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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Pulling Back Veil As To How NFL Controls its TV Product

So among all the back n' forth debate and news chatter and fake arguments on 1st Amendment rights, racism and whatever else the left could think of, one factor this past week or so has been thus completely ignored:

How TV networks are covering the flag kneeling

Last Thursday night, when the LA Rams played the SF 49ers, the black play by play announcer for NFL Network, Mike Tirico made it a point of specifying by name every player on each team who knelt.
It wasn't done to call these idiots out in a negative way but to acknowledge them individually and express their right to do it, so those BLM-minded monkeys could feel their lost cause was represented.

This occurred before Trump's Alabama speech so only a couple people knelt on each side and there was no hand holding or middle-fingering of the President and this country in unison display.

So how did TV networks handle the situation this past weekend after the speech??
With Trump's attacks against protesting NFL players still reverberating, the league's TV partners decided to air live coverage of the national anthem before Week 3 games, something they usually skip so to show more beer commercials.

But those TV partners left out a key element of the coverage: crowd shots of angry fans.

Some America-hating fans, if they reacted at all, did happily clapped and cheered during protests

But others did not, and they angrily let their home teams know it.
The audio mics picked up the boos yet the TV networks mostly avoided crowd shots Sunday, so there was never a chance for viewers to see fans jeering players.

A segment of New England Patriots fans for example, nearly booed their own players off the field when some Pats sat or kneeled, with some screaming, "Stand up!"

The Cowboys were soundly booed by the Arizona fans (Dallas was on the road) and not a single camera showed a single person booing or holding a pro-Trump or pro-USA sign
One behind-the-scenes TV staffer at another stadium told Sporting News that camera operators were ordered to avoid crowd shots in case they showed fans counter-protesting the protests.

Yes..  Ordered

Guess those players' so-called 1st Amendment rights to express themselves were worthy of coverage but the people who pay $100 a ticket in the seats who disagreed and voiced displeasure we not worth a spit

NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Fox Sports and ESPN pay billions each year to televise live NFL games.
The league saw this weekend's unprecedented anthem coverage as a golden opportunity to demonstrate unity among players, coaches and owners -- and opposition to Trump's comments.

You would think physically strong men could handle someone calling them 'sons of bitches' which they are.. 

Guess the mental/emotional strength of athletes is pretty Weak

But when you're a multi-millionaire from the projects used to getting your way and everyone fawning on you, you're not used to anyone criticizing you where you are forced to hear it; fans are always ignored.. a sitting President can't be
Most people who follow sports do not know this but the sports leagues including NFL control their product very tightly when it comes to how network partners can display it..   This is nothing new- been this way for many decades

For instance, it is no accident that when you watch an NFL game and you see the quarterback say 'Hutt' to start the play, the view is from the sideline - one team on the left.. the other on the right

You will never Ever see an NFL game where a play begins and the camera angle is from the end zone where one team is at top of screen and the other at the bottom and you can see all the players of both teams on field
This is called 'All 22' - where game tape created by cameras in fixed positions perched high enough in the rafters of stadiums show all 22 football players on the field at the same time.

The NFL treats that as 'proprietary coaching information' and will not allow the TV partners to broadcast it unless briefly after a play to explain a certain TD or INT..

It is done because it does not want the fans to be so educated in watching the game of football that it no longer feels the need to watch pre-game, post-game or any other analysis-based programming that ESPN may show during the week.
Remember the NFL wants to make a profit but they also want the networks they gouge to make a profit too, so its all a symbiotic relationship to keep as many NFL viewers watching the content and ads as possible

The NFL (and other sports leagues) also control the on-air talent i.e. they approve who the play by play and color commentators are and have the power to demand someone be removed from that capacity if they disapprove of how their product is covered

This is why you rarely hear any negativity by an announcer toward a player, coach, owner, or team..  Ever!!
If someone drops a pass, the worst someone might say is "What was he thinking?"

