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Friday, July 28, 2017

McCain Middle Fingers Trump Again..

We expressed last week that we felt really no sympathy or empathy toward Sen, John McCain during his upcoming cancer battle because he's a bad man; a bitter, rotten cadaver of a person with spite and anger in his heart toward Trump

After last night's news, it just reaffirms all we felt on him

Two days after flying to Washington DC from Arizona and receiving special praise and thanks from the President for voting to re-open debate on repealing Obamacare instead of going on vacation, McCain thanks Trump back by middle fingering him
In what is probably a devastating blow to Trump and his healthcare agenda, last night Senate Republicans voted 49 to 51 to pass a slimmed down bill put forward as a last gasp effort to overhaul the US healthcare system, leaving the fate of Obamacare in the hands of Democrats and the general public.

McCain joined known repeal holdouts, GOP Sens. Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) in opposing Health Care Freedom Act, HR 1628, the pared-down measure that would have repealed key parts of Obamacare.
Collins if some of you remember, is the big nosed bitch who switched sides to support Obamacare back in 2010 after she was promised and received some nice financial goodies from Obama that would specifically help her state which of course helps the career politician get re-elected

And McCain in recent months expressed that he liked the Obama Presidency overall

So there you go.
Such a terrible world we live in..  A handout society of 'Gimme Gimme'

Millions of people do not want to work, especially blacks so they expect government to take over and give them everything..  money, food, shelter and now healthcare

And the concept is so ingrained into the American psyche that even Republicans don't want to simply repeal a bad, financially draining law

Nope, they want to replace it with something 'better' which still effectively grants blanket coverage to everyone when it is the individual's responsibility to choose it
At best government should simply do what it can to get insurance companies to offer basic coverage plans that the poor can afford and nothing more

Healthcare is not a right.. Never has been.  Never should be..

Neither is car, home, fire, life or any other kind of insurance..  It is meant to benefit individuals - it should be acquired or not so by individuals
Think of it like this:  You accidentally cuts your finger with a knife - nothing major but its enough that something needs to be done.   What do you do?

Do you sit and wait for another person to come over to you and take care of your boo boo then give you a kissy to make it all better?

Or are you pro-active -- you get up, run water on it, pour rubbing alcohol and apply a bandage..
When it comes to healthcare today, most people would prefer the boo-boo kissy route and let others take care of them or not be prepared for the contingency of medical care so when the cut occurs there's no disinfectant nearby and a paper towel replaces a bandage.

The media likes to talk nonstop about the 'millions who would be kicked off' healthcare had Obamacare been repealed..

Those are the millions who should have Never been allowed coverage in the first place.
Very few Americans are genuinely poor and pretty much no American is what we would call 3rd world poor

The majority of those who are financially at the low end of the totem pole are that way due to bad life choices and terrible spending/saving habits.

It should not be that hard to figure that a couple making a combined $50k a year can make that money stretch more when its 2 people vs having children and yet what do the poor often do?  

Yep.. Have lots of children, each a mouth to feed and body to clothe
So now that $50k before taxes has to stretch to deal with 5 or 6 people instead of 2, and they stupidly wonder why they can't ever get ahead

According to a report from the Census Bureau in 2013, 80.9% of households below the poverty level have cell phones, and 58.2 have computers which also means internet.

Also 96.1% of American households in “poverty” have a television to watch, and 83.2% of them have a video-recording device in case they cannot get home in time to watch the football game or their favorite television show and they want to record it for watching later.

Refrigerators (97.8%), gas or electric stoves (96.6%) and microwaves (93.2%) are standard equipment in the homes of Americans in "poverty."

And yet can not afford their own healthcare - wonder why?
Such an entitlement society that is so deeply entrenched in people that even the GOP is afraid to seriously combat the epidemic

Such a rotten bastard John McCain is..  So deserving of what he's got

So what happens next?

We think a lot of GOP Senators and Congresspeople will be punished for this in 2018 which while deserved on an individual level is a scary thought if it means those despicables on the left take over Congress again

All because of one cancer-ridden piece of shit