on the campaign trail
The even better part was for the time being Trump could do it prior to arguments presented as long as basically that person did not have a valid reason like a family member already here or attending college

They can still be vetted but just not automatically blocked.. the rest can..


And the fact that it was ruled 9-0 unanimous makes it a total policy victory
So let's move the ball forward

Truly bad people with worse intentions (which Democrats sincerely are) do not just easily surrender, even after what is essentially a 7 month losing streak since the election

So we expect the next real vicious frontal assault on Trump to be not on health care or tax reform but the global economy

More specifically, we anticipate the Dems led by the rotten media to push the narrative that a major global economic catastrophe is eminent because after their supporters basically told them to shut the fuck up about 'Russia' because they don't care, it is all they have left
We've started to see this presented in the newspapers; something you would never ever read about had that closet lesbian bitch won last year

For instance in the Independent UK, a British paper obviously, there was the total gloom and doom headline: "Great recession fears as bankers warn next global crash could arrive 'with a vengeance'"

And among reasons it expressed why the world economy would collapse and millions if not billions would suffer would be of course, Trump..
"The BIS (Bank of International Settlements), which is sometimes known as the central bank for central banks... warned of trouble ahead for the world economy. 

It predicted that central banks would be forced to raise interest rates after years of record lows in order to combat inflation which will “smother” growth.

The group also warned about the threat poised by rising debt in countries like China and the rise in protectionism such as in the US under Donald Trump.."
Now we've felt for a while that ultimately there will be another crash and it will be a very bad one that makes 2008 pale in comparison because China has been lying about its economy and growth for a decade and everyone globally has borrowed too much

But if/when it happens it won't be because Trump is in office or his policies

It will be because the powers that be want it to collapse under Trump so enough everyday Americans are suffering or scared and vote for whoever the pro-globalist liberal candidate will be in 2020..

And then everything will magically start to improve
Historically this has been done many times before since as the Panic of 1837 where US banks in collusion with a Treasury Secretary at the time who hated and despised President Andrew Jackson for vetoing the Bank of the United States (19th cent version of our all-powerful Federal Reserve) purposely started a massive financial depression to scare Old Hickory into reversing his position

Only when the crisis started hurting the financiers directly in their piggy banks did it magically cease and the economy and nation survived

Most of the time (though admittedly not always) when there's a financial panic, recession or small-d depression, it was not by accident
Think of it as a carefully controlled demolition

Only when it because a capital D depression, is it out of the hands of the people behind the scenes who really run the world and no we do not mean any nefarious historical inference to one group -- people of All religious faiths and many who believe in absolutely nothing run global banking

So expect to see the media over time spread more and more fear about the economy, national debt, people suffering, etc to create the narrative Trump created it

Of course back in 2009 when the stock market was around 5800 and so many people were driven from their homes due to bankruptcy, foreclosure and eviction, those God Damn liberal parasites in the media did not ever mention it..    Ever!

Even Fox News ignored it
The only network that accurately and honestly showed how people lost everything and were trying to cope was RussiaToday (RT) who would do stories on Americans living in their cars, on the streets or makeshift tent cities which were like communes for those who lost it all

The reason US media didn't show any reality of what the everyday American was going through was three-fold:

1)  They despise and look down on everyday people, especially Red State America and don't want to pretend to care

2)  Advertisers want one thing even more than phony depictions of multicultural inclusion and normalcy of perverse lifestyles..   They want everything happy and positive..   Too much reality turns people off and that means less to look at the ads

3) Black Obama was in office so it would do no good to show a depressed society suffering especially since he's Democrat like the media
In fact if you remember, the first couple months in office, Obama was talking very negative about the economy and honestly assessing how bad things were.  Then his handlers got control of him, forced him to be positive and you ever heard an honest word from his mouth again.

Now had cadaver John McCain won then you would have seen wall to wall despair depicted in news and even TV programming

So that's where we see the next full frontal assault because otherwise at this rate the Republicans will pick up even more seats in midterms and their party is basically kaput
In a way Trump is setting himself up for a big hit because he keeps gushing how much the stock market has grown in 7 months and taking pretty much all the credit when the market is not based on economic reality and this continued upward spike is not sustainable

If you take credit for the rise, others will blame you for the fall..

As said before many times over, the problem is we have always felt at some point in the next 4 years the economy will get dramatically worse and a lot of people will needlessly suffer
This is because nothing ever got fixed, no one ever got punished, no one was ever warned to be prepared and unfettered greed was allowed to continue..

