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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Needing A Leader to Keep Up the Scare

Yesterday we raised a lot of questions on a lot of topics that frankly few want to touch with a 10 foot pole..

Whether its a fear of offending or fear of personal/professional retribution or just too hot a topic to broach with even closest confidentes

We understand..   We get it..    Really, we do..

And that's why the politically correct social progressive globalist secularists keep winning..
They have no hesitation bringing up these topics and brandishing anyone who gets in their way a 'racist' or 'xenophobe' or any other term they can think of to attack and destroy their enemy

In military terms, they're quite organized, always mobilized and can coordinate attacks to pick apart those who challenge their beliefs at a moment's notice

And our side..  We're leaderless..  Rudderless
We have Trump, sure but does he really care all that much about fighting this liberal leftist scourge?

We know he's passionate about tax cuts - been trying to rally the 'troops' on this for weeks

But the NFL issue for instance..  Notice how that has died down and those black bastard players are still kneeling and middle-fingering the flag and all those who love it

General Forrest once said to defeat an enemy, you have to "Keep up the Scare!"

Has Trump?
If yours truly were President, I would have stated basically the following:

"People have a right to do as they wish but personally I feel anyone who feels disrespected by the NFL players and the league's continued tolerance of the kneeling and injecting social politics into sports should boycott the league..  Don't go to games.. Don't buy merchandise.. Don't watch..  Maybe even contact their sponsors and boycott them...  But that's up to you"

You think if Trump said something like that it wouldn't create a seismic and much needed shit storm to motivate millions of decent everyday Americans to get passionately active to fight the NFL?
Seems everyone is a coward..

For instance the owner of the Houston Texans referred to NFL players kneeling as 'inmates running the asylum'..  It's actually animals running the zoo but anyways..

So all the bastard Texan players, the ones making millions which that owner pays their salaries decided to tell their owner to fuck himself by kneeling as a team this past Sunday in protest

So what did the owner do in response - Did he take charge and fine every player for disrespecting the flag and himself?     Nope.. He apologized for his comments..

So typical..
But it seems no one wants us to get involved.. to really fight all this evil in every day society that goes beyond party politics

We're bombarded by bullshit 'news' every day even in conservative media that is just empty sensationalism meant for us to get angry and click the news link so their advertisers are happy..

But there's never anyone.. never any entity that seeks to galvanize people and give them a cause to fight for, or provide the tools to get organized
For instance we read earlier today this church in Alexandria Va called George Washington Church where the first President and Robert E Lee once attended is taking down markers honoring them because they fear it will offend parishioners

There never was any information in the article as to who to contact by phone or email to voice dissent and anger at the decision or suggest how one can combat this rising tide of historical revisionism to appease black and white-guilt pieces of shit

It's just an article meant to make people tense and/or exasperated and feel even more powerless about the world they live in
Think Trump cares?   We support the President but think he will do anything to stop that church?   Even if he could..  even if he had the power, would he even bother?

There's just no outlet to protest.. to demonstrate.. to complain.. to make you and our voices heard

Earlier today, we click on and there's a deal of the day for October 30th only called 'Alexa' which is this device where you can ask it the weather or order pizza, etc. and there's a video demonstrating its uses
The actress in the video of course is a mulatto bi-racial girl, just like every other company seems to use to push its products and social belief system upon the populace

So where was the place to go to complain?  To say..  Stop it already..  Stop the intentional artificial diversity...

Nowhere..  And even if there had been, would anyone have read it or cared or changed a damn thing?
Now let's say a President brought it out into the light..   Someone with the guts to say this is wrong..

Would they stop?  Probably not - these corporations are extreme liberal because they're more scared of upsetting the far left then they ever will upsetting you..

At least the issue would be brought into the light, and in the case of Trump, most blacks hate him anyways so if he had the courage and desire to go on the attack on this issue, its not like he'd lose any votes in 2020
But of course this will never happen

Even the political right are pathetic politically correct cowards

The other day Fox News was reporting on its scroll ticker that the NAACP was upset with American Airlines over its perceived harsh treatment toward black passengers..

