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Monday, July 31, 2017

3 Republicans Most to Blame For Creation/Expansion of Obamacare

~ 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney stomping to repeal a health plan he was the original architect of while Governor of Mass.. ~eyes rolling~

Its the beginning of a new week so normally we hate rehashing previous ones but it was so bad for the GOP involving repeal/replace of Obamacare that it can not simply be glossed over or allow the mainstream media to define it

The reason I don't say Trump is because unlike the Republican Party, he's making a sincere effort to go about dismantling a bad health insurance policy named after an even more terrible former President and person.
The GOP have had 7 years to get their act together and formulate some kind of cohesive plan or strategy and have shown at every turn complete cowardice and insincerity to want to change anything

The big reason we believe is that because through Obamacare, the government provides very large subsidies to insurance companies and forces people to get coverage which increases profitability, health insurance company stock values have gone up considerably in the last 7 years along with the rest of the artificial market

This means more and more money for shareholders; the 1%

Someone should investigate how many Congresspeople and Senators in both parties have investments in health care related stocks and compare that to what their position on Obamacare is

So time to delve beyond headlines of this past Friday and understand where we are.

Though Obamacare was passed exclusively with Democratic support and amid fierce opposition from the GOP, there were Republicans along the way who either paved the way for its adoption, or hindered efforts to undo it.

Their actions were a mix of a lack of seriousness about policy, political cowardice, deception, ideological incoherence, and outright embrace of big government liberalism.

So let's look at the 3 Republicans who are most responsible for Obamacare:
1)  Mitt Romney

Any list of Republicans responsible for Obamacare has to start with Mitt Romney.

As governor of Massachusetts, Romney worked with future Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber, the late liberal icon Ted Kennedy, and a Democratic legislature to push a universal coverage plan in the state.

The law expanded Medicaid, mandated that individuals purchase a specific type of insurance, and set up an exchange on which individuals used government subsidies to purchase government-designed insurance.   Sound familiar?
Under Romneycare and before the adoption of Obamacare, Massachusetts had the highest insurance premiums in the nation, by far — more than double the neighboring state of Connecticut — which was a sign of things to come nationwide once Obamacare was adopted.

Romneycare was used as the model for Obamacare, and his support and subsequent rise in GOP politics, allowed Democrats to sell their proposals as being less radical than they actually were.

Pretty ironic and disgusting that in 2012, the GOP were badmouthing Obamacare as horrible and yet nominating the originator of it as the man to be their President..   Ugh!
2)  Chief Justice John Roberts

Roberts served in the Reagan White House and was appointed by President George W. Bush.

Some may feel that Supreme Court justices should not be thought of as partisan and if they are doing their jobs properly, should not rule that way but any rogues' gallery that did not include Roberts would be incomplete.

In his confirmation hearings, Roberts declared, "My job is to call balls and strikes and not to pitch or bat." and yet when faced with the most significant decision of his career, Roberts became an active player, rewriting Obamacare in order to save it.
After correctly determining that forcing individuals to purchase insurance was not constitutional under the commerce clause, he decided that this otherwise unconstitutional encroachment by government was justified just because lawmakers slapped a penalty as the enforcement mechanism.

Though the penalty was not included in the revenue raising section of the law or described as a tax anywhere in the legislative text, Roberts decided to shed his umpire gear and take a swing at rewriting the law to turn the provision into a mere tax.
By doing so, he split with conservatives on the court — including swing Justice Anthony Kennedy — who voted to strike down all of Obamacare, and sided with liberal justices who predictably fell in line behind their president.

But that's what people in power do.. They manipulate existing law to suit their political aims and ideologies

No matter what he does for as long as he serves on the bench, conservatives should always remember his betrayal in NFIB v. Sebelius.
3)  John Kasich

Yes, the same evil bastard who tried his best and failed to derail Trump's candidacy

Though Roberts deserves blame for saving Obamacare, there was a silver lining to his decision. Roberts was able to win over two liberal justices to agree to allow states to opt out of Obamacare's Medicaid expansion without losing all of their existing Medicaid money.