So we're realistic to the fact that this situation will fall nicely into the Dems lap and how they play it along with how Trump reacts to a crisis of the magnitude we fear will basically decide 2018 midterms and beyond.

Monday, June 26, 2017

A Lil' Bit Of Healthcare Ranting & Venting

There's so much talk about health care lately..

Will the Republicans in the Senate get their act together and come together to pass something?

Will Democrats continue to be obstructionist cocksuckers to the bitter Trump-hating end?

Will any of them admit Obamacare like that black bastard ex-President himself was a failure?

Etc.. Etc..
It is all just so tiring..

There used to be a time people had health care because they chose to make the decision to pay for it like one would homeowners insurance or car insurance..

It was all optional.

Then at some point, those who run the System decided it wasn't good enough that people had the freedom of choice to decide whether or not they were to purchase any kind of insurance protection
So then it was decided if you have a mortgage, you Must carry insurance whether you want to or not

Then it was decided if you operate an automobile, you Must carry insurance to protect others

And since that black bastard Obama, it was decided everyone Must have health insurance as if it is a natural right, and those who can not afford to pay will have it covered by those who can afford it, like a socialist-Communist nation would do
So now even with all the tweaks and adjustments that Trump has made, you still have this mindset that everyone Deserves coverage and no one can be kicked out for any reason

Really sickening what this nation has become.

The only people who deserve healthcare who do not pay out of pocket are those who are disabled and the elderly..

Everyone else..  Sink or swim.. Up to you..
But that's not how this nation functions..  Everything is a 'Reset' button

Your business goes under because of bad management or bad luck, what happens?

You declare bankruptcy, the creditors take a portion of what is owed them, your personal finances never suffer in any way because you're business is incorporated and then you're allowed to go about continuing your failed business or start another enterprise

The stock market crashes...  Everyone suffers..  Everyone knows the culprits.. The banks, the corporations, the 1%..

They're on their figurative and literal knees, hemorrhaging and pleading n' begging to be kept alive and instead of allowing them to completely collapse as deserved with their CEOs pulled into the streets and beaten with pipes, instead..  You know what Bush & Obama did..

No one is ever allowed to fail..  No one is ever allowed to be punished in any way for the consequence of their actions or in the case of health care, inaction.

Poor people have air-conditioning, cable or satellite TV, and a computer... 47% even own a wide-screen HDTV, and another 40% have Internet access.. 3/4ths of the poor own a car and roughly 1/3 have two or more cars

And yet they can't come up with the money to pay for their God-Damn healthcare on their own without the government creating a program to basically give it to them?!
It is the responsibility of the Individual to get health coverage if he/she chooses and if its a bit pricey, to make the necessary decisions to cut back or deny themselves things like a 55" flat screen or trip to Disney in order to afford it.

Or to choose not to get it and whatever reason(s) are that person's own but when that person gets ill, that consequences are entirely on him/her

That is called personal accountability and real Choice (unlike the murder of children in a woman's womb for selfish reasons which uses that phrase)
We at A&G hate and despise Collectivism and forced Altrism, two tenets of what is known as Ayn Randism

The government's primary responsibilities is to provide safety and protection from threats domestic and abroad, and to get out of the way as much as possible from an Individual's pursuit of happiness

Everything is just handed out like candy and no one's gentle delicate feelings are ever allowed to be hurt so you can't tell anyone their life choices and economic decisions are irresponsible

Instead its, 'Here ya go.. Healthcare'
We wish Obamacare would just be allowed to crash and die and nothing take its place.  Let it be like it was before that prick took office

Once this happens you allow the insurance companies to compete with each other nationally while offering tiered plans for a whole range of benefits and coverage that just about everyone can afford

And those who don't want to pay to be protected, well..  if you get ill, then tough shit!

But it is not the obligation or burden of anyone to pay for the healthcare of another, Especially that of a stranger if that person does not want to
This is a big reason why we deeply Despise liberals so much..

They really believe they (or others) are owed something because they're colored or poor or because whites are so evil historically and guilty of every terrible thing in life, that minorities are owed continued economic and social reparations including health care

That's why they hate Trump supporters so much..  We basically told social progressive liberals in the last election to go fuck themselves and we would not let them be in control of things anymore
Wish Trump pushed for a health care plan where anyone who was registered Democrat would be denied health coverage of any kind even if they could afford it and have to pay full out of pocket costs for everything

It's Monday.. Let' us dream a bit..

Friday, June 23, 2017

Ethnic Diversity and Tolerance in the Confederacy

It's Friday.. End of another long week..