If a player makes a stupid decision that hurts the team, someone in the booth will say something like "X wishes he could do that play over again.."

Every coach is treated as "brilliant" and every player as "amazing"

The first time you ever hear someone say "This guy is out of his depth and has no business being on the field (or sideline)", expect that to be the last time you ever hear that commentator say anything
So the league controls Everything regarding its product - who covers it, how its covered, what topics are acceptable, the camera angles, what type of people to not show in the stands (when's the last time you ever saw an NFL game where camera panned into the stands during a fight?) and of course the NFL told networks years ago to never show a fan who runs onto the field

You are merely watching a very controlled, choreographed presentation
A long time ago, ESPN did one of those inside-access of a college football game and it was fascinating..  How the NFL does it is no different

During the latter part of the week, there's a pre-production meeting where the producer lets the 'talent' in the booth know the main storylines to focus on..  It can change depending on how the game goes but there's always beginning focus points

Then at some point those 'talent' interview the players and coaches so they have their handy list of cliches and safe anecdotes to spout off during the telecast
During the game itself, besides all the various game cams, there's isolated cameras that follow each coach and certain players based on star power or controversy who they can quick-cut to the moment someone displays any emotion or acts in any way not from the norm..

Among the referees and officials on the field, there's one person who's job it is to notify the refs at certain stoppages in play that it will be a TV time out, and in the production booth, someone is holding a stopwatch and looking so to know precisely when to cut back to game

Notice that every single time someone is injured and laying on the ground more than 30sec, the TV network cuts to commercial even if it just came back from one.. 

The injury timeout is another NFL directive so the hope is by the time the break ends, the guy is off the field so no one has to see the gruesome realities of playing football
And though you never see it, the 'talent' in the booth have earpieces in their ears so the producer or whoever can tell them to say 'this' or 'that' or focus on a new storyline

Very little someone on-air says comes from their actual minds.. It is spoon fed by a producer or based on interviews beforehand where quotes and such are scribbled on paper first

There's also usually two others in the booth who you never see called 'spotters' whose job is to let them know where the ball is marked and any occurrence on the field they should be immediately focusing on (penalty flag, a scuffle, etc..)
Everything is controlled by the NFL and that includes what free speech and expression is tolerated and what isn't -- a player, coach or owner stating after the game that officiating was 'terrible' and that person should expect a heavy fine as punishment...

Express through words and/or actions one's hatred for the flag, the nation and/or the President and get a pat on the back..

That's the NFL.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Final Thoughts on Flag Kneelers and NFL

~ Cowboys owner Jerry Jones demonstrating that blacks control him...

For us, the big problem we've had with the whole protest/demonstration during the national anthem honestly does not have a lot to do with the flag per se

Yes, you have a lot of ignorant low-educated black athletes along with their white-guilt counterparts middle fingering this country, its history, its heritage and those who serve/fight to defend it..

For some its agenda driven and for others just a copycat trend
But for us, this goes beyond the flag and anthem because if all the players were to stand and let's say put their left hand on their heads or tummies or manly cup the tushy of the player next to them, it would still greatly irk us because its drawing attention to themselves and their activism.

We're just sick n' tired of athletes injecting their politics and social values into sports, whether we agree or disagree with the message.

We deeply despise Black Lives (do not) Matter, their mantra and all those who agree with that point of view and don't want to see/hear any of that garbage during a sporting event
But to be fair, it also sickens us how the NFL for years have pushed military, patriotism and flag down viewers throats not because of sincere love of country but they found after 9/11 it really boosted ratings and made it seem like this multi billion dollar corporation cared

We love and respect the national anthem and flag but its hard to look at it as sacred when you see the US flag on towels and bandanas which one blows their nose and on specialty toilet paper where one wipes their bum-bum

And it is easy to see how people who passively accept and allow American flags in the rainbow colors of gay pride to be flown by some and quietly tolerate it being burnt or spit on, to not care if some wish to kneel to it
Everything's a slippery slope and social progressivism never has an endpoint

Associated Press reported today that NFL ratings this year are down 11% compared to last year..

