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Monday, July 17, 2017

Always Be Thinkin', Stinkin..

Over the weekend yours truly popped in a DVD to watch and as all DVDs and Blu Rays say at the beginning, it warns against piracy and states its a Federal crime and then punishments if caught

I am sure most who rent and buy movies don't even think of doing it and for those who contemplate it, the fear of the legal consequences discourage such action

Then I thought for a moment

What if it said piracy was a crime against God rather than the State; something like if you commit movie piracy you will be sinning against the Lord..
Just have a sneaking suspicion there'd be a lot more illegal copying and distribution of such materials than whatever goes on today

Because to be blunt about it, unless your one of deep faith in whatever your religious beliefs are, God's laws mean pretty much nothing and secular law always is to be most feared

How many would obey the speed limit because 'God' said it is wrong to drive too fast vs fear of a $75 ticket and possibility of higher insurance costs
People pretty much don't kill others because the 10 Commandments say not to..

And they don't start crying their eyes out full of fear over His wrath but more about real-world consquences

We don't kill others because we don't want to be arrested, incarcerated and have some AIDS-ridden cellmate butt-fuck us every hour of the day
On the other hand, people commit adultery left and right without much of a thought..  

Once again the 10 Commandments say its wrong but to my knowledge, no one has ever been sent to jail for having consensual sex with another adult while in a marriage or long-term relationship

So secular law reigns supreme

The State certainly prefers it that way..
Scenario:  Your parent commits a crime and police want you to rat out your parent so they can arrest them or want you to testify in court against..  If you don't give that person up, you will be the focus of the law's wrath

God's law says 'Honor thy Mother & Father' ..  Secular law says 'Fuck that.. Turn him/her in or get in our way and we'll destroy you'

What do you do?

If you don't believe in God or religion and think its bullshit, the decision isn't too difficult when enough pressure is applied
We don't know if this is still done today but it used to be in court when you took the stand, you had to swear under God that you'd tell the truth..

It wasn't that anyone really cared about God..  It was just a way of saying, in case you are one who puts God before State and would lie so not to go against your faith, we're adding 'God' so you have that over your head

The purpose of all this is not to convert you but to inform and make aware because nothing about a secular society and by extension secular progressivism is innocent
It all has a purpose, mainly to diminish belief in anything but the State and what IS; belief is bullshit and that is the society they want to ultimately have constructed for future generations and beyond..

Let's take the belief in aliens and life on other planets

It sounds very innocent.. Some people believe extra-terrestrials have visited Earth and many including the same people believe there's life on some distant planet, galaxy or universe and that we're not alone

In other words, we are not special or exceptional
You heard the arguments.. We're just grains of sand among a large cosmic beach..  We think ourselves superior but there's other life-forms far more technologically advanced..

And of course Superior to us as humans

You never hear these jerks even propose that even though the possibility of life exists elsewhere, we are still Superior to it;  nope the narrative has to be the other way

This is an extension of America v the world argument..  America is Not #1..  We're not moral or a good nation.. We should be humble and stop trying to lead and join the league of nations where others decide our fate..
White European Americans are of course 'Bad' and 'Evil' and 'Insensitive' and no better than anyone else in spite of the fact they created the Nation and were the adventurers, architects and artists who took vast amounts of land settled by primitives and created a strong, vibrant nation

And if there's a God or Jesus as many say skeptically of course he has to be black because you know how blacks are.. ~eyes rolled

Do you see the similarity in how secularists think?

If they allow God to exist, then Providence must exist
That means that they can not refute that America was founded, colonized and was created then developed for good, noble intentions by a higher power

That means there will always be a challenge to man made law and thus people will always be prone to rebellion if they feel it interferes or contradicts holy law

And it means that since those of faith believe God created the Earth and everything and everyone in it, that their masturbation fantasy of superior beings in other worlds showing us how terrible we are as humans won't come to pass..
And it means that science in itself is not the end-all, be-all of existence and does not provide all the answers

Plus there never was a battle of God v science..   Who do you think created all the laws of gravity, physics, etc?   It wasn't some outer space being from a universe 10 billion-million miles away..

People are always trying to control how others think and mold society into their image

Historically the Church did that and even today fundamental Islam doesn't allow its followers to move beyond the 11th century

But Secularists have picked up the baton and they've worked hard for the last few generations to mold everyone to their world view..

Maybe in some ways, they are correct in how they see the world but they sure as shit won't allow you to decide that for yourself if they had their way

Just gotta always be aware..  Who's telling you what and why..

Always be thinkin', stinkin...