Sorry we didn't write anything yesterday but we simply will not write empty fluff filler when there is nothing actually relevant going on in the news to talk about..

And right now there is truly nothing meaningful going on to report, though of course those 24 hour cable news networks do not have the luxury of being particular so they have to report and sensationalize everything to keep the eyeballs glued or the advertisers will be most displeased

Just more filler and fluff from them, so when nothing is worth writing about in the present, one always can go back into the past to find something interesting as we did by looking at what happened in history today June 23rd
Most events occurring today are not very earth-shattering or memorable but one event stood out and well explain why in a moment

Today in Oklahoma back in 1865, Confederate Brigadier General Stand Watie was the last major officer of high rank to surrender to the Union and put down arms

So who is this Stand Watie?  Kind of an odd name for a Caucasian

And that's what make it so interesting and special for Watie wasn't white like all the other Generals on both sides of the Civil War but was a full blooded Cherokee and leader of his people.
And the justified hatred of American Indians toward the bigoted, intolerant northern Union was so intense that he not only took up arms and raised an army of brave Cherokee, Muskogee and Seminole  but was given that very high rank while doing so

The Cherokee and allied warriors under Watie became a potent Confederate fighting force that kept Union troops out of southern Indian Territory and large parts of north Texas throughout the war, but spent most of their time attacking other Cherokee who for no sensible reason sided with the bluecoats.
So many examples where diverse groups of people were given opportunities to succeed in the Confederacy that never ever were allowed in the Union and yet they created that bullshit narrative that the CSA was about hate and the north was about tolerance and equality

For instance, Jewish people served in very high positions in the Confederacy including Sec. of War, Sec. of State, Attorney General  (Judah Benjamin served in all thee capacities at one time or another) and Quartermaster General

The first Jewish person to serve in a US President's cabinet did not take place until 70 years later under FDR

The first two Jewish people to serve in the US Senate also came from Southern states that eventually seceded
We express this not to cast any kind of negative light on Jewish people but just the opposite.. To show that the CSA was a culturally diverse, tolerant society and the Union was not

Nearly 1,000 Hispanics also served in the Confederacy, mostly fighting in Texas while a couple thousand served for the Union

Probably the most famous Hispanic to serve and kill the enemy was a woman!

Loretta Janeta Velazquez, a Cuban woman, claimed to have fought in the war disguised as a Confederate soldier, Lt. Harry Buford. She chronicled her amazing and harrowing adventures in an account called "The Woman in Battle".
Even Chinese Americans served in the Confederacy..

While there were only a few hundred Asians living in the South at the time of the War for Southern Independence, records exist for several of these men becoming Confederate soldiers.

Charles Chon, a Chinese National, was a private in Company K, 24th Texas Dismounted Cavalry Regiment, C.S.A. He was killed at the Battle of Franklin, TN, on Nov. 30, 1864, and is buried on the battlefield at the McGavock Confederate Cemetery.

Another Asian-Confederate was William Henry Kwan of Co. B, 15th (or 12th) Virginia Battalion of Light Artillery.
Another verified Asian Confederate is John Fouenty, a native of China, who was a cigar-maker in Savannah, GA, when the war broke out. He served in the Confederate army for a year, then was released because he was under age.

You will never ever hear of this by those bastards (most white-guilt liberal pieces of shit) who want to treat the Confederate flag like its a hate-filled racist symbol because it contradicts their carefully created lies

They always leave out the historical Fact that over 100,000 blacks willingly served and fought for the Confederacy including some under the direct command of General Nathan Bedford Forrest who historical revisionists love to demonize.
When the war started, Forrest asked 45 of his slaves (which he considered as servants) to join him, offering them their freedom after the war, no matter how it turned out.

They all joined him and although they had numerous opportunities to desert him, 44 stayed by his side until the end of the war.

In fact, part of his special command escort later called "the green berets", consisted of the most elite and best soldiers available, and among them were 8 black men.
We leave you with a diary entry from a  Corporal Robert Watson, 1st Florida Cavalry (parenthesis are ours) which reads:

"Diary: 1862---Feb 23. Sunday.  Truly this is a cosmopolitan company, it is composed of Yankees, Crackers, Conchs (term used back then to describe people from the Florida Keys), Englishmen, Spaniards, Germans, Frenchmen, Italians, Poles, Irishmen, Swedes, Chinese, Portuguese, Brazilian; but all are good southern men. There are also Scotchmen, Welshmen and some half Indians, surely this is the greatest mixture of nations for a small company that I ever heard of."

Have a good weekend