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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Alabama Elections: Roy Moore Lost & it's the Ala. GOP Voters' Fault

Short post today since the last two were long..

So unless something dramatically changes regarding the Alabama Senate election held last night (12/13/17) it looks like the Republican candidate Roy Moore lost and now the balance in the Senate will be 51 Rep to 49 Dem

The evil liberals will treat it as a loss for Trump but really the biggest losers were the people of Alabama, especially the Republican voters in the state
They had an opportunity during the primaries to vote for someone of quality who Trump endorsed who had been filling the Senate seat on an interim basis after Jeff Sessions left his post to become Atty Gen

Instead they voted for this very tarnished man who was so toxic that pretty much every mainstream Republican especially in the Senate was saying horrible things about him

We don't pretend to know all that much about Alabama state politics but we have a feeling Moore lost not because the people were all that excited to elect a piece of shit Stepford Democrat who will vote 100% as Chuck Schumer tells him to

Rather we think a lot of people who normally would have supported Moore had he not had so much slime in his past, just chose to stay home

Can't say we blame them in that regard - Well we Do blame them but, you know..

It is hard if one is a moral person to vote for someone who appears morally bankrupt just because he/she shares the same political affiliation

For Republicans, situations like what happened in Alabama are not easy decisions.
Democrats never have a problem with this conundrum since by and large they possess no ethics or morality; they would vote for Hitler or Bin Laden if either promised to protect pro-choice, rights of homosexuals to pretend-marry and treat transsexual people as normal

But Dems should not be celebrating too much.. Unless they plan on running every Congressional election against opponents accused of sexual assault and pedophilia that is..

In spite of everything Moore was accused of, he still only lost by 1.4%
And as said before, it is the Alabama Republican voters' fault because they had an opportunity to vote for a better man in the primaries but didn't

They may have kept their self-respect by staying home instead of voting but lost their political representation..

We'll see over time if they collectively regret their decision.  All depends if they start to wake up and see the bigger picture as explained in yesterday's posting..

Obviously by last night's vote, their collective Alabama GOP heads are in their collective Alabama GOP asses
But the one lesson we all can take from this is when it comes time for Congressional midterms in 2018, rain or shine, you better get your asses out and vote..

God knows the most dangerous threat to America will be.