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Monday, December 11, 2017

Race Pandering is Wrong, Especially when Trump Does It

This weekend, Trump gave a speech in Mississippi celebrating the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's and the anniversary of Rosa Parks being recalcitrant which is a 25-cent word for uppity


No really..  Why?
In the last election, Trump only received 12% of the black vote which while a marked improvement from the 5% that Romney earned in 2012, is still paltry

So why this continual pandering to a group that by and large do not like him?

Maybe its the mindset of 'every vote counts' or just something Presidents have to do..

To keep kissing their rear ends about something that for the most part they themselves did not accomplish on their own
People don't think about the Civil Rights struggle in those terms because its not politically correct but blacks could not have accomplished anything then (same holds today) without whites either assisting, taking the lead, or allowing an event to occur

For instance MLK Jr gets all the credit for the Montgomery, Ala. bus boycott and forcing integration in public transportation

But what skin color was Kennedy?   And what if he had a mindset toward blacks more akin to George Wallace and used the power of the Federal government to keep the buses financially operational so that the lack of black riders did not cripple their public transportation?

Then what?
And all those marches like at Selma..  People forget lots n lots of whites were part of the march.. 

Same thing with the black children forcing their way onto the Alabama campus to start college...  A white President used his power to assist the blacks so they got their way

How about the Civil Rights Act of 1964?  -- White President LBJ pushed for it..  White people in Congress voted for it..  White officers of the law and white judges enforced it..

How much credit do whites get for its passage today?  Zero

The narrative is that its all King's credit.
People forget or are unaware of how important whites were to the success of blacks because blacks along with white guilter pieces of shit in the media choose to not point it out to today's generation

Ever wonder why the Civil Rights movement flamed out and dissolved into violence and extremism by 1968?

The blacks kicked out the whites including many who were Jewish because they didn't want them taking any credit for their achievements,

So once the Caucasians were removed, the victories in the movement for equality ended for a generation until Bill Clinton came into office, pandered to them and treated the black community like children in exchange for their votes
Whites are the ones responsible for integrating public schools, the military and baseball

How many whites in the Union had to die or be permanently disfigured during the Civil War to free such a rotten, backwards, unappreciative group of people?

How many blacks ever bother to go to a statue of a Union soldier and say 'Thank you'?    Lincoln didn't do it by himself you know..

It's funny how history works and how it is continually distorted by the living
We always wondered..  Let's say a disabled white person had boarded that bus where Parks was sitting at the front and needed that seat, and she kept defiantly saying 'No' when asked to get up.. 

Or maybe a young Caucasian mother with her small baby in her arms.. 

Or a very elderly person who just was unable to stand for long duration..

Would Parks' defiance still been seen as admirable?  Would she still have been some kind of BS 'hero' and have statues, plagues, schools and streets named after her?
Then again, its like the pro-abortion movement using any trailer trash they could find to call her 'Roe' since they just needed a warm body to exist so they could fight for the right to remove their unwanted fetuses beyond the hanger method

The rebellious colored people needed something or someone to galvanize them to fight the system so if it wasn't Rosa Parks, it would have been some other stubborn uneducated black

But back to Trump..

We continually scratch our heads why the hell he keeps pandering to those people
Their rottenness toward him and this country really know no bounds

What color were the vast majority of 63 Democrats in the House last week who voted and failed to impeach Trump with one of the reasons being that he was a 'bigot'?   

What color are the vast majority of NFL players continually taking knees during the national anthem over the last 16 months including every player who raised their fists in pathetic defiance of the government and law enforcement?

What color was the former President who was probably aside from Nixon the most corrupt, evil, putrid bastard to ever sit in the Oval Office?
What color are those that still demand Affirmative Action in college entrance, acquiring loans and getting hired in the workplace when they have never been more free, more successful and had more wealth and political/social power in their history?

What color are the people that must have separate award shows, beauty pageants, scholarship funds, colleges and just about everything else exclusive to them while forcing full integration in other aspects of society?

Doesn't matter that he has made a big deal over MLK's birthday and Black History month and signed executive orders specific to benefiting black colleges and helping black entrepreneurs at the exclusion of whites

And This is who Trump keeps pandering to?!!
But that's how blacks are..  If they are not in power or calling the shots, nothing else means shit

As individuals, blacks are like everyone else..  some good and decent.. some intelligent..  some of real quality inside and out

As a political group, they're just truly awful and bluntly put have too much power in our society for those who pretend they only want equal footing with whites
Now if Trump is sincerely in admiration and awe of blacks and genuinely wants to kiss their big rumps at every opportunity, it is pretty pathetic

If Trump thinks it will help in midterms and the next election, the pandering needs to stop

Whatever it is, it really is a complete waste of time
Trump could give them full slave reparations and officially make every day of the year 'Black Superiority' day and guess what?   

Whoever is running on the Democrat ticket in 2020 is getting their votes

Really wish the President would understand this because speeches like this past weekend are just embarrassing!