This was a huge change, that allowed governors to save their states from the burden of an expanded Medicaid program, and save money for federal taxpayers as well.

Holding the line on expanding Medicaid was also a huge opportunity to contain the growth of Obamacare, making it easier for Republicans to repeal the law once they gained power.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich was not the only Republican governor to expand Medicaid — Vice President Mike Pence also stabbed conservatives in the back by expanding the program as governor of Indiana, but no Republican governor behaved with more brazenness and dishonesty in expanding the program than Kasich.

He ran for governor in 2010 of Ohio as a Tea Party opponent of Obamacare, declaring days before the election, "Obamacare must be blocked." But when the Supreme Court made the Medicaid expansion optional, powerful hospital lobbyists led by the Cleveland Clinic convinced Kasich to embrace the expansion so they could receive more federal money.
Kasich then sanctimoniously spun his cynical betrayal of his 2010 campaign boasts in religious terms, implying conservatives who disagreed with him were bad Christians. When the Republican legislature rebuffed his plan to expand Medicaid, Kasich bypassed them to impose it on Ohio.

During the past six months, Kasich has served more as a lobbyist to preserve Obamacare, joining with Democratic governors to fight Medicaid changes and push for more federal handouts.


There are many other Republicans to blame but these are the biggest three

And now you understand better why Obamacare is still in existence and why as a nation we've developed this perverted mindset that universal healthcare for all is a basic right and no one has the guts or will to simply repeal it.

No one in power wants it gone and pretty much everyone wants things as-is because there's some kind of financial benefit for all

Rotten system we have in place.. Rotten Congresspeople and Governors

At least we have a decent President.

Friday, July 28, 2017

McCain Middle Fingers Trump Again..

We expressed last week that we felt really no sympathy or empathy toward Sen, John McCain during his upcoming cancer battle because he's a bad man; a bitter, rotten cadaver of a person with spite and anger in his heart toward Trump

After last night's news, it just reaffirms all we felt on him

Two days after flying to Washington DC from Arizona and receiving special praise and thanks from the President for voting to re-open debate on repealing Obamacare instead of going on vacation, McCain thanks Trump back by middle fingering him
In what is probably a devastating blow to Trump and his healthcare agenda, last night Senate Republicans voted 49 to 51 to pass a slimmed down bill put forward as a last gasp effort to overhaul the US healthcare system, leaving the fate of Obamacare in the hands of Democrats and the general public.

McCain joined known repeal holdouts, GOP Sens. Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) in opposing Health Care Freedom Act, HR 1628, the pared-down measure that would have repealed key parts of Obamacare.
Collins if some of you remember, is the big nosed bitch who switched sides to support Obamacare back in 2010 after she was promised and received some nice financial goodies from Obama that would specifically help her state which of course helps the career politician get re-elected

And McCain in recent months expressed that he liked the Obama Presidency overall

So there you go.
Such a terrible world we live in..  A handout society of 'Gimme Gimme'

Millions of people do not want to work, especially blacks so they expect government to take over and give them everything..  money, food, shelter and now healthcare

And the concept is so ingrained into the American psyche that even Republicans don't want to simply repeal a bad, financially draining law

Nope, they want to replace it with something 'better' which still effectively grants blanket coverage to everyone when it is the individual's responsibility to choose it
At best government should simply do what it can to get insurance companies to offer basic coverage plans that the poor can afford and nothing more

Healthcare is not a right.. Never has been.  Never should be..

Neither is car, home, fire, life or any other kind of insurance..  It is meant to benefit individuals - it should be acquired or not so by individuals
Think of it like this:  You accidentally cuts your finger with a knife - nothing major but its enough that something needs to be done.   What do you do?

Do you sit and wait for another person to come over to you and take care of your boo boo then give you a kissy to make it all better?

Or are you pro-active -- you get up, run water on it, pour rubbing alcohol and apply a bandage..
When it comes to healthcare today, most people would prefer the boo-boo kissy route and let others take care of them or not be prepared for the contingency of medical care so when the cut occurs there's no disinfectant nearby and a paper towel replaces a bandage.

