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Thursday, November 30, 2017

The 'Special Relationship' Is Not All That "Special"

For today's posting we start off with a quote from the film 'Moonraker' (1979), part of the James Bond series where French villain Hugo Drax is speaking to 007:

"You have arrived at a propitious moment, coincident with your country's one indisputable contribution to Western Civilization: Afternoon tea"

That country of course being Britain.
Always loved that quote because it is so mean spirited, so very truthful, and yet can be expressed soft spoken without need of profanity to make the point

We think on that quote every time we think of the relationship between the US and UK both historically and at present because even though you hear the phrase 'Special Relationship' thrown about constantly (it was first uttered by Churchill in a speech in 1946), it is pretty much a myth

And if there is some sort of 'friendship' it is merely by convenience especially since in 2017 the only true significance Britain has on the world stage is possession of nuclear devices and being 1 of 5 nations on the UN Security Council with veto power
Any other status it possesses is based in large part to allying themselves to us

Sorry to express it so harsh yet honest but when you see, hear and read how despicably that Britain has treated Trump from its media to its leadership, they deserve all the disdain one can levy

Last night President sparked outrage among Britain’s political establishment with a sharp and deserved rebuke on Twitter of Prime Minister Theresa May after she criticized him for re-tweeting British far-right anti-Islam videos.

Trump tweeted: “Theresa @theresamay, don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine,”
For those who do not pay much attention to such things as US-UK relations, this is not the good ol' days of Reagan-Thatcher where there was mutual respect and liking for the two leaders

Because Britain has allowed its country to be overrun by the ethnic and racial cesspool of society especially Muslims, it has politically tilted very far left in its exaggerated tolerance for them

Politically, they absolute refuse to condemn that cult-faith for the continually churning out of radicalized extremists while moderate Muslims force English society to tolerate their backward customs and traditions in in beliefs and appearance
Trump's response prompted a new round of indignation and anger in Britain, where there have been several major Islamist militant attacks this year,

 London’s Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, a Muslim, has repeatedly stated Prime Minister May should withdraw an offer of a state visit to Britain which has already been extended.

How so many Christian people living in London with bloodlines that go back thousands of years to the Normans (French) to the Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Nordic people can vote a Islamic parasite to be their Mayor is so hard to understand at first
But peel back the veneer like seeing termites behind the wall, and even though only a very small percentage of them live in Britain just like a small percentage of colored peoples, in London itself they represent over 33% of its population

So like everywhere else, they've taken over by sheer numbers.

Those who complain about the changes are silenced through guilt, political correctness, threats of losing their livelihood or worse..  This of course happens here as well.

It is so deeply sad what has become of Britain over the last 50-60 years for anyone who has any kind of love or appreciation for British history..  Very very sad
So we wanted to take a couple moments and very briefly go over the relationship between our two nations to show that really we've never been true friends/allies but at best worked together at different times for political expedience

So we all know about the American Revolution (1775-1783) so we can skip that

Between 1783 and 1807, the two countries were at peace with trade resumed and London banks lending us the money for the nation to get into deeper and deeper debt (as per Alexander Hamilton's plan)
In 1807, we imposed a trade embargo on Britain in response to them doing so to France which led to Britain interfering with US-French trade and impressed US sailors based on the lie they were taking back British deserters (when they needed to replenish their crew, they'd take American sailors off American ships in open waters and force them at gunpoint to serve their Navy)

Ultimately we went to war with the UK again between 1812-1814..  