The scroll used the term 'Af-Am' to describe those people
Today we were listening to a conservative talk radio show where the host was talking about the actor Kevin Spacey when he was 26 sexually hitting on an actor who was then 14yrs old, then deflecting criticism by coming 'out' as gay

The fucking host actually went out of his way to say there is nothing wrong with homosexuality and just because a man is gay does not automatically make him desire children

Our jaws just dropped to the floor..
Thousands of years of religious teaching in every faith from Christianity to Judaism to Islam says homosexuality is Wrong.. that is it Evil..  that it is Repugnant

But modern secular society says otherwise so sure, go with that

And who is targeting those innocent boys to sodomize and emotionally hurt - 100% heterosexual men?
Its funny..  gays, liberals and we guess now some idiot PC conservatives in media hate the idea of connecting being gay and having a lust to enter another man's rectum as a sign of seeking to do that to an underage male and yet..

They don't seem to ever mind when it is Catholic priests doing it because to many gays, they're hatred of the Church is so deep that equating the two is a small price to pay for damaging its reputation

Goodness..  Just more and more difficult to stay true to oneself and one's personal beliefs; to fight the barrage of filth; the deluge of distorted messages and not succumb; to not concede one's values
We always say we're happy Trump is President and that does not change, but really none of us can look to him to fight this fight; to really get dirty and fight this culture war to a successful conclusion

So it is up to us as individuals and collectively because as we've said a million-billion times...   The greatest enemy to this nation isn't Russia, N. Korea, ISIS or Iran..  It's the extreme left and their incessant push for PC social progressive globalism to destroy this nation from within

And we can't look to anyone else but us to fight it

Monday, October 30, 2017

Really Understanding How Far Gone Things Are - One Tough Q At a Time

~ An 'Old Navy' advertisement photo from last year

Today's blog we're just going to ask some questions and you honestly answer them

We're not going to know what you respond and no one else will know what you privately think but you, so really honestly answer in your mind.. 

So we start with this sports story:
Yesterday we read that a couple days ago during the World Series (which we're not bothering to follow) a Houston Astros player named Yuli Gurriel made what the liberal media called a 'racist' gesture by making his eyes look slant-like to imitate the Dodgers' pitcher Yu Darvish

And MLB didn't like it so they suspended him 5 games next season

Why was Gurriel's action not 1st Amendment protected freedom of speech and expression like the black NFL players who continue kneeling at the national anthem?
Gurriel's actions offended others..  the NFL kneeling offended others

Gurriel basically pushed race into sports where it had no business..  The pieces of garbage NFL players who kneel continually do the same thing

One is punished.. one is tolerated.

MLB never punished that non-famous nobody nothing Oakland Athletics player who took it upon himself to kneel in support of the black NFL players during the national anthem back in September..

In fact it was a restaurant in Alabama who was probably the first and only entity to punish the prick - they denied the white-guilt bastard ballplayer service when he visited after season ended because his kneeling at the flag offended the restaurant owner
Now if one argues that MLB is a private business and the 1st Amendment doesn't apply, they are 100% correct..

Same goes for the kneeling shoeshine boys in the NFL

Why is it if a negro ballplayer raises his fist in the air to celebrate or demonstrate the oxymoron of 'black power', it is tolerated yet when a player makes the middle finger, he is kicked out, fined and possibly suspended?
Why is it no one in a professional sport much less everyday life would rightly condone or celebrate the 'Seig Heil' salute yet passively condone militant black Losers raising their fists?

Why is this country is so scared of blacks and offending them?

Why does the purchasing power of blacks matter more to businesses than whites even though by far, Caucasians make more money and thus have more to spend?
Why is it when you look through every advertising brochure from Target to Toys' R' Us you are Bombarded with people of color and token Caucasian models?

Why when you watch a commercial on TV do you need to see a black, bi-racial, Hispanic, Asian, homosexual, and every other jelly bean in the jar just to sell a smartphone or a hamburger?

Why is it the latest Yankee Candle advertisement depicts a white man, Asian woman and mixed child as the atypical American family?  When did an all white, all Asian  or all black family become vile in advertisers' eyes?

When did interracial couples destroying tens of thousands of years of genetic DNA lineage to create mixed raced children become the 'cool' and 'In' thing to do?
Why is when you see blacks represented on TV or films, its pretty much as highly educated professionals like surgeons, judges, CSI forensic specialists, etc as if that is the norm and yet you never see in any commercial selling a security alarm system a black person breaking into a house?

Why is it overall in TV advertising, the white person (especially the male) is depicted as a dork, slob, goofball or all-around loser and the black is the barometer of normalcy with apropos 'humorous' reactions?

