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Thursday, July 13, 2017

100th Anniv of US in WWI - Celebrating What is Not Deserving of Such..

For the next couple days Trump is going to be in France to meet with their newly elected leader Macron and celebrate Bastille Day which is tomorrow, 7/14

It is also meant to celebrate America's 100th anniversary of entrance into World War I

Why that event should be celebrated is absolutely idiotic and asinine..
Over 4 million men back then were conscripted into service and sent over to Europe where 110,000 Americans died in basically 6 months of actual combat.

It averages to 611 men a day for a war no one today knows or cares about..  (60,000 died in the 11 year US involvement in Vietnam, a conflict where a trillion movies and documentaries were made on it.. That averaged 15 dead a day)

So much suffering and so much loss of life to ensure that US bankers got paid the debts owed by the British, French and their bankers who would have never been able to repay the loans had Germany defeated them which it looked like when the US was arm-twisted to enter the fray
There's never been a war fought anywhere at any time in world history where the primary motivation was not financial


No, not the American Revolution..

We didn't go up against the Crown for liberty and democracy..
We didn't want to pay their taxes, merchants resented Parliament interfering in their business and no one wanted to repay Britain for the Seven Years war which was really to protect colonialists from the French and Indians in the west

In addition, we resented that they prevented us from continuing to print and circulate our own colonial currency which caused countless people then to economically suffer
And, No not the Civil War..

If you really think it was fought to keep Union together and free negroes, then.. We'll be nice and suggest you stop watching the now diluted History channel

Back then as now, Wall Street controlled commodity prices..  So they continually artificially devalued cotton, rice and other Southern staple crops i.e. what the farmers could actually charge while making a financial killing with the processing of these things into food, clothing, etc..
Southern cotton growers actually found it cheaper to send their cotton to Liverpool England to have it processed than a northern US state..

Its too detailed to go into all the similar examples of what economic life was like in the decade or two prior to secession but basically we had a Feudal state but just of slave master-slave and Industrialist-immigrant worker but sectionally as South was under the thumb of the North
And WWII?  No that was economic too

Everyone knows FDR was trying to get America into the war since the Nazi invasion of Poland in Sept. 1939..

We economically benefited from policies such as Land-Lease where we sold Britain war munitions in exchange for some of their territories around the world

And every historian will tell you that what eventually got us out of the Great Depression was mobilizing the civilian population into 24/7 war production
So once again..

No war ever in the history of man was ever engaged where economics was not the primary focus

Because things like religion and 'doing the right thing' may feed the soul but its money that buys what is needed to feed the belly

We sometimes wonder what would have happened if the US never got involved in WWI and Kaiser Germany won?

Since they'd have been the victor, we can't imagine their economy would have gotten so bad to allow pieces of shit like the Nazi party to take over thus the chances of Holocaust and 12 million people of all faiths dying for no reason would not happen

And if there's no Hitler, perhaps there is no World War II where counting Holocaust totals, 50 million lost their lives

Of course we'll never know..  No such thing as a time machine, darnnit
But sometimes the things we celebrate really are not deserving of it and what we think of as good outcomes actually might not have been.

History is funny like that

So the President may be there in France to 'celebrate' US involvement in WWI and the beginning of continual meddling in involvement in global affairs but we certainly are not.