The conflict was a stalemate but during this period the British army set our capital, Washington ablaze including the White House (amazing we ever forgave those fuckers for that) and from this, the 'Star Spangled Banner' which so many Black Lives (do not) Matter uppities in the NFL kneel originated (a battle at Baltimore Harbor)
Between 1815 and 1860 there were different small tensions over territorial rights in North America that ultimately didn't result in anything major and overall neither country had any much to do with the other

During the Civil War, Britain was tempted to recognize the Confederacy and at one point forced Lincoln to release two Confederate diplomats who were en route to Britain but were captured at sea by a Union ship and arrested 

Ultimately Britain did not recognize the Confederacy as a country due to the slavery issue and not wanting to support the losing side, but it made things tense between the US and UK for a while as they assisted the CSA as best they could without provoking all out war between us and them

As punishment for their aid and comfort to the Southern cause, we forced Britain to pay a penalty of $15.5 million in gold in 1871
Tensions between the US and Britain continued through the end of the 19th century over issues in Canada, Venezuela and our Alaska territory among other places..  Nothing where we were close to war but certainly the two countries were not friends in any capacity

Relations began to improve with what is known as The Great Rapprochement,is a term used to describe the merging and sharing of social and political objectives between the US and UK from 1895 until World War I began in 1914.

For instance Britain publicly supported our war with Spain in 1898 when most European nations did not and we supported their Boer War in South Africa even though most Americans really supported the Dutch

Britain and the US also allied themselves with other nations to suppress the Boxer Rebellion in China
So now we're at World War I which Woodrow Wilson had promised he'd keep America out of but during this time, American banks and financiers invested heavily in the Allies effort, giving enormous amounts of money to Britain and France while seeing they were close to losing the war and never getting repaid

So the wealthiest of the wealthy and the big banks of the day arm-twisted Wilson to get into the war so Americans could die for their ability to recoup their loans (116,700 Americans dead; over 204,000 wounded in the length of one baseball season)

And for the British, they were more than happy to have more lives to fling over the trenches for their benefit having already sucked out the lifeblood of their youth as well as their former colonies of Canada, Australia as well as Indians and African blacks from colonies they ruled over
After the war ended and we won (Hurrah!) the leaders of US, Britain, France and Italy worked out the post world peace at the Versailles Conference which Britain quietly seethed over how much influence Wilson was having even though to them, the US was only in the war militarily for 6 months.

However, Britain's post war policy, seeing that the US was not a formidable military and economic power on the world stage, decided it was in their best interest to start forging alliances with us;  a cardinal principle being to "cultivate the closest relations with the United States." 

We all know what happened with World War II, the relationship between Roosevelt and Churchill, etc so for brevity we'll skip it
For the next 60 years, the two nations have by and large been allies but always with tensions over global political issues that fortunately never got past diplomatic tiffs; situations such as Britain's refusal to send troops to assist the US in Vietnam and US forces invading Grenada back in 1982 before giving then British PM Thatcher a 'heads up'

But overall the US and UK are now true friends and sincere allies..  The relationship like any relationship between two nations is agenda driven and self-serving..

For the UK, they know they are a second-rate power, having lost an empire that was once referred to as where the sun never sets within a span of 50 years and post WWII on the political chess board, they had only two choices to ally themselves with - Communist Soviet Union or us

For the US, an alliance with the UK gives appearances at least that we don't always act alone in our foreign policies and Britain acts as a bridge in our relationships with continental Europe and Asia
But right now the two countries are dealing with some tension, mostly the fault of Britain and its warped political left ideologies, much of which the leftist fringe at home feels as well especially an over-tolerance toward Muslims and refusal to condemn a cult-religion for the violence and bloodshed they continually perpetrate

Of course it would be in the best interests of Britain to embrace Trump instead of continually seek to agitate him and by extension the US but if nations' political leadership were intelligent, we'd never have war

So each is forced to deal with the other and be pleasant as possible about it

Just shows you how much even allies can not stand when a leader tries to shake things up, make things better for his countrymen and ruffle the global order.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

An Avalanche of Accusations Taking Everyone Down

Have you ever had daydreams or fantasies that you were someone famous, particularly in Hollywood or the entertainment media?

That you saw your name up in lights or getting top billing on a movie or TV show and all the money and fame and perks like choice seating at exclusive restaurants, hobnobbing with other famous people, etc..