Is it connected to the uppity black flag-kneelers?

We're sure to some extent and that's a very good thing but truth be told, most say they will boycott or protest in some way and ultimately do not..  The NFL knows this
Prior to this past weekend yours truly had paid for a product called NFL GamePass where for a certain amount of money you can watch all the games after they're played without commercials in full game or condensed mode anytime anywhere

I had been a subscriber for a few years but I cancelled and got a refund Monday evening sacrificing something I enjoyed on principle and I was not going to let these bastards keep my $$ while middle fingering my values

The final straw for me was last Monday night the Dallas Cowboys in unison along with their owner Jerry Jones and their GM taking a knee during the national anthem to a chorus of loud boos from the Arizona fans in attendance (Dallas was playing on the road)

I also cut up and threw my NFL replica jersey in the trash..  No more caring about football for me
It was really a disgusting spectacle what those fuck players, coaches and owners did over the weekend.. 

Oddly Trump tweeted today that he talked to Jerry Jones and referred to him as a "winner"

Yeah, some 'winner' that a successful billionaire sports owner has to conform to the political desires of his fieldhands

The Cowboys display during primetime was even more offensive than those bastard Pittsburgh Steelers minus one player who hid in the locker room like the bitches they are
The most horrid display last weekend actually though was by Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens players during their game in London England which we mentioned a little bit on in an earlier post

It wasn't just these mindless barnyard animals disrespected the flag on foreign soil while standing in unified respect for 'God Save the Queen' while this is being broadcast around the world for US military personnel to see..

It showed how deeply ignorant these uneducated monkeys were because they were totally clueless to the lyrics
The words of the song written by Francis Scott Key refer to what he witnessed during the War of 1812 when we were once again fighting the British and they were attacking Baltimore and trying to destroy then set fire to the city like they did to Washington DC and the White House prior

And only because of the bravery and courage of those who defended Baltimore Harbor were the enemy repelled

This drew inspiration for the lyrics of our national anthem - so these pieces of dung football players basically pissed on those of our past who protected our nation and did it on the home soil of our then enemy.
But all this bullshit over the weekend..  It never should have gotten to the point where these sons of bitch dogs as Trump sorta phrased it had the power to protest in unison across the league

The NFL should have stomped this out over 12 months ago when Kaepernick started because the league has a long history of preventing free speech and physical displays of emotion they disagree with

A fine of half one's weekly paycheck for every social-political display before, during or after a game

And why not?  The NFL punishes players for far less...
They fine players who break uniform code  including any displays to honor victims of 9/11, police who are killed in line of duty or other national tragedies

Guess only anti-American demonstrations are acceptable

The league also punishes players who wear any piece of clothing including headphones of corporations that are not official NFL sponsors.. For instance if a player pre-game is wearing Beats headphones while listening to his iPod, he will be fined because only Bose headphones are tolerated

They penalize players 15 yards and threaten to kick them out of the game if they speak or do actions determined as 'taunting' including making the bow and arrow gesture and the throat-slash motion
And guess what happens anytime a player or coach criticizes the referees in post-game press conferences?  Yep-- a fine.. Say what you really think/feel and lose money

A player or coach is also fined simply for not appearing at a press event because he chooses not to speak

But somehow 1st Amendment right to free speech and expression and dissent is something the league values when it comes to promoting black power
The animals run the zoo in professional sports, especially NFL and NBA where over 70% of participants are black.. 

The mindless masses seem to control things and the educated white owners allow it

Oh well..  thank godness hockey is starting up next week

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Understanding the End-Game of America-Haters

Everyone including us have had our two cents on the over-privileged miscreants in the NFL kneeling, raising fists, hiding in tunnels and every other act of 'America Fuck-You' this past weekend

So here's two more pennies for our thoughts:

Those who hate America, its flag and all it stands for..  What is their end game?

