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Friday, July 21, 2017

Stop Saying McCain is a 'Fighter'

The big news yesterday we guess was OJ was granted parole but since we genuinely don't care, we'll just devote a couple sentences to it at best..

People convicted of crimes are paroled all the time and remember even though he killed his wife and her lover Ron Goldman, OJ was never convicted of it

You can't hold a person indefinitely for one guilty verdict based on another crime where a jury was too black tainted and thus acquitted

So if you're an attractive, young white woman, best advice is to not sleep with OJ or steal his sports memorabilia and you should be safe

Now onto other things
We read an excellent article in the Washington Examiner which along with the Wash. Times are the two conservative newspapers to counter the daily poison that comes out of the Wash. Post

It was a commentary about John McCain's cancer and how others treat it, and made a really outstanding and rather brave point in its headline:

'Stop saying John McCain will beat cancer because he is a fighter!'
In the commentary which was not written with any hatred or meanness toward McCain or his situation, it was stated accurately:

"Many cancer patients and patient advocates have written against the "warrior" rhetoric associated with the disease. 

Employing such rhetoric can make those dealing with cancer feel they are failing and letting people down during especially hard times. 

It can make terminally ill patients feel that they are weak, or giving up, by deciding to choose palliative care options without undergoing another series of painful treatments that could only marginally prolong their lives. 
And it also contains the unintended but pernicious implication that those who don't live as long simply didn't fight hard enough."...

Lancaster University professor Elena Semino, author of one psychological study on the effects of war metaphors on cancer patients, said of her research, "Blame is being put on the patient, and there's almost a sense that, if you are dying, you must have given up and not have fought hard enough."

Writing about her cancer in the Guardian in 2014, Kate Granger explained, "I do not want to feel a failure about something beyond my control. I refuse to believe my death will be because I didn't battle hard enough."

Very true..
So why are we writing on this besides the fact we agree with the writer's sentiments

It is because we are just sick and tired of everything in life being given this pollyanna positive false spin without anything substantive or real to back it up; just empty words that sound good

And just so tired of a world where catchy slogans and meaningless platitudes are uttered because no one really wants to get involved or care about another or be there to listen if someone actually wants to talk on a problem their having.
Most people just really don't care about others and never will so when cornered, they will say empty words like 'Hope you get better soon' or 'I know you will beat this'

Try this experiment with people you know --  When someone asks how are you that you believe do not sincerely care, actually say something is wrong..

Make up something..  painful urination.. dealing with constipation.. coughing attacks where phlegm fills the tissues..   Whatever but don't say you're "good" -  now see how people respond
How many ask what happened?  How many ask what are you taking for it or make any effort to try to find out why you're not feeling well?

How many say "Aww, well I hope you get better" then skedaddle

John McCain has cancer..  OK, fine

We don't celebrate it but we don't pretend we're sad because he really is not a good person..   In wartime, both the good and bad, just and unjust can find themselves in a POW camp
That said, we'd never offer some empty bullshit periphery platitude like "Well he's a fighter.. He'll beat it" or '"McCain is tough and a winner.. He'll pull through'

How absolutely stupid can people be to try to humanize cancer?!

Besides how do you fight it?

You go through horrible chemotherapy.. You take terrible drugs..  You feel like shit..
Some will go through it all with a very positive attitude because they're positive minded to begin with or have a very strong, unshakable faith

Others will have a very rough emotional go of it..

What makes them not 'fighters'..  Because they aren't choosing to see the bright side of it all?

Some people commit suicide because they don't want to go through months or years of total agony and/or they don't have the money or support system to survive even if they do so physically..

Are they failures and quitters?    
If one dies from cancer, a gunshot wound or some physical trauma, does that make them a loser?

Wonder if someone upon witnessing Lincoln shot at Ford's Theater consoled themselves with "I know Abe will make it.. He's a fighter'?

Since he died less than 12 hrs later, we guess based on that shit phrase, Lincoln wouldn't be...

Neither would JFK or MLK Jr or Ghandi

Was Debbie Reynolds a 'loser' because she didn't want to "fight" to live in a world her daughter Carrie Fisher wouldn't be living in after suffering a horrible stress related stroke and died quickly after her daughter?

Of course not!
So let's stop with this 'fighter' nonsense..

Everything is G-D slogans..  'Alcohol is a disease..'  'Abortion is a choice..'  'Love Trumps Hate'

Fucking fuck liberals..

So much of how society thinks, acts and communicates is molded by Madison Avenue and the ultra-left entertainment industry, one really has no clue..
Everyone wants to get on the 'fighter' bandwagon because it sounds good and seems like it doesn't offend anyone

Except it does offend two groups:

People dealing with cancer personally or their loved ones..

And people with brains.