Are you a male?
Well right now in this current climate be grateful to God that you have absolutely nothing to do with the industries of entertainment, news, politics or anything else in the public eye

Because we're looking at a full fledged modern day Salem with the differences being men are the targets and at least with the witch accusations, there was a 'trial' of some sort

Now people are having their lives destroyed personally and professionally in a mere fingersnap
At this point it doesn't even matter to us what someone allegedly did or did not do what was being said of him short of actual penetration rape.. 

It's just all becoming an avalanche of accusations and no woman or gay man has to prove a thing...  Just say it happened 5, 10 or 40 years ago and for extra effect, hire that rotten bitch attorney Gloria Allred to stand beside you at a press conference

We admit lately we've been shocked by who has been destroyed..
Last week Charlie Rose who worked for CBS on 60 Minutes, co-anchored their Morning Show at one time or another and had his own syndicated PBS interview program every week night was dumped into the trash bin by his employers

He admitted some indiscretions but still..  Amazing how someone pours their life into their career and then its all destroyed in moments..   Let that be a life lesson for you kids -  Never make your career your #1 priority

Today we hear that Matt Lauer was fired from NBC which to us at least came completely out of the blue.. He is or rather was the highest paid TV personality as of his dismissal
NBC Chairman Andy Lack wrote in an email to NBC staff that:

"On Monday night, we received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by Matt Lauer. It represented, after serious review, a clear violation of our company's standards. 

As a result, we've decided to terminate his employment. While it is the first complaint about his behavior in the over twenty years he's been at NBC News, we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident."

The NY Post reported today that Lauer allegedly sexually assaulted a female NBC staffer during the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014.
Wonder if NBC would have fired their most famous and profitable personality in their stable if we didn't live in a climate where every day another famous man was accused of something in this climate of assuming all men are predators first then ask questions..

Also wonder if the decision was easier for them with that vile bitch Megyn Kelly who slept her way to the top, now waiting in the wings to take over?

This is a difficult terrain to navigate through

It is absolutely wrong to sexually assault another person male or female whether it be unwanted groping, fondling up to outright blackmail to force another to perform sexual favors
However our attacks are on something very valid that we will not allow the political left to bury under the rug..

That is the Fact that in every single instance of an accusation of assault or harassment in the last month or so, the incident(S) has/have occurred Years prior so with the exception of the Al Franken grabbing a woman's breasts photo, it all becomes he said-she said (or in some cases he said-he said) with no actual evidence or police reports filed

This is absolutely Wrong!  We have a legal statute of limitations for accusers to go after their alleged assailants in this area (no statute of limitations when it comes to murder) yet these women can just say anything they want so far removed from when it happened and must automatically be believed as truth?!

Nope..  We take it case by case.. You should too..
We're also deeply concerned that this is a political issue by some to completely emasculate men and over throw what they see as an oppressive, patriarchal society and their goal is to make the workplace female-dominated and male-subservient

And you better damn believe there are those on the far left who are continually pushing this modern day Red Scare to achieve that goal

Moments after the public announcement was made that Lauer was fired, President Trump rightly gloated about his demise in a tweet

"Wow, Matt Lauer was just fired from NBC for “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.” But when will the top executives at NBC & Comcast be fired for putting out so much Fake News. Check out Andy Lack’s past!.."
It is ironic isn't it...   All these pieces of crap who tried to make a big deal over Trump's Access Hollywood comments during the election, acting so smug and sactimonious.. 

And now..

Also ironic that a woman whose identity is being protected, can accuse another of doing something to her nearly 4 years ago while keeping absolutely silent until the present and the man is gone.. poof.. 

Yet over 12 months of incessant fake bullshit news about Trump-Russia collusion since the election to go along with all those affiliated with NBC and MSNBC working with the Clinton campaign through backdoor channels prior outwardly trying to help propel her to the Presidency -- No one has yet been fired over That
Trump then followed up by tweeting:

"So now that Matt Lauer is gone when will the Fake News practitioners at NBC be terminating the contract of Phil Griffin? And will they terminate low ratings Joe Scarborough based on the “unsolved mystery” that took place in Florida years ago? Investigate!"

