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Friday, September 1, 2017

A Small Victory for Those Who Care About the $20 Bill

Its been quite a week and we feel greatly for the people affected by Harvey in Texas and Louisiana

Of course the way the economy works, ultimately we all will feel some kind of negative affect from the hurricane even if the vast majority of us didn't have to deal with flooded out homes, shelters, relocation and all other emotional traumas

We'll all feel it through higher gas prices for a while and probably a spike in insurance premiums for homes and even cars (probably more vehicles were permanently damaged and in need of replacing from Harvey than homes)
Even though recovery can take a super long time, it does happen and everyone affected ultimately gets back to some sort of new normalcy

But we want to go into Labor Day weekend writing something a little more positive; a story that made us smile that has nothing to do with Harvey

Of all the things about the Obama administration which sickened and disgusted us, among the very top of the list was this continued move by him to empower PC social progressive pieces of shit who see blacks and women as perpetual societal victims by altering how US currency was to look in the future
In April 2016, then Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew announced plans to replace President Andrew Jackson a great man with with a nobody nothing - Harriet Tubman on the front of the $20 bill

Lots of white people assisted in the Underground Railroad of the pre-Civil War era assisting in the freeing of slaves..  Why aren't they honored equally..  Wrong skin color?
The new bill, which wasn’t set to be released until at least 2020, would have featured Tubman on the front and Jackson on the back.

Lew had also announced plans to update the backs of additional bills with historical figures — adding a scene from a 1913 march for women’s rights and portraits of five women’s suffrage leaders to the back of the $10 bill and images of Eleanor Roosevelt, MLK Jr. and black opera singer Marian Anderson on the back of the $5.

Just so G-D pathetic how determined some are to accommodate others!  
Just thinking back to it last year makes our blood boil

None of these people deserve ANY honoring of any kind, much less on US currency

So many people forget King was a socialist-communist who believe in widespread income redistribution, the women's suffrage movement ultimately morphed into the Temperance movement responsible for making alcohol illegal (and all the crime and violence that followed) and Anderson was just a singer..
So we felt quite happy when we read in the ultra-leftist LA Times that the current Treasury Secretary Steven Mnunchin won't commit to putting Tubman on the $20

"Right now, we’ve got a lot more important issues to focus on... The No.1. issue why we change the currency is to stop counterfeiting, so the issues of why we change it will be primarily related to what we need to do for security purposes…. That’s what I’m focused on for the moment.”

Nice to see someone sensible on this issue and just another reason to thank God that Trump is President instead of that disgusting, corrupt closet dyke Hillary
Hopefully this currency alteration will never come to pass..  

Its not warranted nor deserved

We absolutely have never understood why certain groups of people need to completely destroy history and inject fake narratives of over-importance into the social zeitgeist just to feel better about themselves

They've been trying for decades with unfortunately great success and still seem to have very low self-worth as a race
Doesn't seem to matter how many schools and streets and buildings the re-name for their own kind or they they got a Federal holiday to honor Martin Luther King Jr when there are dozens of white people in our history who accomplished and meant far more and yet so few know who they are..

Does not matter they took over February as their month, took over control of the English language by demanding exclusive usage of 'nigger', forced everyone to call them this phony Afr-Am monicker and have been repeatedly successful in decimating any markers or honoring of noble Confederates who fought for their home
And if Tubman was on the $20, they'd demand next that Washington be taken off the $1 and the quarter and that there needs to be this and that.. and that and this..

Never ever will stop unless the other side; normal everyday people ever gets organized and say enough is enough..

If blacks and white-guilt self-hating vermin would spend 25% of their energies on actually looking inward and fixing the continual social rots in that community that they do to revise history, they'd actually be an economically and academically successful people
So it shows again and again when you hear the globalist-leftist mainstream media shitting on Trump, it means they are frustrated and angry they he is winning and by extension everyone who supports him is winning as well

So take comfort in that and enjoy your weekend...  

We will be back on Tuesday September 5th..