Simple..  Its our destruction from within.
There are two camps involved each with their own interests, one social-racial-economic and one globalist-economic  -- these are not one and the same.  We will explain..

The black bastards and white-guilt self-haters who do all those childish actions to middle finger the flag and those who love it, do so because they hate every single aspect of this country

They hate its history, its laws, hate capitalism (even though pretty much every protester is a millionaire) and believe racism and social injustice are institutionalized.
In other word, bigotry toward blacks and other minorities are 'baked into the cake' and only a complete toppling of those who run it and all institutions that maintain it, will fix things

These are ideologically the great grandchildren of the Marxist-Leninist and anarchist movements of 100+ years ago

Back then these pieces of trash tried to get their way through violence including pipe and nail bombs in people's mailboxes, setting fire to banks, targeting law enforcement officers for murder and in the case of President William McKinley, an anarchist assassinated him in 1900.
These losers are also the grandchildren of the civil rights/Vietnam protester ultra-left movement where the goal was when not taking constant drugs, to spit on every soldier and set fire to every flag because America was a nation that killed innocent babies (they didn't mind women killing their own babies in their wombs), and other nonsense

The ultimate goal is a society where everyone is ashamed of who they are racially (if white) and as a nation.. To convince people to look at our forefathers, our history and everything else that makes the USA with hate and contempt

Once this happens, then you have the masses dispassionate about country and thus make no fuss when dramatic changes occur to alter the fabric of society irrevocably
Most people don't feel any emotional connection to the Confederate flag so that was overall an easy exercise to get the flag and statues taken down, revise history and to label any supporter as a racist

Think of it in the way Hitler involved Germany in the Spanish Civil War in 1936 as practice for the ultimate war to come in 1939

These black filth and white self-hating parasites who lead this movement.. They're dangerous
They don't ever stop.. They keep trying.. Different strategies.. Different tactics..

Their bible is Saul Alinsky’s "Rules for Radicals " i.e. the Democrat Party playbook which rotten Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis on and which Obama has been a disciple since his community organizing days.

One rule is : "The job of the organizer is to maneuver and bait the establishment so that it will publicly attack him as a dangerous enemy.”

Another rule is: "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also, it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage."
The reason the left so deeply hates Trump is he basically uses their strategies against them and always wins.  Trump is both President and community organizer for the everyday person and he's whipping decent Americans up to wake up to the harm the NFL and NBA is tolerating

They seek to infiltrate their beliefs into every aspect of society so there's no safe zone and make defending the US flag akin to racist action

If they ever succeed.. if social progressivism is allowed to continue to succeed, this nation is dead

Thank God Trump is calling them out
So that's the social-racial-economic camp

Then there's the globalist-economic camp..  These are the people (mostly intellectuals which NFL players and most blacks overall are not) who want America to lose its sovereignty and join the rest of the world from a position of weakness and subservience

It is no accident the media cheered when Andrea Merkel won re-election in Germany yesterday - She is fervently anti-Trump, pro-Germany and is basically is Queen of the European Union even if many Europeans can not admit it to themselves
The American media.. the liberals.. They want the EU to economically destroy our country much in the same way they celebrated NAFTA and every other treaty that destroys our manufacturing and makes us dependent upon the rest of the world for our economic survival

You really have no idea how much the Ivy League elitists who control the flow of information loathe you..

They also genuinely hate that we do not bow down to the UN and are strong enough militarily to defend ourselves and our interests unilaterally
So if the American people hate or feel apathetic toward its flag, its founding fathers, its history, its culture and loses its identity, it makes it very easy to mold into a globalist one-world mindset

In a way the US itself used this trick upon its people about 150yrs ago..

Prior to the Civil War, most people who lived in the US identified themselves not as Americans first but by the state which they were born in..

"I'm an Ohioan..  I'm a Kentuckian...  I'm a Texan.."
The reason Robert E Lee joined the Confederacy was because his love of Virginia was so deep, he could not take up arms against 'her' and as he said "Where she goes, I go.."