Why do we as a society tolerate that blacks are nominated for and win Oscars, Grammys and Miss America pageants and yet no one cares or minds those people still have their own separate distinct award shows and pageants that only honor black achievement
Why is black pride embraced as beautiful and white pride always associated with the most evil, violent elements?

Why are academic scholarships that only blacks can receive accepted by society as perfectly acceptable while any scholarships that would target whites only is deemed repugnant?  Why doesn't the law look upon this as discriminatory?

Why do so many refer to black people as that bullshit hyphenated 'Af-Am' name?   Even conservative outlets like Fox News do it, and no, not all blacks want to be called that stupid term?

Why do we allow a group to celebrate where they came from before where they are at present?  Why do we pretend they are exceptional?!
Why do some blacks (not all mind you) like to pretend they are more oppressed, discriminated upon and victimized in 2017 then ever before?

Why do some blacks blame other groups of people for their collective failings instead of looking inward and trying to sincerely fix the problems themselves

Why does the greater society allow them to get away with that thinking?

Why don't others tell them individually and collectively to shut the Hell up and Grow up?
You know every group of people who have come to this country from even its colonial days has ultimately succeeded - every background, ethnicity and religion - except one

Peoples of Central and South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and everywhere in-between

Even African and Caribbean born blacks who immigrate Legally to this nation work hard and generally speaking find great success here in the US within a generation or two

It is only the American black who is the failure.
Why do we tolerate a society where American blacks are coddled and placated; where special laws are set up for  only them to benefit - things like like Affirmative Action

American Blacks only represent 13-14% of the population but 35% of those in prison is black..  In Maryland, their prison population is a disgusting 72% black!

In 2015, the Schott Foundation for Public Education did a study which showed that 40% of black males drop out of high school. ... Only about 60% of them will earn high school diplomas

Why do we allow blacks and white-guilters to create the narrative that everyone else is at fault but them?
These are not pleasant or 'fun' questions to think about much less to ask out loud but to really understand why this society gets progressively Worse and why we're all made to feel so impotent to stop the deluge, these questions have to be raised even if in the mind

There is a culture war going on..  Bill O' Reilly would mention it often when he was on Fox News and he was correct though it really has a lot of its origins in the radical 60's..

Its been going on a long time, the evil on the left got embolden when Obama was President and now are doubling down on the attack to change this society in their image because of Trump-hate toward red-state America

And hate to say it but just like the war on drugs, we've been losing this war vs PC secular progressivism for a long time..

And losing badly..

Friday, October 27, 2017

How Did the Democrat Party Devolve into What it is Today

When one looks at the Democratic Party and how far they have fallen in terms of illegality, lack of ethics, desperate pandering and just simply being wrong on just about every political and social position, its quite sad

Well.. perhaps pathetic is the more accurate word

But hmm. we guess 'sad' is appropriate too because if all of us at A&G were ever magically transported back to any other period in US history from the days of our nation's creation through the 19th century and even up to FDR's presidency and were given the ability to vote in those elections, we'd have voted Democrat
Because whatever you think of the rottenness of the party today, and it really is rotten, the Democrat party of yore which was formed from the ashes of the anti-Federalist party of Thomas Jefferson and then first shone bright with Andrew Jackson and even brighter about 100 yrs later with FDR was absolutely nothing like the toxic sputum which is the party of the Clintons and Obama

Without going into a long history and waxing poetic with dramatic platitudes, the Democratic party of the past genuinely sought to represent the needs and wishes of everyday people from the agrarian farmers to those working in the steel mills to legal immigrants who came off the boats from various countries around the world which nativisits i.e. 'Mayflower' people would look down upon as dirt
It was the Democrats of the past that worked to pass laws that dramatically improved working conditions such as the 8 hour day and making it illegal for businesses to hire children

It was the Democrats of the past that defended religious tolerance so people could quietly practice their faiths in peace (the modern Dems now defend atheism and pushing one's non Judeo-Christian rituals upon others)

It was Democrats of the past that fought Wall Street excesses and greed with sincerity - Now most CEOs, investors and those representing the 1% are Democrat themselves so they just give a peripheral nod and wink to reform
And when it came to race pandering, fact it was Republicans who back then disgustingly pandered to blacks for votes, especially in the post-Civil War south during Reconstruction promising them 40 acres and a mule and every other lie they could think of to get them to vote for their party

During this time they also would sadistically push black candidates to run for positions in government where whites had their votes stripped from them as punishment for the war so that you had blacks with then little to no education possess political power over the whites in state legislatures; a spiteful middle finger to the south if you will..

