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Thursday, July 20, 2017

It's All A Game & No One is Letting You In On it

Because there really isn't much out there on a daily basis in the way of news, most of it being non-news which is worse than fake because it is all meaningless and irrelevant..

We're going to alter how we cover and analyze the 'news' of the day by spending more time briefly addressing a lot of little things and focus longer posts of relevant bigger picture topics

So we'll see how this goes.
The big news story of yesterday at least to us had to do with Trump's interview with the NY Times about his Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Yes it was quite a surprise he would throw his own guy under the bus so publicly, knowing full well the interview was being audio recorded

But the bigger surprise as we see it was that Trump granted an interview to the NY Times at all
Wasn't that supposed to be a newspaper he repeatedly trashed as 'fake' and essentially in the tank for Hillary and the Democrats?

It's kind of like picking a co-worker or neighbor that you keep venting that you despise then going to him or her as a 'friendly' outlet to vent your thoughts

Makes no sense..  Unless..

Unless the attacks upon the media are just theater
Notice that Trump has given interviews with CBS twice, NBC, NY Times and even CNN since he won last November

All enemies..

Then he vents and whines about how he is treated when he has powers to really curb and control them which he like so many of his predecessors refuses to do
Maybe he has no choice since 99% of the mainstream media is liberal but still..

Sometimes it feels like professional wrestling -- They step in front of the camera and yell they're going to do this and that when in the ring..  The crowd gets into it as bodies are twisted and chairs smashed over each other's heads...

Then later on you find out everyone are pretty much friends who go out to dinner together

Truth is every person who is President in modern history seems scared to death of the media and can't figure how to cage the tiger without getting bloodied up

Because the 'tiger' can be put down.. Just takes more than a couple tweets.
The other news story we guess is that John McCain has brain cancer or something

We hate him so much, we honestly don't give a damn

Sorry but we don't lie here or pull punches and not going to start..
Some have thought maybe this is why he's acted so erratic and viciously anti-Trump at every turn but he really was a bastard toward his own party for decades and not really a good guy

Anyone who calls his wife Cindy a cunt as he did his current spouse at one point during the 2008 election isn't someone we feel any kindness toward

We can use the word to call out people we despise like Hillary but no spouse should ever say it to another, not even in a moment of rage and why she took it and stayed with McCain, we'll never know
And all this outpouring of love by everyone including that disingenuous black bastard Obama.. Jesus!

If everyone admired and respected McCain so much, why didn't he win in '08?

You see, we're not politicians or Washington insiders..  Everyone here at A&G are normal people with passion and able to see things as they are and not as we're supposed to

We don't see politics as some game..

The decisions these assholes on both sides of the political aisle make affect millions of people, occasionally for the better but mostly for the worse
None of them really care about the middle or working classes because they're all obscenely wealthy so they haven't had to cut coupons or go to a store and tell themselves 'No' because the budget won't allow it

As well they don't give two shits about Caucasian people because it sounds too 'racist' to say that the demographic hurt most by the economic policies of the last 3+ decades are white men and so that wouldn't translate to votes

Identity politics is the name of the game even for the GOP

Even for Trump.
Perfectly OK to have scholarships solely for black children (even mulattos or those with 1% black blood may receive free college money).

Also perfectly fine to set aside $50 million in funding to start businesses as long as you possess a vagina (wonder if transgender people will try to claim the $$ too)

But have something for white Christian and Jewish people only so to benefit and help them then watch the heavens fall
So we don't make separations when we think of McCain, Pelosi, the Clintons, Obama, etc..

Don't give a damn if they're friendly or funny, or give to charity or would make a really great teammate in bridge

They're all parasites because they sought out power, got it then used it to hurt millions upon millions of people so to push their agendas.

So while we don't celebrate McCain's cancer, we don't feel bad either
No one is really representing you out there..  Not fully..

Not politicians.. Not media..  No one..

So if you have something you care about - a specific issue or a greater vision of how you want to see this nation in the near & distant future, you can't sit back and depend on Fox News or your local Congressperson to fight for you

How you get involved is up to you but its all about being pro-active

Goodness knows the enemies on the other side are.