What person in modern American society thinks like that anymore?

Congress declares War.. We go to war..  No one thinks 'I only enlist and fight if my Governor supports it..'
After the war ended, the Union made it a concerted point to get people to stop thinking of themselves as sectionalized and regionalized, and to stop putting their loyalty to their state first..  The Union itself was what mattered most..

Ultimately they succeed...  The globalists want to do the same to us now..  No 'America First'.. No 'USA #1'...  Just the mantra of 'we're all one people.. one planet'

That is why it is so important not just simply to ignore those football playing monkeys who make their otherwise meaningless gestures of disrespect toward the nation and all those who fought/died for our freedom..
It goes so much bigger than Black Lives (do not) Matter or middle-fingering Trump..

The line in the sand must happen now..  the NFL, NBA and the rest of extreme-liberal corporate America must understand the silent majority just will not be silent any longer and we will financially punish all entities who enrich, reward and/or tolerate these uppity ignoramuses

Good must triumph over Evil in this fight.

It just Must..

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Trump's Righteous Fight v Negro Football League & Nappy Basketball Association

This is our Monday posting but we are posting today, Sunday..

As everyone pretty much knows by now, during the President's speech last Friday night in Alabama he directly and correctly criticized NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem and NFL owners & the league for tolerating such disrespectful, divisive behavior

Trump also disinvited the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors from coming to the White House because some of the bitter liberal pieces of shit on that team couldn't decide if they wanted to go based on their hate of the President

We're going to address the disinvite first
First of all, Good for Trump!

What other politician, President or otherwise would have the guts to stand up to these parasite athletes and Black Lives (absolutely do not) Matter zealots..

Now leading the charge on this desire for the Warriors to not meet the President was mulatto maggot Stephen Curry

The guy hates Trump so much that when the head of UnderArmour, an athletic company he endorses, complimented Trump's economic policies this past February, Curry threatened to leave then demanded a meeting with that CEO and basically got him to back off his earlier compliments and arm twist the owner to say something anti-Trump
Curry like so many ignorant pieces of garbage professional athletes like to pretend they represent the common person and speak for those who have no voice.

We wonder if pretending to be a social justice warrior takes away the guilt of making so much money by doing so little

Last year, Curry signed to a 5 year/$200m contract which for those bad at math means the mulatto malcontent gets $40 million a year to dribble a basketball then shoot it into a hoop

Divide $40m by 82 basketball games and that is $487,804 per game;  Take that number and divide by 48 minutes per game and this black fuck makes a little over $10,162 per NBA game minute!
This is not some throwaway statistic..  Really think about this reality..

The average American makes a little over $40k per year -- this dog Curry makes it in less than 4 minutes, and in the case of the inner city blacks he professes to represent, he makes their average salaries in 2 minutes

Then add to the mix that most of these so-called 'leaders' of the black community with all the social conscience do not even possess a college degree, much less a Masters or Doctorate
Curry only attended his school for 3 years before not completing his degree to enter the NBA and in the case of deeply ignorant LeBron James merely has a high school education

Curry if he did not possess basketball talent could not even get hired to manage a Waffle House base on lack of a degree and yet gets to pontificate on political and social matters far above his intellectual 'pay grade' while millions adore him and see him as some hero without any jealousy that he can buy n' sell his fans 10,000 times over and keeps them at arms length
So the Warriors got disinvited from enjoying the honor of being toasted as World Champions by the President because uneducated pieces of garbage who really know little to nothing of the real world wanted to make some kind of petty point by trashing Trump..

In the case of professional sports, the monkeys truly do run the zoo, and everyone from the owners to advertisers are scared to death to confront them and tell these liberal BLM-loving pricks to shut the hell up and protest on their own time

Even Bob Kraft, owner of the NFL New England Patriots and friend of Trump issued a statement criticizing the President's remarks and supporting the players
Kraft knows Trump is 100% correct but what else can he do.. That's his business and those niggers who kneel and raise their fist are what's going to get him another Super Bowl trophy

Everything about the NFL is hypocritical concerning this..