The media likes to talk nonstop about the 'millions who would be kicked off' healthcare had Obamacare been repealed..

Those are the millions who should have Never been allowed coverage in the first place.
Very few Americans are genuinely poor and pretty much no American is what we would call 3rd world poor

The majority of those who are financially at the low end of the totem pole are that way due to bad life choices and terrible spending/saving habits.

It should not be that hard to figure that a couple making a combined $50k a year can make that money stretch more when its 2 people vs having children and yet what do the poor often do?  

Yep.. Have lots of children, each a mouth to feed and body to clothe
So now that $50k before taxes has to stretch to deal with 5 or 6 people instead of 2, and they stupidly wonder why they can't ever get ahead

According to a report from the Census Bureau in 2013, 80.9% of households below the poverty level have cell phones, and 58.2 have computers which also means internet.

Also 96.1% of American households in “poverty” have a television to watch, and 83.2% of them have a video-recording device in case they cannot get home in time to watch the football game or their favorite television show and they want to record it for watching later.

Refrigerators (97.8%), gas or electric stoves (96.6%) and microwaves (93.2%) are standard equipment in the homes of Americans in "poverty."

And yet can not afford their own healthcare - wonder why?
Such an entitlement society that is so deeply entrenched in people that even the GOP is afraid to seriously combat the epidemic

Such a rotten bastard John McCain is..  So deserving of what he's got

So what happens next?

We think a lot of GOP Senators and Congresspeople will be punished for this in 2018 which while deserved on an individual level is a scary thought if it means those despicables on the left take over Congress again

All because of one cancer-ridden piece of shit

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Worse than 'Fake' News? Fake Transgender

The Wachowski Brothers.. um 'Sisters'

Last night yours truly was watching a movie from a couple years ago called 'Jupiter Ascending' - it was not that good but the visuals were interesting enough I wanted to watch some behind the scenes of how it was made

It was was directed by the Wachowski brothers, Andrew & Larry who also directed the Matrix Trilogy among other things

Well I should say the the Wachowski sisters if I was to be politically correct about it since not one but Both brothers decided to become transgender women with Andrew calling himself 'Lilly" and Larry now calling himself 'Lana'
But since A&G will never conform to political correctness both are still 'He' and will never be 'She' even though every reference from magazine articles to Wikipedia refer to them that way just like they keep calling Bruce Jenner the name 'Caitlyn' and it becomes so commonplace, eventually you slip and do the same

Really don't know what was more disturbing to watch - the two men dress, act and sincerely think they are actual women, with Larry having long purple and pink dyed locks and wearing a dress..

Or the fact that absolutely no one on set seemed to have any problem or difficulty with it.
Complete business as usual as you see snippets of the various actors like Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, Sean Bean and Eddie Redmayne talk and laugh with the two brothers as if their desire to pretend and act like women was so natural

Then again Redmayne played a tranny in the 'Danish Girl' which for God-knows-what reason won him an Oscar and even masculine Bean has played a 'woman' in a British TV series

So who really knows what's in another actor's mental 'closets'
The movie completely bombed causing Warner Brothers to sever ties with the directing duo

Maybe it was because the film was confusing to follow..  Maybe it was because the movie going public didn't want to see a film directed by freaks..  Who knows..

But that's what Hollywood is..  Uber-tolerance to a mentally sick extreme
Would honestly not be surprised if one day they and really liberals in general push for a society where adults and children can express 'love' openly, date and one day marry..  

Even can see them one day pushing for a would where bestiality is condoned and accepted as casually as a white dating a black

When you think where society was 30-40 years ago vs today, you realize nothing is impossible where secular progressives are concerned.

That's why once again we thank God that Trump is President
While even a President can not fully stop the scourge by himself, at least he takes a stand wherever possible like the tweets he wrote today

In essence, transgenders will not be allowed to serve in the military in any capacity

The announcement represents a major shift in US military policy; the decision will affect nearly 150,000 active and/or retired/veteran people on service in the US military.