So if you wonder why after Reconstruction ended, the situation was so bad for blacks for the next 100 years in the south, you can accurately blame Republicans of the day. 
Of course the north historically treated blacks terribly too (the modern Klan was formed in Illinois in the 1890s) but few like to address that

So what happened - how did things change to where basically the Republicans of today are like the Democrats of old and the modern Dems as a party is a horrible monstrosity?

The origins we believe go to Woodrow Wilson who was among the first social progressives we can recall..
Wilson didn't think much of blacks but he sure thought a lot about America sticking its nose permanently into the political affairs of the rest of the world though his League of Nations which was the precursor of the currently terrible United Nations, and was the only part of Wilson's post WWI 'Fourteen Points' plan to be accepted

It was with Wilson that this belief that America must be the global policeman and save the world from itself to make it safe for democracy germinated

Wilson also believed especially in wartime if you spoke out against him or the government you should be imprisoned, and if you weren't American born, you should be expelled and sent back to your home nation which the US Govt did back then..

Funny how evil Democrats who attack Trump as totalitarian and 'xenophobic' conveniently forget their history..
With FDR, whom we stated previously here we think was a great President overall nonetheless was not perfect - he started what we have today - a handout society where everyone who can not or will not do for themselves is 100% dependent on government to financially keep them alive and in essence buying their votes for future elections

FDR may not have originally intended welfare and other government assistance programs to be permanent but once those in power saw how much support they received from it on election day, there was no way things were ever going back to pre-handout

And now like a drug addiction, just watch what happens when any President seeks further welfare reform..   Bill Clinton got hell from it and he's a Dem..  Watch what happens when Trump tries next year (he has expressed he desires reforming it)
So over time, the Democrats doubled down then doubled again on race pandering, freebies for the poor with hidden strings attached and identity politics to create a narrative that all the social and economic unfairness is systemic and has to be torn down brick by brick

Truman was a panderer - He integrated the military.    Doesn't matter if one agrees with the decision or not - it was done to win votes.. Nothing else

JFK was a panderer - He allowed MLK, Jr to become far more prominent and important than he should have ever been and his responsibility as President was to come to the aid of state governors when dealing with lawless disturbances they couldn't control rather than assist the dissenters.

But this was done because he and really his evil former bootlegger father Joseph Kennedy was thinking about the election of 1964 which sadly was not to be
LBJ was a really despicable panderer - On the surface, everything about his Great Society seems great but besides the political motivation to get him re-elected in 1968 (which he ended up not even running because of Vietnam), LBJ dramatically expanded on the 'nanny state' which started with FDR but put into hyper-drive a couple decades later

Its funny that LBJ once remarked his frustration with the war because it was distracting him on the homefront and as he stated "I have so much more to do.."

Maybe in a fucked up way Vietnam was a blessing..  No 2nd LBJ term or else we might had this rotten PC world of 2017 back in 1970..
So basically in summary, by the 1930s, the Democrats recognized the Republicans were no longer interested in offering free goodies to blacks to get them to vote for them and desperate to win and seeing how few elections they had won between 1860 to 1932, the party decided that offering political 'cookies and candy' to them would get them to vote Democrat en masse

And because it worked so well that by 1968, the Dems owned the black race as a voting bloc, they decided to expand upon those principles to secure the women's vote by always being on the side of whatever extreme positions the radical feminists took..

And then they targeted Hispanics and homosexuals and trans-sexuals and pan-sexuals (people who just want to fuck or be fucked by anything that breathes and don't want to be labeled)  Muslims and now illegals.. 
Promise them anything, deliver them nothing then every election cycle scare them that the other party wants to suppress and eliminate them..

A lot of people were sick and tired of this by 1968 so millions upon millions of once lifelong Democrats switch parties, registered Republican and became the Silent Majority as Nixon coined the term

They haven't gone back to that cesspool of a Democrat party since..
And of course that putrid bastard Obama was the perfect President for the Dems because of his experiences as a community organizer which is basically now what the Democrat party does on a larger scale than when mulatto skinned, Caucasian-raised Obama was in the south side of Chicago pretending he cared about the plight of genuine black people

So you see political parties evolve or in the case of Democrats devolve..