They have gigantic patriotic displays every anniversary of 9/11 including the display of massive US flags that cover half the football field, and all these promotions every November saluting the military and veterans (which also serve an an excellent way to sell more NFL merchandise)

And yet while pushing patriotism and love of America & the flag at every turn, passively tolerate deeply ignorant bastards shitting on it

Even while overseas Sunday morning in London, players of Jacksonville and Baltimore knelt during the national anthem.  The niggers did show proper respect and stood for Britain's anthem
Funny how the NFL has no tolerance when it comes to players endorsing rival or non-sanctioned sponsors on their clothing during games or NFL sponsored events (a couple years back Marshawn Lynch of the Seahawks was fined for wearing a non-Nike baseball cap during a press conference before the Super Bowl) and there's actually a uniform "police" that fines players for anything about their uniform that draws attention to themselves..

Yet so tolerant of wealthy uneducated blacks (and some worthless whites) middle fingering the flag by kneeling as they hold hands

And they're all copycats..  Even a no-name MLB baseball player became the first to kneel the other day... A Caucasian white-shame self-hating loser
Now all of this should not matter compared to things like North Korea.. we understand that

Problem is, it does because its just another example of powerful corporations tolerating and embracing political/social dissent and PC expression when it fits their globalist worldview of how society should be,

Most adults may be smart enough to see right through it, most young people are not and end up believing these liberal assholes are right in their cause and their right to kneel..
The argument these sports leagues and ownership have been spouting for over a year is even if they disagree with the kneeling at the national anthem, they can't do anything because it would infringe upon the player's 1st Amendment freedoms

Then ask yourself this (and we may have used this example before) --  If a player knelt during the anthem and when asked why, he said because he was protesting that blacks had too many freedoms or to express his anger that this nation elected a black as President, do you think for a second the NFL or NBA would quietly allow that kneeling to continue?!!
If instead of raising the black power fist in the air, a player gave the Seig Heil salute, do you really believe anyone would defend that person's right?   The guy who did that would probably be suspended forever

So it has absolutely Nothing to do with defending one's right to protest..

It is All about supporting What they are protesting or at least publicly so as to not alienate blacks who mostly buy the merchandise and white-guilt liberals who are the ones who can afford the tickets
And you have to ask yourself this.. Why have the number protests in the NFL grown vs last year?

A couple reasons:  These black fucks felt very empowered to do what they want when Obama was in office and now that Trump is President, they don't want to give up any of their manipulative gains.

Also when Colin Kaepernick, the originator of this nonsense was not retained by an NFL team this season because he's not that good, these black fucks in the media especially ESPN took it as if he was being blackballed and thus sounded the drumbeat to challenge other players' blackness and take his place
What we love most about Trump is that to these bastard corporations and businesses who are so used to ignoring the feelings and concerns of traditional Americans, they can not ignore the President

And even if they tried, Trump won't let them

You and we can rant and rave and howl at the moon.. They don't care.. Never have..

Trump?  Nope.. The bastards have to deal with him
We loved in his speech last Friday that Trump said if fans see players protesting, they should just get up and leave..  It might not be practical since no one spends $100 on a ticket and $25 to park just to exit the stadium before opening kickoff..   But we still loved it

Trump should have said people should stop watching on TV and buying jerseys..

Hopefully he will escalate the fight and hurt the NBA & NFL economically..
Amazing that supposedly the President is the most powerful person in the free world and yet can not punish these sports leagues or force them to crack down on these barnyard animals or take Saturday Night Live off the air..

Makes it not worth the time and trouble to spend two years of one's life running for the office

A lot of truly bad people with rotten black souls who hate the President for no rational reason and who find empathetic ears in a visual and print media happy to help promote their cause in the hopes that they can delegitimize Trump as much as possible

Just another reason to say thank God Trump is President