Can you imagine that rotten closet lesbian Hillary doing this while taking a break from sex with her assistant Huma..
President Obama's final defense secretary, Ash Carter, issued a directive last year that permitted transgender troops to serve in the military, and to undergo reassignment surgery.

That step left a decision for Trump Secretary of Defense James Mattis to make a decision on whether to allow new transgender troops to enter the military.

There are currently 250 transgender people now serving openly in the U.S. military.

That is openly..
Thanks to that black bastard monkey Obama's decision, at the moment all soldiers in the U.S. Army are now required to take a 50-minute training course on transgender sensitivity.

Can you believe that!

So even if you may not feel 100% happy with Trump's job performance thus far, it is stands like this which just show how vitally important that last election was
Social Progressivism is a disease; a virus that won't stop until it contaminates the mind and soul of every living being to think like them and then will keep pushing the 'envelop' until there is no more such thing as morality or right v wrong..

The best weapon..really the only weapon against is a clear thinking mind that will not succumb to that thinking..

That's you.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Importance of Keeping Momentum

Yesterday President Trump gave a very profound speech in front of about 45,000 Boy Scouts and their families; the kind of speech those worthless worms on the left will mock him for but really was quite inspiring.

We really recommend you go on YouTube and watch it..  Its 38 minutes in length for those who have the time

While he mentioned political things here and there, the main theme was about success and the importance of doing what you love because if you are doing something you truly enjoy, you will happily commit all the time in the world to it and it won't feel like work

We've heard this from others as well and it's still very true
Of course it is not always easy to achieve this because if your passions are not entrepreneurial, then its pretty difficult to create your own livelihood as a historian, philosopher or an expert linguist in the dead languages

Still, it is the correct mindset to have in life.

He stated basically that people need to find something that makes them feel excited or motivated to wake up go to work each day

Even putting the work part aside, that is such an accurate statement
Every day a person should have at least one thing to look forward to..  Big or small..  watching a TV program or movie.. A special meal to cook (or cooked for you)..  Meeting a friend/family member..

Once more, this was something we heard others say to us but it just seemed to resonate a bit more when Trump said it

It is so important for one to learn to create their own sunshine
Trump also spoke to the massive crowd about the importance of momentum which is an interesting word most don't talk about

He told a story of a man named William Levitt, who after WWII created all the various 'Levittowns' that sprung up in places around New York, Philadelphia, etc..

Very briefly..  The man had high standards, was extremely successful and as such was extremely wealthy..  He then sold his business to a corporation and basically retired to live on a yacht

Eventually the business the corporation bought floundered because they didn't put the same care into it so they sold it back to Levitt but because he was out of the business 'game' for so long, he could not make it a success again and lived the rest of his life a wealthy but dispirited man
Nearly 7 years ago (Sept. 6, 2010 to be exact), we created 'Ants & Grasshoppers' with no idea how many if any would read it..

We just felt like we had no voice in the rotten stench which was Obama's America and was sick and tired of the continual lies about how the economy was improving simply because he was President

And we saw a speech on YouTube - we wish we could remember who it was - and he said essentially the best way to fight an oppressive media is to create your own.

Doesn't have to be a TV network or a metropolitan newspaper..  The 21st century is about the Internet and you do not need to be rich to create your media..  Only have something to say that means something to others.
The only things that were set in stone was we would talk about finance, politics & the world with a blunt honesty that no one else seems to do anymore even if it occasionally offended and we would never advertise or seek subscriptions..

This enterprise had to remain free.

So the fact that so many loyal readers keep visiting and the viewership keeps growing is all the momentum and motivation we need to continue
We hope we inform and educate, or at least to stimulate thought

But we also hope we can inspire you the reader in some way to not feel you are ideologically alone and know you too can create a voice & be heard too

There is a lot of badness from the left - in particular the need for social thought control so you conform to their way of thinking without even realizing it

And by extension taking away your spark to want to get up every morning and fight it
Just gotta stay strong..

