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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Doesn't Matter Who is Prez - Political Correctness Never Stops

When it comes to things like politics and political correctness, it is pretty insidious how it injects itself in subtle ways that people are not conscious of

The ultimate goal of course is to brainwash people to think or believe a certain way based on subconscious repetition

Take for example that pathetic pretend term 'Afr-Am' to describe blacks (we can't even bring ourselves to type it)
Notice how all media outlets from liberal liars MSNBC and CNN to even supposedly conservative FoxNews use the term to describe those people

Practically every website one goes on to get information including Wikipedia uses that peacock phrase and even the most supposedly PC comedian will call them 'Afr-Am'

And so what ultimately happens? 

People who feel revolted or offended by the term to connote exceptionalism ultimately find themselves using the phrase themselves in everyday discussion because its been subliminally put into their brains
Here's two personal examples that some of our A&G team have experienced to demonstrate that absolutely nothing is safe anymore when it comes to avoiding having minds molded to a particular point of view

One of our staff this morning was reading an article on a football website page about how all the teams in the NFC East did this year

It was a long article and gave detailed accounts of the failings of the Eagles, Cowboys, Giants and Redskins
Except they didn't use the word 'Redskins'.. 

The liberal white-guilt piece of shit who wrote the article continually referred to the 'Redskins' as Washington

Never once mentioned the official licensed trademarked name of that franchise - just too offensive to him and/or whoever his editor was

Didn't matter that most Americans Indians are not offended or bothered by 'Redskins' and that the name has been around over 70 years
Nope.. some white bastard found it wrong and decided to be clever-clever about it by calling them 'the Washington team'

We remember years back that Phil Simms, current CBS color commentator and former QB of that New York team ('Giants' just offends our sensibilities) decided he was never going to say 'Redskins' ever..

So it was absolutely pathetic to see the Redskins score a TD and celebrating in the end-zone where it said 'Redskins' and this white-shame prick would only call them 'Washington'
The reason this is so dangerous is because other people and groups are taking control of language and making determinations for us all as to what is right v wrong; appropriate v offensive and its not done either for our benefit or the supposed victims..

It's for the benefit of Caucasian bastards and bitches who feel deep shame in themselves, their ethnicity and lineage and think they can right all the wrongs of the past by punishing those in the present

We're sure the prick who wrote the article knows next to nothing about Indians, their various tribal histories and all they suffer at present with high poverty and alcoholism rates; his only concern is being PC
Everyone knows for instance that the word 'Nigger' is offensive and should not be part of everyday conversation but no one should ever accept another person or entity Telling you not to say it

And since so many blacks have no problem with it, why should everyone else cower -  We'll stop using the ugly word when the low class black animal element of society stops as well

Everything in life is a slippery slope and when you give any concession, the other side will just never ever stop..

How many other words do 'Others' control?  Little person instead of 'midget'; mentally challenged instead of 'retard' - it sounds silly and stupid on the surface to get worked up on it, but really it is not
Now for the second example which was noticed within the last day

Another member of our writing team is very interested in interior decorating so she subscribes to a lot of those magazines - Elle Decor, Traditional Home, etc..

So she mentioned that in the latest issue of a magazine she gets called Veranda that in the section where the Editor in Chief writes a little something as an intro to that issue, the guy injected political ideology

Basically he wrote something about because we're living in a time of talk of need of building walls and closed borders, that it was important to express a diverse array of decorating ideas to expand horizons, etc
Now it seems like a relatively harmless sentence but beyond the fact its obviously a swipe at Trump and all those who support him and that policy, it had absolutely no place in a magazine about home decorating meant to be read as relaxed diversion from everyday thoughts

But this is a perfect example of why liberals are so despicable

They do not want us to have any safe-zones..   No place to go to watch or read something without their political biases, hates and distorted social-progressive values to inject themselves

Because if magazines on decorating and gardening are not safe from that toxin, what is?
One last example just to re-emphasize the point

A year or so ago, yours truly briefly checked out a show on Netflix called 'Fuller House' which was a continuation of the once popular 'Full House' that used to be on ABC in the 1990s and then aimed at kids which in spite of all the characters aging, are still aimed at those with not fully formed brains

So at the beginning of one episode for absolutely no reason that had anything to do with the plot, they had this little 7yr old boy say something mean spirited about then-candidate Trump -- of course the audience laughed
Ah.. kids do say the most Stupid things.. 

But of course it wasn't the child who thought it up.. It was an adult liberal loser who wrote the script working side by side with liberal loser actors, producers, director and crew

There really aren't safe spaces anymore..

Liberals are determined to Contaminate everything