Griffin is President of that liberal biased cesspool of 24/7 Trump hate called MSNBC and the unsolved mystery referring to Lori Klausutis, 28-year-old office staffer who worked for Scarborough when he was a representative from Florida.  Klausutis was found dead in the congressman’s district office in July 2001
The only positive we see in all this, is that with the exception of Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore, every person who has been accused of hurting women, men and/or underage children has been liberals who voted for Hillary and in many cases have been viciously outspoken critics of Trump based on nothing but irrational hate

But we try to look at the bigger picture and its a quite dangerous time we live in - much more so than any threat from North Korea, Iran or ISIS

All these liberals being destroyed are just expendable pawns in a bigger game which is connected to political correctness and social progressivism with the goal of moving the 'chains' in their ideological favor
The only ones these leftist fucks are giving cover and protection to are Democrat members of Congress like Franken and John Conyers because the despicable evil left need them to keep working to sabotage and obstruct the President.. 

So they serve a greater purpose than someone who tells jokes or conducts interviews on a morning show

Just so many rotten people in this country..  people we're all forced to congregate among in our everyday lives..

They're called Democratsand right now it is just near impossible to want to like, befriend or choose to associate with any of them

Monday, November 27, 2017

Black Friday & Paying Taxes: Spending More While Thinking You're Saving

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend..

We will always enjoy the actual holiday and appreciate what the day really is all about, but more than ever before, we've grown to really despise 'Black Friday'

So many people duped into believing the best sales happen on that day - They don't.
There are exceptions of course - they're called 'doorbusters' which often are just a gimmick way of saying closeouts

Overall the 'sales' you saw when going to stores or shopping online were basically the same sales as throughout the year

Sometimes the sales were actually worse
For instance as just one of many examples, the Saturday before Thanksgiving yours truly went on a website called Zinio which sells online magazine subscriptions and they were advertising a pre-Black Friday sale where pretty much everything was 40% off normal discounted prices...

I then went back to look over this past weekend, and while they advertised savings of up to 50% off on selected titles, every magazine I had considered buying previously was now either 30% off or not on sale anymore

This was noticed with other stores as well..  this shell game of playing with prices because if a retailer actually gave 24 pages of genuine sales in its 24 pages of multi-cultural diversity-pushing catalogs, they'd have to change the name of the day to 'Deep in the Red Friday'
Of course the media trumpets Black Friday like it is newsworthy and so often local news puts one of their lowly reporters in a shopping mall to interview people about all the fun they're having - advertisers like this

The focus is always on what was purchased and no one ever bothers to talk about how much is ultimately returned a day or two later

Anyways, it is funny -- how for many businesses, the so-called Black Friday sales started on Veteran's Day weekend and in many online sites like Amazon and Office Depot, the Cyber Monday sales started yesterday..
Wonder if that means we should expect seeing some after-Christmas sales this coming weekend?

So many times a sale is not a sale..  It's all about how you sell it

Just like how a tax cut is really not a tax cut, especially if you're an everyday working person who owns his/her own home

It all looks good on paper to see that one's tax bracket and the percentage of wages paid is lower if this plan as-is passes the Senate but of course when you take account of the various deductions that will disappear, it all kinda evens out..

Or in some cases people will find themselves paying more than previously
But its all about how its sold to the public

The buzzword term is tax 'relief'..   Sounds really nice but really it is just a shell game..

Corporations will see their taxes be cut in half with the goal (we're told) being job creation but its always been odd to us that its not the other way around

You know..  Expand hiring First and Then see your taxes drop..  Or basically, OK here's your tax break But if you don't show you expanded your workforce, we're putting the tax rate to where it was before
Instead its all based on blind faith that corporations whose only fiduciary is to their shareholders will make business decisions that benefit the greater good

Kinda like back in 2008 when the government gave $700 Billion to banks under TARP, it purposely gave to all whether they needed or not and never put any conditions as to how the money was to be used..