The Democrat party of the last couple decades does not care about anyone who is white and who does not feel guilt and shame in who they are, their background and their history..
Empathy and sympathy for the plight of others just is not good enough - you must feel personal culpability whether you directly oppressed or not

And if you believe in American exceptionalism; that we're the greatest country on earth, have done far more good for the world than bad and wish to retain our independence on the global stage, the Democrats of today want to spit on you
Admittedly many establishment Republicans have been brainwashed into this as well -  that is why pieces of shit like George Bush Sr and Jr, John McCain, Mitt Romney, etc are so globalist-minded and constantly betrayed their party and those who voted for them..

Thank God for Trump..  He's not perfect but so far he's been close to it..

Thursday, October 26, 2017

A Brief History of the FBI

~ 1908 FBI badge

By now everyone knows the Trump Dossier on Russia does exist and it was covertly back-channel funded to the tune of at least $9 million dollars by the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign

The goal being to dig up as much dirt and lies as possible on Trump during the election and dump it all on the lap of the media to use to sway voters against him

And we know the FBI was involved and as a result of all these lies of collusion between the GOP and Russia, Obama through the Department of Justice gave permission to the NSA to wiretap and spy on a Presidential campaign seeking to acquire as much info as possible to aid Hillary under the guise of protecting 'national security'
So we're not going to regurgitate what you can easily hear/see on Fox News and other reliable news sources (the liberal media is reporting this at a bare minimum)

Instead we wanted to give you a brief history of the FBI to show that essentially from almost its inception it has been very scummy, being both repeatedly deceitful and incompetent.

Back in 2012, Americans learned that the FBI was teaching its agents that “the FBI has the ability to bend or suspend the law to impinge on the freedom of others.”
This has practically been the Bureau’s motif since its creation in 1908.

In the very beginning, the bureau was small potatoes until Woodrow Wilson needlessly dragged the United States into World War I.   This was done to protect US banking interests who feared if Britain and France to Germany lost, their loans would never get repaid.

But anyways, in one fell swoop, the number of dangerous Americans increased by perhaps 20x
For instance, the Espionage Act of 1917 made it easy to jail anyone who criticized the war or the government.

In September 1918, the bureau, working with local police and private vigilantes, seized more than 50,000 suspected draft dodgers off the streets and out of the restaurants of New York, Newark, and Jersey City.

The end result was the Justice Department was disgraced when the vast majority of young men who had been arrested turned out to be innocent.
In January 1920, J. Edgar Hoover - the 25-year-old chief of the bureau’s Radical Division - was the point man for the “Palmer Raids.” which were provoked after a series of mail bombs were set off at government officials' homes by anarchists and Communists.

Nearly 10,000 suspected Reds and radicals were seized and the bureau carefully avoided keeping an accurate count of detainees

Attorney General Mitchell Palmer sought to use the massive roundups for another reason besides public safety - to show he was tough on crime and ultimately to propel his presidential candidacy.

The operation took a drubbing, however, after a Federal judge demanded that the Justice Department provide evidence for why people had been arrested and complained that the government had created a “spy system”

After the debacle of the Palmer raids, the bureau devoted its attention to the nation’s real enemies: the U.S. Congress.  (Hard to argue there)

The bureau targeted “senators whom the Attorney General saw as threats to America.

Yes, they're called Democrats.. Just kidding.. Or are we?
But it was not who the FBI targeted which made them rotten- it was their methods

The Bureau was breaking into their offices and homes, intercepting their mail, and tapping their telephones.  The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the time was illegally targeted because the FBI feared he might support diplomatic recognition of Soviet Russia.

Hoover, who ran the FBI from 1924 until his death in 1972, built a revered agency that utterly intimidated official Washington.

The FBI tapped the home telephone of a Supreme Court clerk, and at least one Supreme Court Justice feared the FBI had bugged the conference room where justices privately discussed cases.
In 1945, President Harry Truman wrote in his diary, “We want no Gestapo or Secret Police. FBI is tending in that direction…. This must stop.” But Truman did not have the gumption to pull in the reins.

The bureau’s power soared after Congress passed the Internal Security Act of 1950, authorizing massive crackdowns on suspected subversives.