Say motivated..

Stay excited about life..

And keep your momentum.

Monday, July 24, 2017

How Would You Like Your News 'Eggs' - Runny or Sunny...

Its the start of a new week of pretty much non-news as we head into the dead of summer..

Imagine what crap mainstream news has to pull out of its bum-bum to keep the anti-Trump zealots watching and reading..

So as we stated last week, we're going to sift through the sewage, find anything informative or even remotely interesting and comment with the blunt honesty you've grown to expect after nearly 6 years
A complete non-news item caught our eye over the weekend..

A liberal asshole (is there any other kind?) Congressman named Al Green (not to confuse with the very talented 70s singer) after failing to get his bill adopted to impeach Trump is calling for Presidents to be prevented from pardoning themselves

If any of us at A&G were in Congress, we'd push a bill that called for Rep. Al Green to go suck himself

Of course we don't think even in a GOP controlled House it would pass
Makes us think back to something a friend did back during my college years when she served in the student government Senate

During the spring semester of a given year, this one other Senator would like to waste time proposing bills and other nonsense that would delay meetings needlessly so he could have opportunities to speak

They'd never get passed but the goal really wasn't for anything he tried to be supported by the rest of the student Senate but merely to have some attention directed at him since he was pathetic like this Rep Green is..
The final straw was some kind of Amendment honoring JFK even though he had been deceased for decades and it wasn't even to honor the anniversary of his killing

So my friend got sick of it and proposed a bill that March 29th be made ' President John Tyler' Day and there should be cake, ice cream and such after the meeting that given day to celebrate it

Seeing that it was going to pass and fearing embarrassment, the Senate President took her aside and they agreed she would get $50 to fund the party if she agreed to pull the bill so it would never become official and no one outside the room would ever know
She agreed on further condition if that other Senator ever proposed something stupid again, a motion of censure would be voted on to shut him up

So all was agreed and from what she told yours truly, it was quite a fun party they had to celebrate our 10th President.

Now in a college setting, this thing might to some be a complete eye-roller but otherwise harmless

But this is the crap they do to waste time in Congress all the time and so many of them started out in university Student Government
The other 'news' item we wish to briefly cover is rumors that Trump wants to dump Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and replace him with Rudy Giuliani

If this becomes truth, we'd be more than happy

Quite frankly Giuliani should have been chosen from the outset..

He was a successful NYC District Attorney prior to becoming Mayor, was extremely loyal and supportive to Trump during the campaign, is not a pussy like Sessions and no one will forget his leadership during 9/11
When Sessions voluntarily recused himself from involvement in the Russia investigation, it was like backing down from a fight and placing one's second in their place..

Pretty cowardly stuff

So we'll see if this comes about but right now its rumor so has to be treated as more non-news to get people watching and reading

TV news in particular is such garbage, especially how they set it up with "analysts" which are nothing more than paid opinion givers with bias
Imagine if weather was covered like politics - You have a panel of 4 people, 3 of them who love rain and one who prefers sunshine sitting around and talking ' arguing for hours about the weather today in Boston or St Louis

Three panelists doing their best to convince everyone that thunderstorms are better than sunny skies and a token sun-lover there just to give the appearance of weather 'balance'

But that's news today and its not going to change any time soon..

Enjoy your Monday.. Hope it is/was sunny..

Friday, July 21, 2017

Stop Saying McCain is a 'Fighter'

The big news yesterday we guess was OJ was granted parole but since we genuinely don't care, we'll just devote a couple sentences to it at best..

People convicted of crimes are paroled all the time and remember even though he killed his wife and her lover Ron Goldman, OJ was never convicted of it

You can't hold a person indefinitely for one guilty verdict based on another crime where a jury was too black tainted and thus acquitted

So if you're an attractive, young white woman, best advice is to not sleep with OJ or steal his sports memorabilia and you should be safe

Now onto other things
We read an excellent article in the Washington Examiner which along with the Wash. Times are the two conservative newspapers to counter the daily poison that comes out of the Wash. Post

It was a commentary about John McCain's cancer and how others treat it, and made a really outstanding and rather brave point in its headline:

'Stop saying John McCain will beat cancer because he is a fighter!'
In the commentary which was not written with any hatred or meanness toward McCain or his situation, it was stated accurately:

"Many cancer patients and patient advocates have written against the "warrior" rhetoric associated with the disease. 

