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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

US: Fighting Terrorists; Canada: Financially Rewarding Them

We honestly and sincerely believe America is the greatest country in the world

In spite of whatever problems we have or the fact that 50% of the population are deeply ignorant people who vote Democrat

Canada once used to be a great country as well but over the years it has deteriorated into what is basically a horrific vision of what the US could one day become if we keep electing liberals into positions of power
In Canada, everyone is allowed to enter, from decent to dirty to depraved

Everyone and everything is tolerated and embraced, and if a new deviant comes public, it is quickly embraced as a new norm

They also love terrorists and care far more for their rights than they do their general citizenry

How do we say this so definitively?

Let us briefly share the story of a Muslim piece of shit named Omar Khadr
When Omar was 16, he was captured by US forces and admitted in 2010 to killing a US soldier in addition to attempted murder, conspiracy, providing support to terrorists and as such was held at Guantanamo Bay

But because this sand person was born in Canada, their supreme court decided very recently that it did not matter that he was an admitted terrorist who killed people

Khadr's civil rights they determined had been violated
He was interrogated and denied sleep and even though the US captured and detained him, Canada's highest court determined their nation was complicit

"The deprivation of [Khadr's] right to liberty and security of the person is not in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice," the court ruled.

So Omar was awarded $10.5m and received an official apology by the Canadian government, for violating his civil rights.
So if a law-abiding citizen worked a well paying job at $100k a year, he/she would earn what the Muslim piece of shit received for killing others after 105 years

Liberalism is worse than a disease; it is a mental disorder.

It cares more about the rights of the killer than the victim, it puts a greater value upon the rights and happiness of the minority than the majority and cares more about winning the academic or 'moral' argument than the reality of life as we experience it daily
There are many Americans who have this warped, fucked up mindset especially the Bernie Sanders - Elizabeth Warren fringe

They really hate America, its history, anyone Caucasian who they directly blame even if they are white themselves and it is these people who wish Trump the most harm

They are mentally sick people and the live and work among us; some of us even have them as family or lovers..

They seem normal and act normal and then when a political topic rises, then look out!   You then are dealing with complete nutty nuts
Its hard sometimes to figure if Canada is just a social-political loon nation on its own or were we the inspiration for their extreme-left policies of over-tolerance and non-judgment

After all our laws bend over backward to protect the accused; rape and kill and cannibalize a victim, get arrested and plead guilty but if Miranda rights weren't read or denied access to that phone call and you got yourself a nut-ball walking free

A bit extreme example but true nonetheless in everyday practicality.
Obama was a horrible President and a truly worthless person but this extreme leftist way of looking at the world did not start with him so we can not pin full blame..

Perhaps this anti-American way of looking at the nation began with all those drugged out hippie losers of the 1960s who protested and got stoned every day

Maybe the beatniks of the 1950s who couldn't handle a post WWII America that was prosperous and strong..

Maybe the communist-anarchists of the turn of the 20th century who back then were extremely violent and terroristic in their own right
So even if Trump serves the full 8 years, we don't expect him to over turn what could be over 100 years of truly fucked up thinking

But if he slows it down just a little bit, he'll be even greater a President than he already is

Thank God for Trump..   A President who wants to defeat and kill terrorists while our friends up to the Great White North want to apologize and financially compensate them

Maybe we're going to one day need to build a second wall, ehh?