Hoover compiled a list of more than 20,000 “potentially or actually dangerous” Americans who could be seized and locked away at the president’s command. Hoover specified that “the hearing procedure [for detentions] will not be bound by the rules of evidence.”
From 1956 through 1971, the FBI’s COINTELPRO program conducted thousands of covert operations to incite street warfare between violent groups, to get people fired, to portray innocent people as government informants, and to cripple or destroy left-wing, black, communist, white racist, and anti-war organizations.

Of course often the FBI was correct to target these groups because people today forget how dangerous and subversive the were and how zealous many of these entities were to seek to topple the government by provoking civil unrest and violence of their own particularly against the 'silent majority'

It was how the FBI went about it which was the problem
FBI agents also busied themselves forging “poison pen” letters to wreck activists’ marriages. The FBI set up a Ghetto Informant Program that continued after COINTELPRO and that had 7,402 informants, including proprietors of candy stores and barbershops, as of September 1972.

The informants served as “listening posts” to identify extremists passing through or locating in the ghetto area, to identify purveyors of extremist literature,” and to keep an eye on “Afro-American type bookstores” including obtaining the names of the bookstores’ patrons

Militant blacks then as now were an extremely dangerous lower dreg element to this society but there's ways to destroy their movement that doesn't involve throwing the Constitution and basic civil rights in the trash,  and the FBI chose to go that direction
FBI haughtiness was showcased on national television on April 19, 1993, when its agents used 54-ton tanks to smash into the Branch Davidians’ sprawling, ramshackle home near Waco, Texas because they dared to possess weapons as is 2nd Amendment protected and ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms) didn't like their authority middle-fingered...

The tanks intentionally collapsed 25 percent of the building on top of the huddled residents. After the FBI pumped the building full of CS gas (banned for use on enemy soldiers by a chemical-weapons treaty), a fire ignited that left 80 children, women, and men dead.
The FBI swore it was not to blame for the conflagration, however, FBI agents had stopped firetrucks from a local fire department far from the burning building, claiming it was not safe to allow them any closer because the Davidians might shoot people dousing a fire that was killing them.

In 1999, six years after the assault, news leaked that the FBI had fired incendiary tear-gas cartridges into the Davidians’ home prior to the fire’s erupting.

Attorney General Janet Reno (who was as culpable as any for this massacre) was furious over the FBI’s deceit on this key issue, sent U.S. marshals to raid FBI headquarters to search for more Waco evidence. From start to finish, the FBI brazenly lied about what it did at Waco — with one exception.

On the day after the Waco fire, FBI on-scene commander Larry Potts explained the rationale for the FBI’s final assault: “These people had thumbed their nose at law enforcement.”
FBI counter-terrorism spending soared in the mid to late 1990s. But the FBI dismally failed to connect the dots on suspicious foreigners engaged in domestic aviation training prior to the 9/11 attacks.

Though Congress had deluged the FBI with almost $2 billion to upgrade its computers, many FBI agents had ancient machines incapable of searching the web.

One FBI agent observed that the bureau ethos is that “real men don’t type…. The computer revolution just passed us by.”
The FBI’s pre–9/11 blunders “contributed to the United States becoming, in effect, a sanctuary for radical terrorists,” according to a 2002 congressional investigation.

Sen. Richard Shelby in 2002 derided “the FBI’s dismal recent history of disorganization and institutional incompetence in its national security work.” (The FBI also lost track of a key informant at the heart of the cabal that detonated a truck bomb beneath the World Trade Center in 1993.)

The FBI has long relied on entrapment to boost its arrest statistics and publicity bombardments.
The FBI Academy taught agents that subjects of FBI investigations “have forfeited their right to the truth.” After 9/11, this doctrine helped the agency to entrap legions of patsies who made the FBI appear to be protecting the nation.

It was estimated that only about 1% of the 500 people charged with international terrorism offenses in the decade after 9/11 were bona fide threats.

The FBI’s power has rarely been effectively curbed by either Congress or federal courts.
And then there's that piece of shit James Comey protecting that rancid closet dyke Hillary at the insistence of black bastard Obama and former Attorney General black bitch Loretta Lynch who had secret conversations with Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac prior to reach some quid pro quo to protect Hillary..

And now all that we know the last 24 hours...
How can government be trusted in any way when law enforcement can do as they please and even be used as muscle by rotten, despicable people like Obama and Hillary for political motives

How can you have a functioning free society if you need police to police the police.. 

And more police to police them?