Employing such rhetoric can make those dealing with cancer feel they are failing and letting people down during especially hard times. 

It can make terminally ill patients feel that they are weak, or giving up, by deciding to choose palliative care options without undergoing another series of painful treatments that could only marginally prolong their lives. 
And it also contains the unintended but pernicious implication that those who don't live as long simply didn't fight hard enough."...

Lancaster University professor Elena Semino, author of one psychological study on the effects of war metaphors on cancer patients, said of her research, "Blame is being put on the patient, and there's almost a sense that, if you are dying, you must have given up and not have fought hard enough."

Writing about her cancer in the Guardian in 2014, Kate Granger explained, "I do not want to feel a failure about something beyond my control. I refuse to believe my death will be because I didn't battle hard enough."

Very true..
So why are we writing on this besides the fact we agree with the writer's sentiments

It is because we are just sick and tired of everything in life being given this pollyanna positive false spin without anything substantive or real to back it up; just empty words that sound good

And just so tired of a world where catchy slogans and meaningless platitudes are uttered because no one really wants to get involved or care about another or be there to listen if someone actually wants to talk on a problem their having.
Most people just really don't care about others and never will so when cornered, they will say empty words like 'Hope you get better soon' or 'I know you will beat this'

Try this experiment with people you know --  When someone asks how are you that you believe do not sincerely care, actually say something is wrong..

Make up something..  painful urination.. dealing with constipation.. coughing attacks where phlegm fills the tissues..   Whatever but don't say you're "good" -  now see how people respond
How many ask what happened?  How many ask what are you taking for it or make any effort to try to find out why you're not feeling well?

How many say "Aww, well I hope you get better" then skedaddle

John McCain has cancer..  OK, fine

We don't celebrate it but we don't pretend we're sad because he really is not a good person..   In wartime, both the good and bad, just and unjust can find themselves in a POW camp
That said, we'd never offer some empty bullshit periphery platitude like "Well he's a fighter.. He'll beat it" or '"McCain is tough and a winner.. He'll pull through'

How absolutely stupid can people be to try to humanize cancer?!

Besides how do you fight it?

You go through horrible chemotherapy.. You take terrible drugs..  You feel like shit..
Some will go through it all with a very positive attitude because they're positive minded to begin with or have a very strong, unshakable faith

Others will have a very rough emotional go of it..

What makes them not 'fighters'..  Because they aren't choosing to see the bright side of it all?

Some people commit suicide because they don't want to go through months or years of total agony and/or they don't have the money or support system to survive even if they do so physically..

Are they failures and quitters?    
If one dies from cancer, a gunshot wound or some physical trauma, does that make them a loser?

Wonder if someone upon witnessing Lincoln shot at Ford's Theater consoled themselves with "I know Abe will make it.. He's a fighter'?

Since he died less than 12 hrs later, we guess based on that shit phrase, Lincoln wouldn't be...

Neither would JFK or MLK Jr or Ghandi

Was Debbie Reynolds a 'loser' because she didn't want to "fight" to live in a world her daughter Carrie Fisher wouldn't be living in after suffering a horrible stress related stroke and died quickly after her daughter?

Of course not!
So let's stop with this 'fighter' nonsense..

Everything is G-D slogans..  'Alcohol is a disease..'  'Abortion is a choice..'  'Love Trumps Hate'

Fucking fuck liberals..

So much of how society thinks, acts and communicates is molded by Madison Avenue and the ultra-left entertainment industry, one really has no clue..
Everyone wants to get on the 'fighter' bandwagon because it sounds good and seems like it doesn't offend anyone

Except it does offend two groups:

People dealing with cancer personally or their loved ones..

And people with brains.