More like, 'Here...  Shhh..  Just take it.."
Of course if government sincerely cared about putting people back to work, it would have implemented FDR-style programs where basically it acted as employer to hire people to fix bridges and roads, and other domestic improvements

Obama had no interest in this..  Why would Trump?

That's the thing about elections..  Candidates from different parties are usually very different on things like social issues and foreign policy but no matter who wins, big business and the well-to-do always gets the first and biggest slices of the pie

So back to the Black Friday connection..
Funny how the government handles its financial affairs is a lot how individuals do so during the Christmas season

We read a survey that stated during Christmas season 2016, the average person spent nearly $800 in presents.. It also said that nearly 25% of the 2000 survey respondents stated they were still paying off their shopping debts from a year ago..

And guess what most of them were doing this past weekend?
The US Government is in severe debt overload and doesn't generate enough tax revenue to cover its expenses -- it continually borrows with interest to stay afloat from foreign governments and that private bank we know as the Federal Reserve

So what is proposed for this current budget?   According to Trump, it would end up being the largest tax cut in our nation's history

Why not?  Individuals do it with minimal repercussions..
No stores ever give real pre-Christmas sales unless its X-Mas theme items they don't want to be stuck with on December 26th

If they did than for one day, everything would be a certain percentage off without exception  (Bed Bath & Beyond sorta-kinda does it but their 20% is baked into the cake as it were based on the tons of coupons they bombard their mailing list with)

In the case of taxes, true cuts would be zero taxes for individuals making under $27k ($50k as a couple) and a very gradual rate increase starting at 5% up to 20% for those making between $27,001 and $200k while allowing all normal deductions to continue
But whatever would be the motivation in doing that when the illusion of saving creates the same excitement and buzz as would genuine saving

We support Trump.. We have often in past and will often again..

But not on this..

Trickle Down never works.. It just sounds better than what it is - trickling down one's leg and saying its raining

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Giving Much Thanks

Thanksgiving is many things to many people but beyond parades, football, food and family its meant as a day to give thanks..

So here's what A&G is thankful for..

We are thankful to God..

We are thankful for our immediate family and friends...  Uncles, aunts, cousins... Ehhh..
We are thankful for the creation and existence of the United States - the greatest nation on Earth even though a good segment of its population deeply hate it and seek to destroy it from within

We are thankful that Trump is President, that he will be for at least another 38 months, and take sadistic joy at the complete misery and anger the political left feels every time they have to accept that

We are thankful that the US and will always be a Judeo-Christian nation.
We are thankful for all Legal immigrants who came to this country in the past and made it a better place and equally thankful for current Legal immigrants as well as those who currently wish to Legally enter the nation. 

Legal immigrants make this nation stronger..  Illegal ones are mosquitoes- just sucking the country dry.  The Democrats who want them as Americans so they can be a voting bloc are parasites

We are thankful for those in the military who keep us safe as well as all those who have served before and love both the nation and the flag.. 

Also thankful for any/all who Sincerely boycotted the NFL this year because of those uppity players kneeling and raising their fists during the national anthem.
We are thankful for a never ending Salem-like sexual harassment/assault scandal in entertainment and politics pretty much destroying the lives of vicious hypocritical liberal Trump haters who pretended their party was pro-woman

We are thankful in addition that this has exposed Real vs Fake feminism.. 

Real feminists report sexual crimes immediately to law enforcement and feel its their duty to get scum off the streets so they don't hurt other women.. 

Fake feminists keep quiet for years and decades while their alleged attackers are free to ruin other women's lives
We are thankful that in spite of the daily mind control poison coming from media and pop culture, those who wish to do so can still be free thinking beings not controlled by others

Lastly, we are thankful to you the loyal reader who continue to visit after 7+ years in existence.  We don't do this for money and we never try to sell anything so we appreciate you for visiting.

Unless there is something major importance to discuss on Friday, we will be back on Monday November 27th..

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Only Way To Ensure A Peaceful Thanksgiving Dinner Is...

It's just two days until Thanksgiving and millions are hustling and bustling to either get those last necessities at the supermarket or travelling clear across the country to be with kith and kin

The hope of course being that it all turns out to be a success, not just in the cooking of turkey and trimmings but that all have a most pleasant, relaxing, happy time together in one's company

There's really only one way generally speaking you can assure that tensions and bickering does not occur at your dinner table or going out to eat..

Don't include people who vote Democrat to your festivities or go over the home of someone you know voted for Hillary
Now of course this can be very difficult if near impossible for many due to differences in views among family or friends so we get it..

Just saying..  If you don't want to have a stressful, difficult Thanksgiving and its not to late to dis-invite people, you might want to sincerely consider it

Or maybe many out there forgot what last Thanksgiving was like

Because the anger from most who vote Democrat is still out there and it is just about as intense as it was 12 months ago
You see the ignorant Trump hate constantly on the news..  You see it in magazines..  It's in many TV shows and starting to really seep into films.. 

Just you wait until Oscar season comes early next year..  We predict every single film nominated will either attack the President directly, some value/belief that he and millions of Red State Americans hold dear, or defend some deviant moral or ethical behavior

But that's a couple months away and who really cares about them
So this Thanksgiving, if you have guests or family who are liberal or visiting someone who is, you better expect a lot of griping and bitterness and if he/she knows you support Trump, you will be the target..  All night long

It will be expressed from passive-aggressive barbs to full fledged assault on the people sitting at the table who disagree with him/her

They're still very unhappy about the election and even more specific, angry and afraid at Trump's successes
They like to comfort themselves that he's a cold, uncaring xenophobic fascist monster blowhard; that every policy decision he makes sets the nation back decades, his goal is to destroy the world, he must be stopped at all means necessary and anyone who is involved in the fight to destroy Trump is a patriot

You don't have to speak on violence or revolution to be a zealot.

And really its not their fault.. the mindset of millions of everyday Americans who call themselves Democrat.. 
For decades they have been like baa-baa sheep..  Told how to think.. how to act.. what is 'acceptable' and 'appropriate' in speech and action..  To be afraid to offend others so always show deference and never speak honest out loud on anything

Just bombarded with bumper sticker slogans by social engineers who will not stop until we have a fully economic, social and political globalized one-world society and an American populace fully on board with America un-exceptionalism

Honestly we've all been contaminated by this - most coming from the school system so if you are able to graduate high school as a free thinking person who keeps hold of your values, strength of faith and know right from wrong, you deserve to pat yourself on the back or tush-tush for job well done
So if you sit down at the dinner table on this most special day with liberals who hate Trump and really by extension hate you for voting him into office, and think the conversation will stick to football, weather and how good everything tastes, you are a bit naive

Now lastly, the key question is this..  What to do when political talk arises and your liberal family members or guests cross the line as they are bound to do?

Pleasantries and trying to change the topic is all nice but ultimately you know this will fail..
If Thanksgiving is held at your home, don't be afraid to defend yourself and your values..  It does not have to be yelling and screaming but let the other know in no uncertain terms, you won't tolerate it

If you are visiting another or at a restaurant, you can still defend yourself but in this situation, probably better to just get up and leave then to be aggravated by ignorant people who are 100% wrong in everything and completely oblivious to it

Just don't go into this Thursday with pollyanna la-la-la naivety
We hope you all have a terrific Thanksgiving but wanted to give all our loyal readers a 'heads up'

If you''re having the event at your home, it is still not too late to dis-invite the political rabble-rousers and malcontents. And if you're going to a liberal's home, not too late to cancel and just pick up a turkey microwave meal.. 

But if not, then do like the Boy Scouts motto...   'Be Prepared'